An Act of Kindness-The Gentleman

IMG_9593nIt’s already Tuesday morning already where i am, the weather is great and i couldn’t be more grateful. So the other day i had the pleasure of visiting my aunt and came back straight to my place after church. Nairobi can make you so tired but i enjoy walking through her streets on Sundays, there are normally few people. You get to walk at least 200metres without getting knocked down by someone anyway fast forward to that afternoon after i got to my place. Having had a weekend away and my cousin definitely suggesting what movies i should watch (normally i have not watched almost all of them that he suggests) since I’m normally caught up in everything and forget that there were times i enjoyed pop corns or whatever snack, lights off and a good series or movies.

So i am at the movie shop, my regular one but the attendant today is different, i find a small boy and her younger sister. They are looking for one of those Disney princesses movies, well at least, the girl is. The boy already had his movies and was just there waiting for her sister to make up her mind on which Disney princess she wants to watch. From the look of things, they have been there a while. The boy is there holding the book for her, while the girl is busy refusing every princess. He sure is getting impatient, so i decide to take over the movie choosing. I have never been a fan of those movies myself but at least i will be able to help her from a girl’s perspective but boy was she choosy. Eventually we settled on one which i now can’t remember the name. As i waited for my movie, i was watching how the boy treated the sister, they had one box of yogurt and they were supposed to share it. The girl had already drank her half but she still wanted more, so he did what every big brother would do, offer her some of his but with major and tonnes of instructions but that wasn’t the best part.The best part was when with every sip, he would wipe the sister’s mouth with a serviette that they had. Even though the girl was getting to his nerves at the time. She then got thirsty and was midway of drinking what was left in the water bottle when the girl showed up. I know he is foregoing everything and giving up everything which he shouldn’t or rather he should take care of himself but isn’t it cute that the girl knows that his brother will always be there for her? Reassuring isn’t it?

The attendant had finished copying my movies and he was giving me back my thumb drive when it fell down. The boy quickly went down on his knees and picked it up while saying sorry. I was awed by him, on my way out i knocked over a dustbin, i was feeling dizzy. So as i was about to go pick it up and it’s contents, he went “don’t worry about it, I’ll pick it up” At that time i was like, i would really love to meet your parents, they did a very good job.At that time everything seemed blurry, the sister asked me “are you okay?” i told her i was but the boy said “you don’t look okay” I told them am fine, so he went over and opened the door for me and asked again if i was okay “Are you sure you’ll be able to cross the road? i mean if it’s okay with you i can help you cross, you really don’t look okay” So i insisted i will be fine and he said he’ll watch me cross until i cross the road just in case. By the time the attendant was in shock, he was like, “Dude, you’re such a gentlemen, where are you from?” It is rare to find such kids in Nairobi, I’ve stayed in Nairobi for quite some time and i have never met such a young kind boy.He seemed to be around 9years old but he certainly wasn’t acting his age. I liked him, i wished all parents raised such kind, humble gentlemen. I think by now not many would be crying of heartbreaks.

I hope to meet this young boy soon (and the girl too) and at least get their names. Thank him for his kindness and urge him to keep up the good work. I am sure he will grow to be the perfect guy.

Until next time,

Sending lots of kindness your way and be kind to everyone you meet today and visit my blog for more of these articles.

9 thoughts on “An Act of Kindness-The Gentleman”

  1. Indeed parenting and environment shapes children’s future. Hence, looking forward, if all adults learn to act responsibly and live like a role model, I’m sure the world will start becoming a better place every second.

  2. What a beautiful read, and so inspirational. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the lack of kindness I see portrayed on the news. I have to remember that there is far more good in the world than bad…thankfully.


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