You looked at me

under a star glazed canopy;

an angel in an evening gown.

your wings of bare bone,

your halo delicately grown

from nothing but slivers of stardust.

Your skin was glowing

with kindness and spunk

you’re everything with which I’ve managed to fall 

in love

you’re your own type of beautiful,

I will never get enough. 

the sky spun with spare silk,

only moonbeams do you full justice-

and I

will never



just a little bit of context- this is about the one time I realized I was in love with a girl. She looked irrevocably beautiful, and it was an awakening moment for my sexuality, as I realized the uncontrollable nature of love (just in case you’re confused- I’m a girl. I’m bisexual). It was unforgettable, and this is how I remember it happening inside my mind.

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