16+ Best Anger Management Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Anger is a strong feeling that makes you want to hurt someone or be unpleasant because of something unfair or unkind that has happened. Profoundly inspirational anger management quotes will encourage you to think a little deeper than you usually would and broaden your perspective.

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Famous Anger Management Quotes

In between shooting for ‘Awake,’ I was attempting to have my own pilot season. The audition for ‘Anger Management’ actually came during a week that I was already testing for a couple other shows and we weren’t really letting any other shows into the mix. — Daniela Bobadilla

I would say I had anger-management issues, to be honest with you. But it was only on the football field. — Doug Baldwin

I think you have to have a bit of an anger-management issue, to be honest with you. Usually, slot guys are a lot smaller and quicker, but at the same time, you have to go in there and block linebackers and safeties, and so you have to be aggressive. — Doug Baldwin

In anger-management training, they teach you never to hit a person – hit an object. That’s what they teach you. — Jim Brown

On ‘Awake,’ we would take a couple hours per scene. Whereas on ‘Anger Management,’ we can take maybe 10 minutes on a scene if we’re lucky. — Daniela Bobadilla

The Anger Management Tour was another beautiful thing. I loved that tour. — Obie Trice

I’ve written for the last 15 years on TV shows, but now I’m doing the new Charlie Sheen program, ‘Anger Management.’ — Brian Posehn

I do have anger management issues. Not clinical. Probably no more than most people. — Andy Serkis

Our second phase was to develop a school curriculum that teaches tolerance, respect for differences, conflict resolution, anger management, and other attributes of peace. — Eddie Bernice Johnson

I feel like everything comes into your life for a reason. With ‘Awake,’ I got to do a drama, and with ‘Anger Management,’ that’s my comedy. — Daniela Bobadilla

I have been to anger management twice. After the first session the lady was like, ‘Baby, you don’t seem that angry at all. You seem like a really nice guy.’ — Kid Rock

That aggression came over time from dealing with stuff – ‘Anger Management’ really is what it’s called. That project came out and I felt a weight lifted off my chest. I learned something about myself. — Rico Nasty

I think I have some anger-management issues, and they end up coming out in these passive-aggressive songs that sound happy. — Sara Bareilles

All that self-control stuff, I tried all that stuff from analysts. I went everywhere to these guys, every kind of anger-management, psychologist, psychiatrist. ‘Get rid of my temper, get rid of my temper.’ And there was only one guy who just said, ‘I don’t think this is related to, uh, issues. I think there has got to be something wrong.’ — Harvey Weinstein

I was forced, more or less, to go to anger management. I was either going to make myself and everyone around me miserable, or I was going to realize that there’s more than one person on this Earth. It definitely has made me a better person. — Randy Orton

I was never jailed. The fact is that I was arrested, but I went into a diversion programme, and by that time I’d already begun working in what was called anger management. It was a painful and awful moment. — David Soul

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