A guide to creating a minimalist home


When your home looks a little cluttered, it’s time to make some changes. What should be a place of retreat and comfort starts to brim with items not needed. From considering your essentials to getting smart with storage, we look at five simple and stylish ways to take minimalism to the max.

Small furniture, big room

Simplify a room by looking at furniture first. Aim for small, timeless pieces that open up the room due to its size. Furniture should be chosen for its form and functionality, so, if there’s an unused piece in the room, remove to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Furniture in a minimalist home should also boast sleek silhouettes and simple lines, which help amplify how clean and spacious your spot actually is.

Pick your palette

The minimalist colour palette is no longer synonymous to monochrome. Whilst the contrasting combination is still seen in modern homes, minimalist schemes can include light, earthier tones.

A neutral palette can be quite calming, however, adding accents of bold colour won’t disrupt the balance (as long as it’s used sparingly via feature walls and accessories).

Clear the clutter

It’s time to make some tough decisions. The easiest way to do so is by following the “one in, two out” rule (for every new item that comes into your life, two must be removed).

Another way to reduce clutter is by removing all décor from the room you want to minimally makeover, before making a decision on what’s going to make the cut.

Limited storage

If you don’t allow for lots of storage, you’ll be stricter on what to keep (and what to toss). Some functional items need to stay in a room no matter how unsightly they are, so find clever ways to conceal them in bins, baskets and under-bed storage.

If you want to display your clean and classic accessories, opt for an open shelf. Keep in mind that minimalist homes are all about the “creation of space”, so swap out heavy, cluttered work surfaces for glass shelves to open up the room even more.

Fuss-free surfaces

A few simple accessories can serve as accents to your fuss-free space, however, if they’re unnecessary or unsightly, hide them in one of your out-of-sight storage spots.

Often surfaces will be completely bare in a minimalist home, much like the walls. Swap multiple holiday snaps for a large, quality piece of art which acts as the room’s focal point.

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