We might soothe our state of mind,

perhaps let go of an aggravation in acrimony.

We might look to the setting sun for relief,

opaque skies scream harmony in pastels.

Much like a caravan from a different time,

canoes arrive to convey quiet mystique.

We were wandering along an endless sand,

only to discover an infinite measure of time.

Evening waves were quiet with their knowledge,

the meek observation of a land locked human.

Rather than find the answers to the meaning,

tonight, assurances of sunlight’s majesty.

I stood alone gasping at the sea’s mystery,

wondering what answers would await me.

I knew the strength of deep water’s visage

designed to allure and swallow me whole.

The sand’s heat enveloped my skin,

as I laid my body near the water’s edge.

The sun a steady dive into everyone’s horizon,

we were all there together in a quick glance.

There is a humbling reality to Nature’s gift

A serene Carribean nigh, brilliant with fire.


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