“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day in day out” (R. Collier)

We all have bad habits in life but they can be so deeply embedded within us that they go unnoticed. By contrast, if we notice them excuse is attained to them to justify continuing out the habit. If you have attempted to try and rectify your bad habits to no avail then try these:

  1. Being aware of the current state in society.  That is you set a goal and go out and achieve it, such as giving up smoking etc however your problem has to be defined prior to being aware of your situation. Ask yourself these questions and ponder them instead of jumping straight in 
  • What is the bad habit? Smoking
  • How does it feel when your not doing it? I crave it unless distracted
  • How does your bad habit feel whilst undertaking it? Not nice lately
  • Do you do anything prior to and after the bad habit? Yes in the morning coffee and also after eating
  • Does emotion bring on the bad habit? Yes
  • Finally, what is the main reason why you want to give up this bad habit? Health/money

The best way is ponder these questions above and Journal daily on your smartphone or paper by answering the questions, keeping track of your answers over the course of a given time. Speak to someone close about your ideas, purpose and outcome. Always good for a listener and encouragement. 

By observing the bad habit failure isn’t an option as your still carrying out the bad habit. From time to time, it is good to do nothing, other times distraction is required. In my case of giving up smoking distraction and change in behaviours is needed. 

2. visualisation. Goals are great but not always on there own. You can’t get to where you’re going if you don’t know where your heading. However, a goal needs to be more than words on paper to be meaningful. Instead of just setting a  goal, feel the outcome of in my case smoke free.  Visualize what your life will be like when you break the habit. And try access the emotions you will feel – joy, freedom. What will your daily routine look like? Mines will have changed in mornings, noon and night plus tea time. Will there be different people in your life once the habit is broken? No. 

I will instead Eat more healthy, exercise and be on the goal will help me quit smoking and my body will feel amazing and healthy. 

3. No excuses made. We all make excuses but it takes guts to acknowledge them regardless how strong your ego feels about them

  • I will start tomorrow
  • I’m too stressed 
  • I’ve not got the energy to stop this week
  • I don’t want to stop
  • I enjoy it

Change is hard, especially when you have to go through pain and a little suffering to achieve your goal successfully. Change means hard work and determination.

4. consistency. Research shows that you have a better chance of breaking a bad habit if you’re consistent. 

Make the change small enough that you can do it every single day . In regards to my quitting smoking small changes to start in my morning routine and build it up to lunch and tea time and so forth. Although researchers say that the length of time necessary to change a habit differs for each of us, the average time is from twenty-one to sixty-six days.

5. Make a plan. If you can’t find a program that’s already out there to help you break your bad habit, make your own plan. Write it down. In my case quitting smoking, i know that after my dinner, I need to make specific plans for what im going to do during and after dinner instead. Maybe ill eat in a different location to break the association. But my vapour will help me on these occasions. 

  There will always be potholes and unforeseen situations but being strong willed is preparing you for it all. 

So what bad habits are you going to give up or thought of? 


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