Riven- a short story

An ambiguous feeling filled the atmosphere. Suddenly, I was split into pieces. Each and every part of me was in a separate place. My soul was in a nomadic venture, it was there yet absent. It was in the air and was able to see all the parts and at the same time living them. … Read more


When I was a child I was hearing this word a lot. it was everywhere. It was mentioned in conversations at least 5 times a day, it became like some sort of a daily mantra. Every day this word was echoing in my mind because Simply I didn’t understand it! my tiny little 5-year-old mind could … Read more

God Have Left Me! – a short story

A Brief Dementia He was walking on the streets of the city, in a place he was quite familiar with. People usually come over there to chill after a long week of work. as a matter of fact, people actually come to that place every night to watch football and listen to different kinds of music. But … Read more