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Famous Annoyed Quotes

A lot of the reasons why people are annoyed at found footage movies is because people look at it like it’s easy and that they could do it, too. – Jason Blum

I am what you might call abstractly anti-capitalist. For instance, I am suspicious of the old leftists who focus all their hatred on the United States. What about Chinese neo-colonialism? Why are the left silent about that? When I say this, it annoys them, of course. Good! – Slavoj Zizek

There was an interesting development in the CBS-Westmoreland trial: both sides agreed that after the trial, Andy Rooney would be allowed to talk to the jury for three minutes about little things that annoyed him during the trial. – David Letterman

People are people, and I get a bit annoyed that the music business only focuses in on the big metropolises. I find that people that don’t live in big cities are just as likely to enjoy music as people that do live in big cities. – Eddi Reader

Vee: And I’m not going to let you sit at home all afternoon with your sour face on. Nora: I don’t have a sour face. Vee: Yes, you do. And you’re wearing it right now. Nora: This is my annoyed face. You woke me up at six in the morning! – Becca Fitzpatrick

I don’t get dressed up every day. I’m very busy. I get really annoyed when people talk about me as a ‘fashionista.’ I get dressed up when I have to go out. Most of the time, I’m running around in jeans. – Iris Apfel

People who don’t listen make me annoyed. That’s the normal stuff, isn’t it? – Domhnall Gleeson

I remember, when I was an up-and-coming comic, how annoyed I would be when the famous guys would show up and just take everyone’s spots. – Seth Rogen

I am annoyed by people that send messages via FaceBook because I get an e-mail telling me there is a message on FaceBook – so I end up processing two messages for every one sent. – Vint Cerf

When he admitted this to me, I found myself almost annoyed. It was as if he’d hidden this part of himself in order to deceive me, pretending– as do many people I’ve discovered–to be what he is not. No one I’ve ever known is what he appears to be on the surface. – Daniel Keyes

From the exterior face of the wall towers must be projected, from which an approaching enemy may be annoyed by weapons, from the embrasures of those towers, right and left. – Vitruvius

You can go in, in cut-offs and flip-flops, between shows, and not be annoyed by regular people, – Gary Beach

I have this theory about words. There’s a thousand ways to say ‘Pass the salt’. It could mean, you know, ‘Can I have some salt?’ or it could mean, ‘I love you.’ It could mean, ‘I’m very annoyed with you’. Really, the list could go on and on. Words are little bombs, and they have a lot of energy inside them. – Christopher Walken

It’s inevitable that if you do okay on something like that you don’t just annoy people, that it will make a difference because it seemed like such a lot of people so, yes I would have to say that it has done. – Jo Brand

I was annoyed that he got to read them. This guy, they’ve really coddled him. – Emily Stoecker

It doesn’t really make any difference to me if I go out and shoot 64 or 74. Obviously, I’d like to shoot 64 more frequently than 74. There’s really no point in me getting annoyed about it. There’s other things, more important things going on. – Darren Clarke

Everything that has a spare piano is ‘like Satie’ and everything with strings is ‘filmic,’ Sometimes I get annoyed when they say my stuff sounds ‘like Satie’. No, it doesn’t. At least, I don’t think so. – Agnes Obel

Never invoke the gods unless you really want them to appear. It annoys them very much. – Gilbert K. Chesterton

I hope to read a Harry Potter novel soon, to see what it’s all about. I admit to being annoyed that many good light fantasy writers have had trouble getting published, in England and elsewhere, when it is obvious the readers were waiting for us all along. – Piers Anthony

I’m a huge ‘Breaking Bad’ fan; I would be really annoyed if anyone told me anything about what was going to happen in the last eight episodes. – Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

The whole character of Justin and the club life he lives – I have no experience with it. It’s really foreign to me, which is annoying, but that’s just how it is. – Randy Harrison

Agassiz, when I saw him last, had read but a part of Origin of Species. He says it is POOR-VERY POOR!!. The fact is, he is very much annoyed by it. – Asa Gray

