Death comes when you die both mentally and physically. A lot of us died already; we died because we allowed our minds to die. Why sit here thinking we are any better than what we set our lives out to be. Sit there and complain about the endless deaths that are happening, or laugh about both of you being wrong because a person regardless of their age, race, sex, has a voice, a belief, an opinion that they can share with one another. We are the smartest living things on this planet yet the hardest to fully understand. We can talk about our problems, but some of us would rather sit there and explode on the inside. You will never see a lion starve because it was too tired to eat. It will FAIL FAIL FAIL over again until it fkn diessss! To understand where we are as people, we first need to see ourselves as the problem. Stop making exucses for yourself. If your problem is coming from everyone else, or at least you believe that, then let me tell you something. Coming from a person that got to experience hell on earth: Cancer, addiction, depression, suicidal thoughts. Life is what you fkn make it. You wanna sit here and complain? Guess what – no one fkn cares. It starts with you.

We tend to forget that we are people that feel pain, that feel happiness, that forget a sense of reality because we are living a fictional life at times. If I could go back in time, I never would. I wouldn’t for many reasons, but the main reason is this: Please read closely. Life is simple: you are born to do your service here on this planet. Nothing on this planet belongs to you, not even your own body. That body was given to you so that our souls wouldn’t get hurt and we forget that our body isn’t what makes us because I would be the same Mouhamad Beydoun whether I was 200 pounds or 500 pounds. What makes me me is myself and my soul. That thing that tells you – hey idiot wake the fuck up you’re a person and every person has an expiration date. We are making this world a harder place to live in for the future generations of humanity. If the first people who stepped foot on Earth saw this planet now, we would look like complete and utter slobs for the amount of damage that we have caused this planet and our bodies in the process. We as human are becoming our own disease and trying to treat it with more diseases and distractions. We can always do better.

Goodnight, Internet.


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