Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live.

Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live.

The love of a dog is one of the natural worlds wonders. Some dogs you meet and you know there is an instant connection. I know that in my own experience. I can tell you the exact moment when I fell in love with each of my pups. Even through my childhood we always had dogs around. At times they were my best friends. Dogs have an innate sense of how their humans are feeling especially to a human they have bonded with. Sometimes when I look into the eyes of my dogs I feel like I can tell what they are thinking. This is the story of Adonis Octavian Suplizio, one of the best dogs to have given me the honor to be his mother.
When my husband and I married I had a little Jack Russel Terrier named Izzy. He was a high maintenance energetic baby boy. He was 4 years old at the time we moved in together. He was my parents dog they had gotten me in Germany. He was the sweetest baby dog ever. I loved Izzy with all my heart. A few months after we were settled into our apartment it was obvious that Izzy was bored. He was starting to destroy furniture; he had never done this before. At my parents’ house he had another dog as a playmate and companion. My parents ended up leaving Germany and asked us to take Izzy in and they would send for him later. They ended up not being able to send for him so he lived with us full time. We decided to get another dog to help ease the transition for Izzy. James and I spent weeks trying to find a puppy that was a rescue. Then enter the strongly fascinating Adonis.
I found a family that had an oops liter of Labrador Blue healer mixed pups. I decided not to mention to my husband that I was going to see these new babies. When I got to the house where the military family lived they escorted me down to the play room where they were keeping the little pups. I saw the biggest one first, he was so adorable big ears, bright white blaze on his chest. He was gorgeous! The lady handed to me and said this is Max. I immediately said this is the one, this is my boy! I walked out that day with him in my arms. We got into the car and I looked at him and he kissed me on the nose. It was love! I was driving down the German Autobahn at 95 miles an hour with a puppy on my neck (because he was not about sitting in the other seat) then something wet and warm flowed down my back. He peed all over me and didn’t even care. I started to laugh, it was ironic this little tiny baby dog needed me so much he had to sit on my neck and then he pees. We pulled up to my husband’s work and I walked into his office my baby boy in tow. As soon as he saw my husband his eyes light up and tail went crazy wagging. My hubby picked him up then it happened a kiss on the nose for him, hubby was then and there bit by the love bug. Hubby didn’t even mind that I didn’t tell him I was going to get a dog that day. That’s when his name hit me Adonis, God of Love. So Adonis joined our family.
Adonis always was a stubborn boy. He one day climbed into the washer and pulled my shirt out, jumped out and tore it to shreds. Adonis was extremely agile when he was younger, so much so that he could jump complexly on the counter. One day after much effort I put a roast in the crock pot (my very first time using one) and I left for shopping with a friend of mine. When we retuned I was shocked to find Adonis on the counter with his face stuck in the crock pot eating the roast. I stood there for what seemed like twenty minutes. In reality I’m sure it was only a few seconds before I lifted him off the counter in complete disbelief. Adonis has eaten three couches, two reclining chairs, and an ottoman in his dog life. He was a hungry dude!
Adonis topped out at 112 pounds when he was 3 years old. Crash diet time! Adonis wasn’t very appreciative of his diet. He was so grumpy during that time in his life. However, it did the trick (for the most part) and he got down to a respective 99 pounds. Adonis was full of personality, he wanted what he wanted and nothing else will do. Once we were not moving fast enough to walk him he decided to open the balcony door and pee off of it right through the bars.
It was uncanny, every single weekday at 3 in the afternoon he would beg to go out on the balcony. I never knew why until one day I stayed with him out there and I was heading into the house and a peanut butter sandwich flew up to the balcony and landed at my feet. I looked over and this little boy about 8 was throwing his un-eaten lunch to Adonis. I stepped back just to watch then three more kids came. Adonis got a banana (peeled hilariously), a little Debbie, and some ham to finish off his lunch. I was tickled to death these kids did that daily. It did however explain his persistent pudginess.
During 2006 I got pregnant then Adonis changed. He was way more attentive to me, never left me alone in the house. He would lay on his head on my belly whenever we were on the couch. Then one night while my husband was working nights I woke up in bed with a sharp pain in my belly. I moved the covers over and there was so much blood. Adonis jumped up and nudged my arm to help me up. He jumped on the floor and I extended my hand he moved to wear it was on top of his head to help me down off the bed. I actually ended up crawling to the bathroom, with Adonis leaning on me to let me know he is there. I needed help getting up on the toilet. There he was like a Knight bobbing his head on my hand to get my hand on his head to lift up. I had my cell phone by the toilet and I called my husband he was leaving work asap to come to get me to the hospital. I looked at the floor in the bathroom and the hallway to the bedroom, pools of blood everywhere.
I didn’t want my husband to see that so I grabbed a towel and Adonis helped me off the toilet leaning on me as I crawled to clean up the blood trail. I ended up needing another towel, so I started to crawl back to the bathroom and to my surprise Adonis ran ahead and pulled the towel off the rack for me. I got it and crawled back with him leaning on me for support. I knew I had to get downstairs (we lived in an apartment building). So with my ever loving Adonis’s help I stood up and got to the door, he never left my side. We made it by some miracle downstairs, I was trying not to pass out when we got to the bottom. More blood on the stairs I decided to leave it. My husband showed up and I said to Adonis head home buddy, and my husband walked in the building to get me and we both heard the door of our apartment close, Adonis closed the door. It was the weirdest and neatest moment of my life. I had left the door open so my hubby could walk up and close it with Adonis inside. I will always be eternally grateful for Adonis he was there when I needed him. He never left my side, he allowed me to use him as a physical support. I lost the baby that night with a massive hemorrhage but when I got home the next day Adonis laid in bed with me as I cried, again he never left me. As the weeks went on he was always there, I held him when I needed that comfort. From then on we were glued together he was my hero, saved my life that night simply by being my support. We created a bond that will last a lifetime.
Adonis has recently passed at age 12 of cancer. My heart was destroyed that day, a mere few months ago. He died in my lap his favorite place in the world. He passed in peace, giving me and my husband kisses before he that fatal push of the needle. I will always remember the love I have for him, and the extraordinary way he helped me though one of the most horrid nights of my life. There will never be another Adonis, he was a one of a kind pup who deserved all my love and respect.

4 thoughts on “Adonis, The greatest Dog to Ever Live.”

    • I completely agree with you. It’s like a part of you is missing when they pass. Every single day I long for Adonis but I know he is at peace now. Sending lots of positive vibes your way.

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing this and I am sorry to hear Adonis is no longer with you. My heartaches for my pooch I had to leave behind when I moved. She was my bundle of joy. We would watch movies together ( Turner Classic Movies), she would sit quietly beside me on those days I wanted to read and most of all she was my little quiet but don’t mess with her family protector. I really do miss her. I hope you all are doing well.

    • Thank you so much. Your pup sounds like a wonderful pup. It’s so hard to loose a dog because they are part of our everyday lives and become our family. My heart will always ache for Adonis as yours will for your pup, but I keep trying to think of the good times with him. ❤️

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