Do you ever stop to wonder about your dreams ? We all have them. Even if we don’t recall them. It is  well-known  that we need them in order to be, and feel, refreshed. Sometimes met with scepticism is the notion that dreams can be a window into our inner world. An opening.  An opportunity to explore and understand more about ourselves. Perhaps even whisperings from our Soul providing guidance and support.

Dreams can seem bizarre. A jumble or mish-mash of disconnected junk. Sometimes that is the case. We cleanse and declutter ourselves during sleep. These types of dreams fade into forgetfulness very quickly on waking. At other times dreams seem unbelievably  real. Some are as fascinating and lengthy as a movie marathon. Details remain vivid and vibrant for a long time. Perhaps years or for life. We talk about them with friends and wonder what they were about. Just what does it mean? Everyone seems to have an opinion.

Books and websites offer dream analysis, interpretation, guidance, common meanings of symbols. They can provide interesting and useful information. It can also get confusing. Sometimes people even seek professional assistance to unravel dream world mysteries. However, there is infinite wisdom freely and readily available  anytime. And a framework on how to do it. You, after all, know yourself the best.  You are your own expert interpreter.

This is how I do it:

If you have a vivid dream, on waking capture every detail you recall without editing it. Keep pen and paper handy by the bedside table. I use a botany book (ruled / blank page at each opening).

I sit down to analyse it at a time when I know I won’t be disturbed for half an hour or so. My tools include colour – pencils, markers, crayons, First, I centre and ground myself as I would for meditation. I ‘turn off’ my rational, logical mind and ‘turn on’ my heart mind. Sometimes I find that I recall even more details in this way. I find it useful to underline key words or phrases. On the opposite page I start recording everything that comes up in relation to them. I do not dismiss anything regardless of how odd or silly it might seem. Even words of songs, people, places, perhaps drawings, splashes of colour, events… I work through the whole dream in this way. Sometimes a pattern emerges or there is a ’flashbulb’ moment. Sometimes it remains a mystery, or only partially understood. Returning back to it at a later time often reveals more layers and deeper insights. Always date your work. You may find new meanings years later if you return to reminisce or all of a sudden recall the dream and go back to revisit it.

It is useful to know that often images in dreams can be symbolic of aspects of the self. A certain person may be symbolic of a characteristic or attribute you have.  Similarly, a house or a vehicle may provide similar insights.  Trust and follow your intuition when you do this work. If it feels right, then it usually is. The more you do this, the easier it becomes to recall your dreams. And analyse them. Happy dream journaling !

(C) Raili Tanska of Soul Gifts 


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