88+ Best Abandoned Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Abandoned is left without needed protection, care, or support. Profoundly inspirational abandoned quotes and sayings will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Abandoned Quotes

One response to feeling abandoned is to abandon yourself. – Theodore Millon

Race hate isn’t human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature. – Orson Welles

Love can be put off, never abandoned. – Propertius

The abandoned infant’s cry is rage, not fear. – Unknown

Abandoned. That’s how I feel when you are not around. – Unknown

If we abandon the marriage, we abandon the family. – Michael Enzi

abandoned quotes

You abandoned me! Why would I want to talk to you. – Unknown

The sun does not abandon the moon to darkness. – Brian A. McBride

A family ship will never sink until it is abandoned by its crew. – Wes Fesler

A work of art is never finished. It is merely abandoned. – E. M. Forster

To feel abandoned is to deny the intimacy of your surroundings. – David Whyte

We have been abandoned by our own country. – Aaron Broussard

Abandoned like an empty beer bottle, cigarette butt, worn-out shoe. – Dennis Vickers

Hope never abandons you, you abandon it. – George Weinberg

I just let the pain take over, allowing it to numb the pain of being left behind. – Jessica Sorensen

Fantasy abandoned by reason produces impossible monsters. – Francisco Goya

My whole life I’ve had the fear that I was going to be abandoned. – Halle Berry

A poem is never finished, only abandoned. – Paul Valery

When she needed help most, she was abandoned. – Unknown

Being alone is scary, but not as scary as feeling alone in a relationship. – Megan Marie

No one has ever abandoned a belief because he was forced to do so. – Hillary Clinton

The sun loved me again when it saw that the stars would not abandon me. – Jenim Dibie

To be abandoned like that! Shut out when you most need to be loved. – Unknown

Abandoning civil society will leave the enemy in control, not by victory but by default. – Mike Klepper

They say that abandonment is a wound that never heals. I say only that an abandoned child never forgets. – Mario Balotelli

I left the library. Crossing the street, I was hit head-on by a brutal loneliness. I felt dark and hollow. Abandoned, unnoticed, forgotten, I stood on the sidewalk, a nothing, a gatherer of dust. People hurried past me. and everyone who walked by was happier than I. I felt the old envy. I would have given anything to be one of them. – Nicole Krauss

A life that chooses not to grow is a life that died long before it ever lived. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

A humankind abandoned in its earlier formative stage becomes its own greatest threat to survival. – Maria Montessori

Humanity is lost because people have abandoned using their conscience as their compass. – Suzy Kassem

Our stars are not where we last admired them. Our homes crumble and we don’t know which place to long for. – Ann Druyan

Those who discourage you from your dreams have most likely already abandoned their own. – Unknown

All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city’s monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea. – Nathan Reese Maher

There are ways of being abandoned even when your parents are right there. – Louise erdrich

The road to positivity is strewn with the abandoned vehicles of the faint-hearted. – Peter McWilliams

Certainly, the terror of a deserted house swells in geometrical rather than arithmetical progression as houses multiply to form a city of stark desolation. The sight of such endless avenues of fishy-eyed vacancy and death, and the thought of such linked infinities of black, brooding compartments given over to cob-webs and memories and the conqueror worm, start up vestigial fears and aversions that not even the stoutest philosophy can disperse.
– H.P. Lovecraft

You have not been abandoned. You are never alone, except by your own choice. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie

A beautiful path can be abandoned only if a more beautiful path is found out! – Mehmet Murat ildan

After one has abandoned a belief in God, poetry is the essence which takes its place as life’s redemption. – Wallace Stevens

There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road. – Kathi Appelt

Basic human contact – the meeting of eyes, the exchanging of words – is to the psyche what oxygen is to the brain. If you’re feeling abandoned by the world, interact with anyone you can. – Martha Beck

Heartbreaking Abandoned Quotes

Loss eventually arrives when something departs. Grief is working through both. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

Sooner or later I will be faced with the fact that the world is helpless to meet my needs. And at that point, I will be left with two conclusions; that life is cruel or God is real. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

Reality seems valueless by comparison with the dreams of fevered imaginations; reality is therefore abandoned. – Emile Durkheim

The feeling of abandonment overwhelmed me as I realized that no one had waited, or cared where I was. – Emily Williams

No matter what storm you face, you need to know God loves you. He has not abandoned you. – Franklin Graham

The struggle of my life created empathy – I could relate to pain, being abandoned, having people not love me. – Oprah winfrey

Surrendering is intentionally laying down the power I possess. And have I considered that the power I lay down is often more powerful than that which I’m laying it down in front of? Therefore, I would be wise to recognize that surrender is less the absence of power and more the presence of fear. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