I was a pedantic child. I’d get really annoyed at the logic of small things that don’t bother anyone else. – Peter Baynham

Annoyed?” said Sophie. “Why should I be annoyed? Someone only filled the castle with rotten aspic, and deafened everyone in Porthaven, and scared Calcifer to a cinder, and broke a few hundred hearts. Why should that annoy me? – Diana Wynne Jones

I don’t do interviews at home any more because my wife doesn’t like having her taste in interiors put through the mill. And I get annoyed when journalists make snide remarks about the annoyingly pretentious shops in the neighbourhood – because I hate them just as much. – Sebastian Faulks

I don’t know what’s more frightening, being watched by millions of people, or the hundreds of people that are going to be annoyed with me tomorrow for not mentioning them, – Brad Bird

I feel like I’m a time traveler from the future who has been sent back to be annoyed. – Adam Carolla

It’s like there’s some unwritten rule that if you’re mates, you can say what you want to each other, and you don’t really get that annoyed about it. – Karl Pilkington

I’m an actor, not a writer. I’d be pretty annoyed if the writers tried to come in and hang over my shoulder telling me how to act, so I don’t go in and tell them how to write. – Shoshannah Stern

My door was open part of the time, and part of the time I tried to get a nap and their voices annoyed me, and I closed it. I kept it open in summer more or less, and closed in winter. – Lizzie Andrew Borden

But I think the only thing that annoys me about that is if I suddenly find someone on commercial radio or something like that, mimicking my voice or actions and trying to promote a product and pretending it’s me doing it. – Richie Benaud

The Kobe craze really annoyed me. Most of the practitioners had no real understanding of the product and were abusing it and exploiting it in terrible and ridiculous ways. Kobe beef should not be used in a hamburger. It’s completely pointless. – Anthony Bourdain

If I were gay, life would be a lot simpler. I’m kind of annoyed that I’m not. – Grace Slick

It is quite annoying that we have to change the sound we invented just to avoid sounding like people who simply copy us, but… it is flattering and of course challenging. – Jonathan Davis

I was annoyed to lose the goal with 30 seconds till half-time because I thought we were in it at 1-0. – Paul Lambert

I prefer a pleasant vice to an annoying virtue. – Moliere

When I said I didn’t have a cent, I didn’t. I used to get annoyed with people who said they were broke when they had five dollars. – Paul Lynde

What I’m critical of is – the White House attacking conservatives, for saying we’re elitist for pointing out that Harriet Miers isn’t qualified to sit on the Supreme Court. I’m starting to feel sort of bad about – about saying that. And I’m annoyed with George Bush [Jr.] for putting us in the position of having to say that. – Ann Coulter

I thought he’d split if he saw me, but he just looked at me and took another mouthful of bird feed from the ground. I banged on the glass thinking he’d just run right off, but he looked up at me as though I’d annoyed him. – Laura Anderson

At 99 and after a long stay in a nursing home, the death of legendary photographer Eve Arnold was hardly a surprise – though she may have been just a little annoyed to quit a few months short of 100. – Beeban Kidron

If we were faultless we should not be so much annoyed by the defects of those with whom we associate. – Francois Fenelon

I pop gum. My parents get so annoyed with me. I know my dad wishes he never taught me how to do that. – Hilary Duff

This is New York, and there’s no law against being annoying. – William Kunstler

My mind wanders terribly. I’m not wholly annoyed by my daydreaming as it has been immense use to me as regards imaginative thought, but it doesn’t help when it comes to concentration. And writing needs concentration – lots of it. – Jasper Fforde

I got quite annoyed after the Haiti earthquake. A baby was taken from the wreckage and people said it was a miracle. It would have been a miracle had God stopped the earthquake. More wonderful was that a load of evolved monkeys got together to save the life of a child that wasn’t theirs. – Terry Pratchett

Status anxiety definitely exists at a political level. Many Iraqis were annoyed with the US essentially for reasons of status: for not showing them respect, for humiliating them. – Alain de Botton

