Homologous humanity,
cleaved by pedantic disagreements.
The newel of our rise,

Coronal citizens take all.
The deprived tucked away in a credenza,
not to be opened or seen.

Calcareous lines divide.
A precarious road,
to come together.

All in the same pannier,
on this planet earth.
A happier world,
if we learned to cooperate.

Forgetting the germinal belief,
that all are equal.
Be ecumenical,
not only in faith,
but in life and,
with those we meet.

My gens is yours,
for humanity is one family in the end.

Put aside squabbles and,
take flight in dirigibles,
to explore the skies.

Society guided by connection,
that would be heaven.
The aliment to peace and prosperity.

I’m not talking about playing bongo’s in the sun.
Just recognising the eminence of every one.

Desquamate the tension,
and anxiety,
to wholly be.

Or have we reached the coda of our species?



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