I didn’t even think about suggesting he take the boots off. There’d probably be a apocalypse or something. – Meg Cabot

A goal casually set and lightly taken is freely abandoned at the first obstacle. Zig Ziglar

It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires. It must abandon itself to its master passion. – Rebecca West

When loneliness is a constant state of being, it harkens back to a childhood wherein neglect and abandonment were the landscape of life. – Alexandra Katehakis

The feeling of abandonment overwhelmed me as I realised that no one had waited, or cared where I was. – Emily Williams

When someone you loved finds no flattery in the gift you gave them then you must ask yourself, “What was worth loving? – Shannon Alder

Being abandoned or given up is the most devastating emotion we can cause in another human being. – Gary Daivd Currie

It was always himself that the coward abandoned first. After this all other betrayals came easily. – Cormac Mccarthy

Not belonging is a terrible feeling. It feels awkward and it hurts, as if you were wearing someone else’s shoes. – Phoebe Stone

If love is universal, no one can be left out. – Deepak Chopra

The man abandoned by his friends, one after another, without just cause, will acquire, the reputation of being hard to please, changeable, ungrateful, unsociable. – Joseph Roux

No child, no matter what path they may have chosen, should be abandoned by the people who should love them the most. When two people come together and make the conscious decision to create a life, they have an obligation to protect and love that child until death. – S.L. Jennings

The only thing worse than being abandoned is knowing that you’re not even worth an explanation. – unknown

We shall never be abandoned by Heaven while we act worthy of its aid and protection. – Samuel Adams

Abandonment doesn’t have the sharp but dissipating sting of a slap. It’s like a punch to the gut. – Unknown

Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song. – Pope John Paul II

The world is full of abandoned meanings. In the commonplace I find unexpected themes and intensities. – Don DeLillo

Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty. Mother Teresa

Men are perfectly willing to abandon a woman but they refuse to be abandoned by her. – Honore de Balzac

The worst feeling is not being alone, it’s being forgotten by someone you could not forget. – Nishan Panwar

When you abandon making choices, you enter the vast world of excuses. – Wayne W. Dyer

The condition of being forgiven is self-abandonment. The proud man prefers self-reproach, however painful -because the reproached self isn’t abandoned; it remains intact. – Aldous Huxley

It sucks when you’re being ignored by the only person you want attention from. It hurts getting absolutely no love from the only person you’re in love with. It’s sad when you get no conversation from the only one you want to talk to. – Francine Chiar

He who is controlled by objects loses possession of his inner self: if he no longer values himself, how can he value others? If he no longer values others, he is abandoned. He has nothing left! – Thomas Merton

To abandon oneself to principles is really to die â€and to die for an impossible love which is the contrary of love. – Albert Camus

There is no greater punishment than that of being abandoned to one’s self. – Pasquier Quesnel

Many times, though, when people feel as if The Uni-verse has abandoned them, the truth is that they have abandoned their dreams, and as a result they have abandoned The Uni-verse. What we think is being done TO US, we are actually doing TO ourselves. It’s a totally crazy reversal that is true most of the time. – Mastin Kippa

Absence is a house so vast that inside you will pass through its walls and hang pictures on the air. – Pablo Neruda

Being abandoned doesn’t make for little angels. – Margaret Way

To die is as if one’s eyes had been put out and one cannot see anything anymore. Perhaps it is like being shut in a cellar. One is abandoned by all. They have slammed the door and are gone. One does not see anything and notices only the damp smell of putrefaction. – Edvard Munch

The paralyzing fear of being lost is fed solely by the irrational fear that we will never be found. – Craig D. Lounsbrough

Inspiring Abandoned Quotes & Sayings

  • Because the place you are born isn’t necessarily the place you belong. I was born into a world that abandoned me, stole from me, rejected me; is it so surprising I found a better one?
  • Surrounded by all the members of my dear family, enjoying the affection of numerous friends, who have never abandoned me, and possessing a sufficient share of all that contributes to make life agreeable, I lift my grateful eyes towards the Supreme Being and feel that I am happy.
  • Who knew ‘forever’ could end in one moment? I didn’t, till you left.
  • Satan cannot win. Why not? Because he has denied God’s sovereignty and disobeyed God’s law. But Moses was told explicitly, God’s blessings come only from obedience. Satan will not win because he has abandoned God’s tool of dominion, biblical law.
  • Why’d you go? I wanted you to stay. I was screaming yet you never heard me, and then, you left.
  • Every man is a shelter for himself in the desert.
  • I lived for two years in an abandoned gas station with no running water and no electricity after my parents got divorced and my stepdad couldn’t get a job. So I think a lot about families like mine who were middle class and struggled. So that experience really drives my philosophy.
  • Abandoning civil society will leave the enemy in control, not by victory but by default.There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road.