In my life outdoors, I’ve observed that animals of almost any variety will stand in a windy place rather than in a protected, windless area infested with biting insects. They would rather be annoyed by the wind than bitten. – Tim Cahill

All that attention to the perfect lighting, the perfect this, the perfect that, I find terribly annoying. – Meryl Streep

I used to annoy my father by telling him how much I felt luck was with me. – Gene Tierney

I got my first guitar when I was 11. It was an electric, and I can remember just wanting to be Avril Lavigne! But I got annoyed with having to plug it in and play with amps and pedals and stuff. Then I got given a cheap acoustic, a Tanglewood, and I thought it was awesome because I could play it anywhere! – Gabrielle Aplin

My dreams were all my own; I accounted for them to nobody; they were my refuge when annoyed – my dearest pleasure when free. – Mary Shelley

We were just annoyed at being kicked off Main Street. – Dylan Thomas

If you know somebody is going to be awfully annoyed by something you write, that’s obviously very satisfying, and if they howl with rage or cry, that’s honey. – A. N. Wilson

I’m always annoyed about why black people have to bear the brunt of everybody else’s contempt. If we are not totally understanding and smiling, suddenly we’re demons. – Toni Morrison

I like Toronto a lot, it’s a good city. The only thing that really annoys me about Toronto is that you’re turning Maple Leaf Gardens into a grocery store, which is absolutely nothing short of disgusting. – Rick Wakeman

The kind of classic pose of a female model is to look kind of sexy and a bit annoyed. – Caitlin Moran

I was obviously a bit annoyed at this. – Flavio Briatore

No religious position is loyally served by refusing to consider annoying theories which may well turn out to be facts. – Norman Lamm

When my lady and I sit down and watch TV, I find she gets annoyed at characters because they don’t do what she would do in the situation. I’m always like, ‘Well, she has to do that because that’s what the story is.’ – Dallas Roberts

I get grumpy about the innate conservatism of our tastes; I love bold theatre, and I get annoyed when a heritage piece is really successful. – Romola Garai

Ah! how annoying that the law doesn’t allow a woman to change husbands just as one does shirts. – Moliere

New Yorkers, by reputation, are fast-talking, assertive and easily annoyed; I fit right in. – Jane Pauley

We were the victims of the new producer but what annoyed me was they told the press we were leaving before us. – Louise Jameson

The want of logic annoys. Too much logic bores. Life eludes logic, and everything that logic alone constructs remains artificial and forced. – Andre Gide

Smoke says the beef is much better than the squawky white birds. Her expression changed from annoyed to dismayed. Squawky white birds? Chickens? You ate Mrs. Beale’s chickens?Smoke whined apologetically.Saetan leaned back in his chair. Oh, it was so satisfying to see her thrown off stride. I’m sure Mrs. Beale was delighted to feed a guest – even if she wasn’t aware of it, he added dryly, remembering too well his cook’s reaction when she learned about the missing hens. – Anne Bishop

When I was 17, I was hyperactive and annoyed my teachers. – Keegan Allen

I think I’ve always wanted to be different from everybody else. I get really annoyed when I do something and everybody else does it too, or if I’m doing something that everybody else is doing. – Nadia Ali

We who have the final word can speak softly or angrily. We can seek to challenge and annoy, as we need not stay docile and quiet. – William O. Douglas

I was a bit annoyed that at the end he was trying to put me off – he knows I am younger than him and he shouldn’t do that, – Andrew Murray

Commitments are one of the worst things to have in the music business. They’re very annoying. – Neil Young

Existential depression has always annoyed me; it is one of the world’s most pointless forms of suffering. – Eliezer Yudkowsky

I would recognise myself in each of his translations and he would feel betrayed and annoyed whenever I didn’t write something the way he would have. A part of me died with him, a part of him lives with me. – Eduardo Galeano

Justin Salinger showed up one day with a pink cowboy hat on and everyone else got really annoyed because somehow he’d managed to get the pink cowboy hat. – Alex Cox

