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Psychosocial and the right to work in mental health!

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I have always been streetwise and instinctual towards public notions and communication in my negotiation skills. I have excellent writing skills and advanced research abilities in Psychology. Now, I have achieved academic success of an honorary partial Masters degree of a BA(open)/BSc component of Social Sciences attended to: Psychology and Business studies. My second year…


~What is the difference between faith and hope? Aside, from the clear distinct definitions. Faith being a complete trust in someone or something, while hope is the anticipation for a certain thing to take place. Does that mean those who only find themselves familiar with hope, have an underlying sense of doubt? Or does that…

10 Spiritual Quotes For Experiencing Miracles by Robert Holden Ph.D. – HealYourLife

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Why do we fall for HOAX?FAKE message so easily?

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Well you got the thing in the title itself. Yes There are many HOAX and FAKE message spreading because we are living in a world of internet. First of all those who donā€™t know what is HOAX message, here is the 5 marks answer for this.   Hoax E-mailĀ messages distribute false, often disturbing, information designed…

Journey to Tranquility

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Do you feel it? A feeling of uncertainty so certain that it brings you to stop and ask, “Why…why now?” It’s not just you, it’s happening all over the world and I know it seems scary but doesn’t everything at first? You’re gonna want to fight it, rebel against the new ideas you’re being awarded…