Vagus nerve depression and anxiety.

The Vagus nerve sends neurochemical signals and is constantly updated about sublime and conscious sensory information. It is from the state of the body’s organs “upstream” to your brain via Afferent nerves. 80-90% of the nerve fibers in the Vagus nerve are for communicating the state of your viscera (organs and tissue) up to your … Read more

Lemon Balm and Anxiety Disorders.

Redicalm which contains the raw ingredients of lemon balm for the Psychological trauma of Anxiety Disorders concerns the: Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic nerves within Vestibular Motion Disorder. Read the FDA in America’s accredited force for change to medications for Anxiety Disorders via Holistic Psychology and also the inclusion of Psychiatry.… Vestibular Motion Disorder and … Read more

Anxiety and Schizophrenia.

Anxiety or thoughtfulness activates the autonomic nervous system of the Sympathetic nerve in the body/brain barrier. This is via facial nerves and its muscles involving beta hydroxy beta methylbutyric acid (HMB). The facial nerves involve Leucine in the body brain barrier. Medicament can cause dysfunctions that can occur via Tardive Dyskinesia. It is the traumatizing … Read more

Symptoms of Mental illness.

Signs and symptoms of the Psychological traumas of mental illness vary and depend on the type of Psychologically traumatizing mental illness. Mental illness trauma affects the emotions, thoughts, and behaviours and creates the state of Abnormal to be Normal. This is because a Core Identity (self) that cannot relate to Psychosocial (public) circumstances in a … Read more