Vagus nerve depression and anxiety.

The Vagus nerve sends neurochemical signals and is constantly updated about sublime and conscious sensory information. It is from the state of the body’s organs “upstream” to your brain via Afferent nerves. 80-90% of the nerve fibers in the Vagus nerve are for communicating the state of your viscera (organs and tissue) up to your … Read moreVagus nerve depression and anxiety.

How the Medulla Oblongata affects mental health.

L-Phenylalanine → L-Tyrosine → L-DOPA → Dopamine and mental health. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is in the catecholamine and phenethylamine families. These play a set of important stimulus in your trauma of the brain/body barrier. Their name derives from there chemical structures. They are a biological ammonia neurochemical (not a household bleach though) and … Read moreHow the Medulla Oblongata affects mental health.

Lyase and Bipolar.

Lyase deficiency causes a lack of the body being able to reproduce the neurochemicals sufficiently: Leucine; and a dietary intake known as a Ketone diet. In my research on Bipolar Disorder, I have found the neurochemical Lyase is deficient or do not function correctly. Traumatic mood swing disorders are the result and may also cause … Read moreLyase and Bipolar.

GABA and Anxiety and Depression.

GABA and its brain nutrients involve directly from the intestines and the Vagus nerve in the body/brain barrier. A bio-culture formed at birth as a bacteria system that a creature needs to formulate a principle state of the Inner Experience in thought and meditation. This bio-culture is used in the processing of food and liquids … Read moreGABA and Anxiety and Depression.

Psychosocial and the right to work in mental health!

I have always been streetwise and instinctual towards public notions and communication in my negotiation skills. I have excellent writing skills and advanced research abilities in Psychology. Now, I have achieved academic success of an honorary partial Masters degree of a BA(open)/BSc component of Social Sciences attended to: Psychology and Business studies. My second year … Read morePsychosocial and the right to work in mental health!

Tinnitus and mental health.

Acute-phase Proteins and Histamine receptors are G Protein-coupled Nitrogenous compounds and chronic Inflammation of the Medulla Oblongata. They are of the trauma of Psychiatric Religiousness of Congruence of Cognitive Delta Wave Tinnitus Amplitude frequencies of a Paranoid mental health. Delta waves usually exist in Cortical rebooting. A body/brain barrier function of the sublime Peripheral divide … Read moreTinnitus and mental health.

The Sympathetic nerve and Anxiety.

The Psychological Sympathetic nerve. The Sympathetic nerve can cause health issues with the Psychological trauma of Anxiousness. This nerve gives the body a Fight or Flight association to other Psychosocial things of Interpellation in Script. Daily things such as: Interpellation via communication; exercise and that uses the Fight Association or body language negotiation Interpellation. When … Read moreThe Sympathetic nerve and Anxiety.

Anxiousness and when you need help.

What are the differences between everyday Psychological Anxiety and the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders? Everyone has Psychological Anxiety in our daily routine. Psychological Anxiety is the release of thoughts as stress factors in the Sympathetic nerve of the body/brain barrier. An Anxiety Disorder is a significance of how those thoughts formulate within you your … Read moreAnxiousness and when you need help.

5-HTP for Depression and Anxiety

5-HTP has shown to be beneficial for mood swing disorders such as Psychological Depression and the Psychological trauma of Anxiety. It has also been shown to help with sleeplessness in Insomnia disorders. There are millions of Core Identity subjects that suffer Psychosocial Psychological Anxiety and Depression. 5-HTP is one of the popular self-medication routes for … Read more5-HTP for Depression and Anxiety