Symbols are practically everywhere some old, some new, and some assigned to a giving meaning that we may not even know. I’ve always been fascinated with the them such as  ranging from persistently seeing a butterfly to a design I know nothing about. So what do people (even the ancient time) associated symbols with objects and Mother Nature. What follows is going to be a list of pictorials and there meaning and see if you recognise them. 

However first let’s define symbols –

Symbol – mark, sign. Or word that indicates, signifies or understood as representing an idea, object, or relationship. 

Symbols go beyond what is known or seen by creating linkages between otherwise or very different concepts and experiences.


Above are signs of our planets in the solar system albeit there is more but here’s a few giving you their symbols and their names above. 

Above are the signs of female and male. Pink being female and blue being male. 

Above are the star sign symbols for each zodiac. 

By and large. Above is signs and symbols that are used in everyday use. 

The above sign is quite explanatory and we should take head more when it comes to this that is staying off her phones not just when we see this symbol/instruction.

The above symbol derives from the east and illustrates equilibrium aka balance, known also as –  Yin & yang 

Above is the international flag of Earth. 

Symbols can go to totems, pictures, animals, religion and so forth. 

Symbols can be universal and all have symbolic meaning as Jung pointed out it didn’t matter the culture. 

Images taken from internet