My person.

As I share myself to you

What will you do?

As I learn to trust you

What will you do?

As I open my fragile heart to you

What will you do?

My person.

Will you share with me?

And together we will be.

Will you trust me?

And your secrets I will keep.

Will you open your heart up to me?

And I will mend it with mine.

My person.

What happens on the bad days?

Will you run away?

Will you be by my side to walk through them with me?

What happens on the good days?

Will you be happy with me?

Will we be joined together in our enjoyment on each other?

My person.

I will be beside you in your heart at all times.

I won’t go anyway.

I will be on your side though everything.

The good times are all yours.

I will be happy with you as your happiness is also mine.

My pleasure is best enjoyed with joined with yours.

My person.

You can have it all.

People weren’t built to be all alone.

So, take my body, my heart, my love, my everything as though it was your own. 

And I will do the same for you if you let me. 


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