I was leaving a job interview and on my way back home my car began to overheat.

Just my luck, dirty destiny was having a go at my car that day.

I had to stop four times to let my engine cool down.

It was an old car.

One thing I noticed about my old car was that every time something was wrong with it, something major was happening in my life alongside it.

I remember the auction day. When the throttle body stopped working. The day my tires were slashed. When my windshield cracked. The day my alternator failed me on the freeway. And so on.

Days like those make me feel the most alive. Struggles make me feel like I’m moving forward, even though that might not actually be the case.

Of course, although I might have my occasional struggles. There are always people who will have it worse.

Even though my car’s alternator was done with, I still had the money to replace it with a new one.

But there’s definitely someone out there with the same problem, but zero spare cash. My heart goes out to those people.

That’s why I always have another source of income. Learn to hustle. I know that the battle to keep your head over water can be too real sometimes.

You might even find that working is actually less stressful than not working. Cut your expenses as much as you can until it gets easier.

Don’t be afraid to get help where you can.

I’m a pretty nice person in general. I do what I can to help others and in return they feel obliged to help me back. Having people’s favor can get you out of some tough times.

I don’t know much about car repair beyond replacing a tire and doing an oil change. So you can only imagine how grateful I was to find a guy who would help me out with random repairs.

One time he did a $160 job for $20. People like this are a blessing.

Be nice to people and learn to have their favor, and keep exchanging value. You never know when they might have something you’ll need.

My car was my freedom.

If my car gave out, I wouldn’t know how to progress in my life. Because if I lost my transportation then I would be stuck. And being stuck sucks.

Whenever you’re backed up in traffic, it’s easy to become more irritable. You can’t move and you can’t progress.

There’s a flexibility and freedom that comes along with having a car. You don’t have to rely on others to get where you want to be and you don’t have to abide to someone else’s schedule.

You are happier when you have autonomy.

But that’s why people dread when they have car troubles. Because it not only hurts their wallet, it hurts their freedom.

Moving is easy, being still just isn’t.

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