Onwards & Upwards

At the start of this 30 day challenge I was determined to write consistently about recovery and freedom – unfortunately I quickly became bored and disillusioned and haven’t been entirely consistent with that particular task. I have written every single day! But it’s not always uber cheery. And part of me certainly resents the necessity … Read more Onwards & Upwards

Endings & Excuses

I’ve been in a consistently downward spiral of late. Many people I know in “real” life are now reading this blog, so I need to word things carefully … A few things are coming to an end and there are some changes I’ve been working towards making, all of which lead to increasing anxieties. The recovery … Read more Endings & Excuses

A Happy Memory [or a few…]

As I feel myself sliding, down, down, down again, I want to make a really concerted effort to focus on ups – not downs. I went for a walk after gym this evening, and for the first 20 minutes I found myself falling into heavy, dark, unproductive thoughts. Then I remembered I’m supposed to be retraining my … Read more A Happy Memory [or a few…]

Mighty Irony

Oh the irony… I’m in the midst of a 30 day challenge to write a post every day representing positivity and/or freedom from disordered eating. I know – I’ve been wavering a little bit. But I’m trying to be mostly positive! I was sitting here wondering what to write tonight – it has to start … Read more Mighty Irony