106+ Best Caroline Flack Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Caroline Louise Flack was an English television and radio presenter. She began her career as an actress, starring in Bo’ Selecta! and presented various ITV2 shows including I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! NOW! and The Xtra Factor. Profoundly inspirational Caroline Flack quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Famous Caroline Flack Quotes

I think relationships are the one area you should keep private, because there’s nothing worse than people talking about them. — Caroline Flack

It’s so important to have a private life. — Caroline Flack

I don’t believe in ghosts. I’m a real sceptic. — Caroline Flack

Before, if I’d had a stressful day, I’d go to meet my friends in the pub and have a moan. Now I go to yoga. — Caroline Flack

I like good food, and I’ll eat until I’m full. — Caroline Flack

My first ambition was musical theatre, but I realised quite early on that I wouldn’t make the grade. — Caroline Flack

Everyone is battling something emotional behind closed doors – that’s life. — Caroline Flack

My body’s weird and bent in different ways, but it’s handy for the tango! — Caroline Flack

I prefer being a non-drinker. — Caroline Flack

I don’t believe for a second ‘X Factor’ would deliberately put someone through who wasn’t mentally stable. — Caroline Flack

The best advice is to exercise; then you can eat what you want! — Caroline Flack

There’s a lot of things you can’t change about yourself, so there’s no point moaning about it. I mean, I’ve got a really nonsymmetrical face, but I can’t change it – well, I probably could, actually! — Caroline Flack

Fame doesn’t make you happy. — Caroline Flack

Caroline Flack quotes

Sometimes you think things are going to be forever, and then… of course, they’re not. — Caroline Flack

The anxiety I get more when I’m not working. So actually work, for me, takes away my anxiety, and doing live TV, in that moment when you’re consumed by something else, it takes away all of my thoughts. It distracts you! — Caroline Flack

We’ve all had relationships; I’ve had them in my past, and I don’t look back on them and think, ‘Ah, that was a mistake.’ I take what I learnt and move onto the next one. — Caroline Flack

Mac Face and Body foundation – I wear that even when I’m in a bikini. — Caroline Flack

I have loads of cellulite! — Caroline Flack

I’m not a fitness buff. — Caroline Flack

I put the Manuka Doctor Targeted Wrinkle Filler around my eyes – it is a great pick me up for when my eyes are tired. — Caroline Flack

I don’t fear being single at all. — Caroline Flack

We all have relationships – I’ve had relationships in my past, and I don’t look back on them and think, ‘That was a mistake.’ — Caroline Flack

I’m not going to give up enjoying food. — Caroline Flack

Relationships are bloody hard enough without people prodding them. — Caroline Flack

Moroccan Oil shampoo is my miracle product. My hair becomes so manageable and silky after using it. — Caroline Flack

I always said I was never going to be one of those people to Instagram myself in the gym. But as soon as you get into exercise and get a taste of how brilliant it makes you feel, you want to share it! — Caroline Flack

The only person that can define you is you. Nobody else can. — Caroline Flack

I’ve always got time for a relationship. — Caroline Flack

I think sometimes people say a comment and don’t realise they’re body shaming. I don’t think people are body-shamers, maybe just body-judgers. People will say throw-away comments. — Caroline Flack

I’d much rather be known for what I do than what I look like. — Caroline Flack

No relationship is easier just because you’re in the public eye. — Caroline Flack

I never weigh myself. — Caroline Flack

I went to Tokyo when I was a child, but there’s still so much of the country I’d like to explore. — Caroline Flack

Love comes in all different shapes and forms – from friendship and sisters and mums – and as I’ve got older, I’ve definitely learned that some of my happiest times have been when I’ve been on my own. — Caroline Flack

I’ve always had a job. I left home when I was 16, and you have to look after yourself. — Caroline Flack

I didn’t want to get skinny, just strong. — Caroline Flack

I love the Manuka Doctor ApiRefine CC Cream in SPF 20. it balances out the skin and creates a great base for foundation. — Caroline Flack

It’s good to have flaws; it’s learning to love your flaws. — Caroline Flack

When I was at primary school, around seven years old, I was underweight, so I’d be back and forth to the doctors to get weighed. It was a lot to do with being a twin. Jo was healthy, but I just couldn’t put on weight. — Caroline Flack

‘Strictly’ is definitely life-changing, and I hope it can open another pathway for me, career-wise. Maybe something a bit more musical. — Caroline Flack

People see the celebrity lifestyle and assume everything is perfect, but we’re just like everyone else. — Caroline Flack

I studied performing arts at college and wanted to act. — Caroline Flack

I’ll have a Chinese takeaway now and again. — Caroline Flack

I think that’s just part of what people do and part of being a female in the media. One day it’s, ‘Doesn’t she look thin,’ then the next day, ‘She’s put on weight.’ — Caroline Flack

If I was trained as a dancer then I probably would have been a dancer, and I’m not. — Caroline Flack

Inspirational Caroline Flack Quotes

Being engaged was the best feeling in the world – that someone wants to spend the rest of their life with you. — Caroline Flack

