Getting Lost To Get Found

I’m sure you have all heard the phrase, “get lost”. It is used as a rude way of telling someone to get away from you. Get lost! Scram! Go somewhere, anywhere but here! We can take it as a slight. We can take it as impolite, or mean. To tell someone to get lost implies … Read more

Codependency; the story of how we lost and regained our power.

Have you ever had a once in a lifetime opportunity presented before you, and you didn’t take it? How about just any opportunity? The second question is easy; the answer, a resounding YES. The first question is a little harder to discern, people have different interpretations of what that means. Most of our opportunities are … Read more

The Verbiage of Anxiety

I have written before about the power of the spoken word. I want to talk about the words some of us use that are limiting and keep us in the anxious mindset. We all have faced humiliation at some point. We have expressed an observation or opinion and were told it was wrong. We were … Read more

Feel For Your Own Sake

I have always wondered, what is it about speaking a certain word that can invoke raw emotion? I can read a poem or a book and it not effect me as much emotionally. However, if I were to reread the same heartfelt poem or powerful passage in a book out loud I find it tends … Read more