He Heals the Broken Hearted

I am not even sure what I am going to say. I just feel that I need to write a poem today. So I guess I will just let my fingers type. Hopefully as I do, my words will begin to ripe. I have been feeling down on myself a little bit. Thinking I could … Read moreHe Heals the Broken Hearted

Sometimes… All the time…

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way you originally planned. All the time God has something better. Sometimes situations bring heartache. All the time God is willing to restore and heal you. Sometimes we can feel so hopeless. All the time God should be our hope. Sometimes the only thing we can do is cry, … Read moreSometimes… All the time…

A Poem on Patience in Christ

“And if you ask for anything in my name, I will do it for you so that the Father’s glory will be shown through the Son. If you ask me for anything in my name, I will do it.” John 14:13-14 “If you remain in me and follow my teachings, you can ask anything you … Read moreA Poem on Patience in Christ

Fearing Failure

Lately I have been struggling with something, something deep. At first I wasn’t sure what it was. I just knew I was fearful. Fearful of what? I didn’t know. I could not put my finger on the issue. As I was crying out to God I came to the realization that I was afraid of failing. fail·ure noun … Read moreFearing Failure