A Father, A Son, A Child

I have a father, a son, as did he, a man, like anyone, a heartbeat, a desire, a following he didn’t ever imagine, yet today, we celebrate him, this man, this iconic symbol of peace, whom certainly lived the same life, we have all, being human, it is difficult not to imagine, hardship of any … Read moreA Father, A Son, A Child

… and the night quiets now

it is in a word, a phrase, expressed in silence when suddenly out loud, speaks to reality, speaks enough for one to hear, to listen, to wait for that moment, a suggestion of clarity, caught in a night sky, when only alone one might listen to the gentle breeze, a calm reminder of a life … Read more… and the night quiets now

This Shifting Society

We are at a crossroads, a don’t look, stop staring – retribution of a gender explosion holds no safeguards,   Remember that time when we created, the worst part of life is knowing, not wanting, that was the error in judgment, the need today, far different than any single man, any single woman, any single … Read moreThis Shifting Society

When the World Stops and Everyone Continues to Walk

We have these, call them, whatever you might preference at the moment. An epiphany, a catharsis, a smack in the face in expression, the reality of our lives. – Just when the seasons began to express their natural beauty, the leaves that decay to a certain brilliance, representing death and love all the same, Crisp … Read moreWhen the World Stops and Everyone Continues to Walk

We Might Yearn a Child’s Eye

While we ran the backyards, the slow walk through the dandelions pollened by summer’s bees, we did think alone, the same way we, the same notions, we may have today, the same wonderment of the psychological nature, compels our being, causes our heart to swoon, allows for the time to stand still, we can all … Read moreWe Might Yearn a Child’s Eye

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