I don’t know why somebody would spend their money to do that, … The banking superintendent would be annoyed if it was me and it is not me. I did not place that ad. – Michael R. Bloomberg

He was highly annoyed by the series of triumphs by the marvelous colored American runner, Jesse Owens. People whose antecedents came from the jungle were primitive, Hitler said with a shrug; their physiques were stronger than those of civilized whites and hence should be excluded from future games. – Albert Speer

I just don’t know a couple that’s been married more than three years that doesn’t annoy the heck out of each other every 15 minutes. – Patricia Heaton

During our session, I told Tove about how I’d done mind-speak on Duncan, but it only worked when I was irritated. Using that logic,Tove spent most of the morning trying to irritate me into using it. Sometimes it worked, but most of the time I just got pointlessly annoyed. – Amanda Hocking

She loved her mother and depended on her mother, and yet every single word her mother said annoyed her. – Ann Brashares

The only thing that might have annoyed some mathematicians was the presumption of assuming that maybe the axiom of choice could fail, and that we should look into contrary assumptions. – Alonzo Church

I said if you just keep on talking, because it was one of those days you can easily get annoyed and get a little bit frustrated so we had to keep talking to each other. – Andrew Symonds

I get so annoyed at people not looking after their parents. The deal is when we are growing up they look after us and as they grow older we look after them. That’s the deal. – Len Goodman

I have never worn a watch. I did at 17 and it annoyed me. – Eve Best

I’ve found the best way is to not be scared of the attention but to be grateful for it and open to it. It makes my days better rather than being annoyed that people want my attention. – Brandon Routh

I didn’t want to get at all involved in the battle with Petter and Marcus because I would have been very annoyed with myself if I’d gone off as a result of me chasing them and then making a mistake. – Sebastien Loeb

Basically, he’s the older boy who gets annoyed with his little brothers. – Erin Harmony

I think I have added to Lyon in terms of mental strength. I tell them when things get tough not to get annoyed and how to stay calm. – Gerard Houllier

I can understand why people get annoyed at being remembered for one thing, but a lot of actors aren’t remembered for anything. I don’t mind that. – Julie Walters

I must say that when I left ‘Doctor Who,’ I was filled with… not loathing, but I was incredibly annoyed because I wanted to do more television and films and the only thing that people could ever see me in was a recreation of what I had done. – Carole Ann Ford

I think I am too old to be doing teen movies. I am just kind of annoyed, because you have all these teen movies coming out with usually either Lindsay Lohan or Hilary Duff doing four of the exact teen movies over and over again – Alexa Vega

After ‘Kidulthood,’ I was called in to a meeting and told that I didn’t write women very well. I was very annoyed. – Noel Clarke

Right now, I have some big dreams. But at the same time, if I get annoyed and harassed by the media, I’ll just quit. I don’t care. We’re set for life. I have quite a temper. – Anna Benson

I don’t care for success. The ideas sitting in my head are annoyed by, and envious of, that which I’ve already written. – Anton Chekhov

You have to be quite heavily invested in someone to do them the honour of telling them you’re annoyed with them. – Alain de Botton

What annoys the hell out of me is the arrogance of some people. They don’t even listen to our music, they decided in advance that they don’t like it. – Billie Joe Armstrong

Anyone who has declared someone else to be an idiot, a bad apple, is annoyed when it turns out in the end that he isn’t. – Friedrich Nietzsche

Yang Bin inherited the outspoken style from the Southern Metropolis News , which annoyed some central officials in Beijing. – Pu Zhiqiang

Almost all of us have an elevator or two in our lives somewhere. We wait for them, we ride on them. We’re annoyed by the wait but pleased with the lift. – Andy Rooney

I believe that the reaction should be one of public support and public welcome. Even the inhabitants complained and are annoyed by the delinquent operations. – Jalal Talabani

We were only there for five days and during that time Tom was a bit annoyed that the French were more interested in me and my schoolgirl outfit than him and his long scarf. – Lalla Ward

People who annoy people are the luckiest people in the world. – Howie Mandel

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