Authentic Love!

What is the point of this life? Why do I do what I do? What would happen if I just quit today? Where is all this hard work leading to?

. . .

Those are some very deep and tough questions to answer.
And. Well. I don’t know the answers to those questions (I don’t think many people do), but I do know that everything we do today will be rewarded or rejected tomorrow.

I also know that if you are asking yourself any of these questions; you are searching for something more to do with your life. You want to know that there is more to life because you don’t want to be let down. I know this because I’ve asked myself (and God) these questions multiple times.
By asking these questions, I’ve realized that we must live our life on earth to the fullest because one thing we know for sure is that God must be real. If He is not, then why would we be here? What would we need to be doing, here on earth; if God wasn’t real?

I mean no one is perfect, but yet we all (somewhat) get along. We all fail (sin), we all reject God at some point and we are all here on earth just trying to live our best life.

So, if we can do all those terrible things still live an amazing & blessed life, God must be real because We (humans) are obviously not taking great care of the world or the people in it.
He still (& always will) trusts’ and loves’ us despite our failure and disbelief, He keeps the world spinning. I believe He is doing this because He wants to give us the chance to accept Him and live forever with Him (that’s His Amazing, Never failing, Authentic Love).

When someone knows ALL your failures and sins and this person is giving you every opportunity to spend eternity with them, that is amazing, authentic love.
God could just say “screw this, these people aren’t changing, I give up on them” and then He could ruin the whole world in seconds.Instead, He is waiting and praying for YOU! He Wants YOU!

He is giving you opportunities to accept His Amazing, Authentic, Never-Failing, Grace-Given LOVE.

Giving someone unlimited chances and opportunities to try again; Waiting for that person to understand all that is happening and waiting for them to make a huge life decision. That shows; patience, grace, trust, humility, kindness, compassion, love, etc. That is the real definition of LOVE! 

“I will pick you up & point you in the right direction,
Knowing full well that you’ll never reach perfection,
And, when you wonder to yourself, “will I ever be enough?”,
Just know, you’ve already been given My authentic love!”

-Authentic Love by Ryan Drendel

If you read this ’til the end: Thank You! 🙂
I hope this helps you in any way.

-Live for Adventure! 🙂

Disclaimer: Before you disagree (or disregard) with anything in this post, I would just like to say:
I do not want to start any debates with this post. I have been wondering if I should post this, & then I realized that if I struggled with it, someone else out-there probably does too.
So, when you read this; Please have an open mind: we all know open-minded people are better at forming good opinions (which makes them smarter;)).
Thank you!

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