sniffles, sneezes, hayfever

If you’re anything like me, hayfever season is bad news. Runny eyes. Sniffles. Sneezes. Wheezing. It can be exhausting.

Here in the southern hemisphere we are heading into Spring. Because it has been unusually wet where I live, with lovely sunny days in between, the gardens are thriving. And you know what that means – pollen! Sneezes. Sniffles. Hayfever.

As a general rule I don’t like taking chemicals if I can avoid it. Sometimes of course it is necessary. It’s a matter of being sensible. However, to control the seasonal sniffles and sneezes, whether it be spring pollen or winter bugs, I prefer to try and control it with natural means.

On the weekend I came across an interesting sounding recipe in the Body and Soul magazine insert of our Sunday paper, The Advertiser. I thought I’d share it with you.

Hayfever Elixir

This all-natural healing potion is nothing to sneeze at.

1 knob of ginger

1 clove of garlic

5cm piece of horseradish

1 lemon, juiced

2tbsp Manuka honey

Add the ginger garlic and horseradish and 1 cup of water to a small pot and bring to the boil. Simmer until the liquid is reduced to half. Strain, add the lemon and honey. Cool. Serve as a 5ml shot during the day.

This is why it’s so good

Garlic is a natural antihistamine

Horseradish is a decongestant

Ginger is an anti-inflammatory

Lemon is loaded with anti-oxidants

Manuka honey is a natural antibiotic

Having tried several fruit and vegetable shops unsuccessfully, I have had to give up  on finding horseradish. Instead, I’ve had to resort to the paste. I was lucky to get even that. It was the last jar! Must be a lot of locals using it. Maybe they’ve all got the sniffles and sneezes that go with hay fever!  I plan to make this in the next couple of days. We’re going on a road trip and I want to take it with me. The wildflowers are out in abundance. Although I look forward to the visual feast, I would rather not be sneezing and sniffling my way around the countryside.

Raili Tanska

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