“One of the few conditions where the patient is left alone and everyone else is treated” (unknown) 
The diagnostic statistical manual for mental health disorders (DSM) describes narcissism as a personality disorder and it comes in a spectrum. Some people have traits, while others have full blown narcasstic personalities NPD. This condition has a number of traits which include believing he/she is special; have a grandiose sense of importance over others; requires attention and gratification to boost there ego; is pre-occupied by beauty, power, success; has a demand of entitlement; lacks empathy; arrogant and envious of others that they feel inferior of. 
People with this disorder believe they are the centre of importance in everyone’s lives or to anyone they meet. While this pattern of behaviour may well have been appropriate to a king and queen many centuries ago, hitherto it is considered completely inappropriate. 
This disorder is more prevelant in males than females and it is said that it inorgurates from childhood trauma, or a child with parents who are narssastic. Further, according to Steve Bresert, It’s in 6% of the population. Many people with NPD do not seek out treatment unless it significantly impacts on there or someone close to there lives. 
Having long term psychotherapy for the NPD individual is The treatment that is considered worthwhile and affective in treating it. Deep in there core is an insecure vulnerable person that hides this from the world and needs there ego constantly gratified in order to feel important. 
When you think about the people you come into contact with, be it a friend, family member or romantic partner, do any of following ring a bell? 

  1. Very likeable to begin with
  2. Not all are loud, some are shy
  3. Found in leadership or important roles
  4. Conversation is always turned around to them
  5. They name drop
  6. A story told is never there fault
  7. They like nice things
  8. Appearance is very important to them as is reinforcing this apparent beauty 
  9. Facebook friend overload and lots of pictures
  10. Don’t take Cristian well
  11. Always leave wreckage behind them aka friendships, partners etc
  12. Always needs there way and everything is personal to them although not shown 
  13. They have no idea they are a narssastic person

And the level of narcissism is higher among today’s millennials than previous generations at similar ages, however in regards to culture and area further research is imminent to ascertain this. 


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  1. CattleCapers

    I think it’s because parents are making children the center of their world instead of teaching the children realize life doesn’t always revolve around them. Of course, not every parent is that way. But I was shocked when a kid told her mother to “shut up” in Sunday school and the mother didn’t reprimand her. If the child didn’t respect her mother, she wasn’t going to grow up respecting others outside her family.

  2. ckj2612 Post author

    I agree that’s disrespectful I would never say that to my mother. I think due to living in western society we have to live up to this fake status quo, that does not exist look no further in our obsession with celebrities. Further I agree kids are in more outside school classes; be it swimming, football and gymnastics etc and parent put a lot of money into these thus wants results for there kid to shine. Look no further in social media and everyone’s sacred moments are on camera attempting to outsmart one another. Thanks for your comment x