6 Essential Courses to Make You a Better Blogger

I’ve taken over 100 classes on Skillshare, and I must say, I’m obsessed. I love the idea of being able to learn something new in a weekend, or even in an hour! If you’re curious about which classes I took and my opinion on them, scroll down and see what my favorite Skillshare classes are for bloggers or other creatives.

By the way, Skillshare is a community of learners. It is also a community of wonderful teachers who can show you how to create monsters from ink blots or shoot photos from a helicopter. There are tons of Skillshare classes that cost you just $8/month. But of course, you can get 3 months for $0.99 right now or start your free trial to see following classes and you can cancel your subscription after that.

Personal and Lifestyle Branding: Building Your Story by Kate Arends:

Why I love this class: Great class, engaging, thought-provoking, very practical and useful! Kate is very clear in providing information and I love how she give examples and explanations of each lesson by relating them back to her own personal brand. Most of the things discussed I’d already encounter on a smaller scale, nevertheless, Kate’s information is a great reminder with some new insight to refresh my mind.

“Nice class. Although I’m not a personal or lifestyle brand, but an artist and teacher, the process and worksheets worked just as well and helped me get an overall vision for my creative business. Highly recommended.” – Judy Koot, Multidisciplinary Artist & Teacher

I totally agree with Judy Koot.

By the end, you’ll have a clear vision for where you want your brand to go and how to get there. Your brand will tell the story you want it to, and lead you to success. So, don’t wait to start this class.

Learn Lifestyle Photography for Inspirational Storytelling by Marte Marie Forsberg:

Why I love this class: This class was interesting. The filming was superb, the information was presented well. Marte Marie explains so clearly while she chats and it’s impressive how the setup of 3 elements makes total sense. And, this class is very inspiring and filled with positive energy.

Marte has excellent tips for making the most out of natural light for photography as well as tips for shooting on the go (aka nailing the perfect brunch spot). Join her to learn her inspired approach to lifestyle photography! Whether you’re photographing for a blog or Instagram, or simply want to capture a beautiful meal, you’ll learn how to capture stunning stories in a styled yet natural way.

Join 19K+ students right now!

Analytics & Authenticity on Instagram: Crafting Your Digital Presence by Sophia Chang:

Why I love this class: The class was insightful and definitely provided some much-needed takeaways. I’ve been lazy on Instagram for some time now, my excuse? I didn’t have anything to post. I thought, “Maybe my life isn’t exciting enough for this platform.” Being apart of this class proved me WRONG! I just needed to clarify my goals and be more appreciative of the smaller details and things around me. I can see myself referring to this class if ever I find myself in a rut again.

Make yourself known on Instagram with this 45-minute class with designer and illustrator Sophia Chang. You’ll follow along as Sophia walks you through how you can build your personal brand on Instagram — covering everything from photo editing to analytics and community engagement on her favorite platform.

Finding Your Writing Voice: How to Express Your Unique Self in Your Work by Jennifer Keishin Armstrong:

Why I love this class: Jennifer is full of useful, practical ideas to jumpstart the process of finding your own writing voice. She is well adept to delivering quality content with humour, wit and knowledge.

Get in touch with the unique bits of your personality that will make your writing stand out.

Become a Better Blogger: Content Planning by Andrea Goulet:

Why I love this class: Great advice from a someone who undoubtedly knows her stuff. Awesome, actionable, and process focused tips. More practical, less philosophical, I simply loved it. Andrea broke the blogging editorial process down into small, manageable steps and explained their importance. She provided lots of helpful links, too.

Starting a blog is easy. Keeping it filled with interesting and engaging content is the tough part. So, are you ready to kick your blogging efforts up a notch? In this class you’ll complete a three month editorial calendar to help you map out your content and plan ahead.

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Creating Blog Content Your Readers Actually Want to Read by Theresa Christine:

Why I love this class: Great for beginners and friendly tone. Easy to listen to and follow. Theresa really helps to make sense of creating successful blog content and the necessary why’s and wherefores of blogging. I feel that I can effectively plan my own blog by working through the fundamental aspects by applying her step by step methods.

Get some solid pointers and simple take away advice to increase the popularity of your blog by starting this class right now.

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