As I’m getting older I’ve noticed that I have less and less tolerance for drama and nonsense and small talk. So much so that sometimes I surprise myself by coming off as being rude when someone is telling a looong story and I cut them off to get to the point. I just can’t deal with small talk and long stories, my brain is tired and switches off. I literally stare at people when they are going on and on and start to make shopping lists in my head, plan my weekend. Just get to the point quickly and tell me what you want me to know, or ask me or explain to me. Don’t tell me things over and over.

Ha ha So as people know, I’m newly single and I went onto Tinder the other day to see what its all about. Now when I mention to someone that I’m on tinder they all have something negative to say about it, like oooh watch out for guys that just want sex, or wait until you get sent dick pics (which is fucking laughable by the way!), or read their bios some of them are real assholes they actually say that all they want is sex.

It might come as a surprise but I really appreciate the honest ones who say in their Bios that they just want sex. Like what are you here for? Sex? ok awesome not for me thanks, moving on. Over and Out. I appreciate that!

I had a guy message me 2 weeks ago, the convo went like this…

TINDER GUY: Meaningless sex?

ME: No thanks.

TINDER GUY: Ok have a great day!

ME: Thanks you too!

And you know what, I really appreciate his honesty, he might just be my kind of no nonsense person, thats if he wasn’t just looking for an STD and a roll in the hay!

What I hate hate hate is those okes that chat to you for a few days all sweet and nonsense and then send you pictures of their junk. Like what the actual FUCK? Waste my time. So to all those really honest guys, thanks for not wasting my time!


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  1. thelupiemomma

    Right the guys who are just like let’s have sex are the best. Don’t try to woo me for several days and then just send me a dick pix haha. I even put on my bio if DTF (down to fuck) is your first question I’m not interested. Good luck with Tinder.

    1. The Strawberry Cat

      haha thank you, yeah no luck yet. But I agree with you, I appreciate the honest ones, as vulgar as it can be, just be upfront. Lets see what the next few days bring. I dont know if I can handle more dick pics honestly, I mean what do they think we are going to say? Are there woman out there that respond to those? I just dont know.