Summer is upon us, which means; it’s time to go on vacation! So, I thought I’d write this post to encourage to take a vacation, no matter how short, go someplace new for its vacation. 

Travel is like a secret tonic. When we travel, and come home.. Home is still the Same, but something in our minds’ has changed, and That changes Everything! 

Travel gives you a new and clear perspective on the World around you that nothing else can teach you.  The only way to learn more than what school teaches you, is to travel because the world is full of adventure and culture for you to experience and learn.

The only fun and exciting way to live and learn is to travel and have a new adventure in a new country! 

During your life, I strongly encourage you to travel somewhere at least once to someplace new. Even if you’re scared, trust that God will guide your adventure.

Have fun on your next adventure! 

-Live for Adventure!  🙂 


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