My dream is to have a family, hopefully while still working. — Caroline Flack

I love MAC Smouldering Eyes. The really creamy formula means it’s easily smudged, creating an attitude for the evening. — Caroline Flack

I love pressure. — Caroline Flack

I still feel 18, and I probably act that way half the time. — Caroline Flack

Hot yoga is something that I forced myself to get into. When I first did it, I thought, ‘How on earth am I going to get through an hour and a half of this?’ because I was so hot. — Caroline Flack

I’ve now done virtually everything there is to do in TV presenting: I’ve done sport shows, comedy shows, and I’m now doing music, which is great for me. — Caroline Flack

I have no regrets about doing ‘Strictly.’ This is the biggest achievement of my life. — Caroline Flack

When your mates break up with their boyfriends, it’s hard to see, but not all relationships last forever. Let’s be realistic. — Caroline Flack

The best fitness tip is that you don’t need to be out of breath and do cardio to get in shape. — Caroline Flack

Most nights, I’m happy to stay at home with a DVD and a bowl of lettuce. — Caroline Flack

Peace, unity, love, and nonviolence should be our rallying cry and the catalyst for change in our nation. — Caroline Flack

While anti-depressants can work for some people, I became a little too reliant on them – if you forget to take one, you feel awful. — Caroline Flack

I love burgers, and I love chips. — Caroline Flack

Don’t put your love life on Instagram! It’s nice to celebrate how you feel at a particular time, but don’t get carried away. — Caroline Flack

Being ‘Strictlyfied’ is the opposite to who I am normally, but on this show, you definitely have to go with the flow. — Caroline Flack

When I went to college, being thin was seen as good, so everyone told me I was normal. Then you get older, and you start putting on weight, and you’re like, ‘Oh God, I used to be really small.’ Then you get into the world of media, and you just feel the pressure massively. — Caroline Flack

My Glitterball still has pride of place in my living room! — Caroline Flack

You don’t feel bad when you’re dancing. You can’t feel unhappy; it’s impossible. It’s such a natural way to release endorphins. — Caroline Flack

I know I could probably fake love for a couple of days, but I couldn’t fake it for more than three or four days, and neither could you. I don’t think any of us can. — Caroline Flack

I think all people who’ve been on ‘Strictly’ like to talk to others who’ve been on the show and share their experience. And it’s always exactly the same. You go through the same emotions. It never quite leaves you. It’s always just here somewhere. It’s a real magical thing to have taken part in. It’s not so much a job – it’s more of an experience. — Caroline Flack

It mattered what someone did to allow you to have the forum to do what you’re doing. — Caroline Flack

I like having curves. — Caroline Flack

There’s so much pressure to be at a certain level in your job and at a certain place in your life, but if everyone was doing things at the same time, then life would be so boring. Everyone reaches different stages at different times. — Caroline Flack

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges, dig deep within yourself to conquer fears. Never let anyone bring you down. You got to keep going. — Caroline Flack

I live hour by hour, day by day. I can’t even plan a holiday. I go on holiday, like, the day after I book it. — Caroline Flack

You can’t judge others. You never know what’s going on in their mind or body. — Caroline Flack

If you like someone, even if its 2 A.M. and you’ve just finished work, then you get that lovely feeling where you want to see them. — Caroline Flack

I was a bit of a sickly child! — Caroline Flack

I’m not very good at talking about my emotions. — Caroline Flack

I don’t think ‘X Factor’ would put someone in front of the camera on purpose if they were ill. I don’t think that’s something they would do. There’s psychologists who test out all the contestants before they go on. — Caroline Flack

Quotes by Caroline Flack

I’m not very good with words, weirdly. — Caroline Flack

We increase whatever we praise. The whole creation responds to praise, and is glad. — Caroline Flack

If something is important enough, even if the odds are stacked against you, you should still do it. — Caroline Flack

Cutting sugar made the most difference to my body. It’s the devil. It’s addictive, and it’s in so many things you wouldn’t even think of. Sugar is put in sauces, breads, and yoghurts. It’s not always obvious, but so many things are packed in sugar. — Caroline Flack

What made the biggest difference to how I looked and felt was cutting out all sugar. — Caroline Flack

I think I’m insecure about what every girl is insecure about, looks and stuff like that, but it’s not a big deal. — Caroline Flack

You’d think maybe I can pretend I’m an expert on love, but I’m not. — Caroline Flack

I was a magician’s assistant and had to go in the box that they put the swords through, and there’s no trick to it. You literally have to dodge the swords. — Caroline Flack

I trained as a dancer and did all that kind of stuff. And as a dancer, pressure’s a good thing. — Caroline Flack

I take care of my skin and always have. — Caroline Flack

Anti-depressants helped me get up in the morning and stopped me from being sad, but what they also do is stop you from being happy. So I was just in this numb state. I stopped laughing at jokes, and that’s just not me. — Caroline Flack

When it came to dancing and acting at school, my sister was the talented one. To get even close to her, I had to work incredibly hard. — Caroline Flack

I used to be really comfortable with my body until I started hearing from people I didn’t even know who have no relevance to me saying, ‘You’re ugly. You’re fat. You’re old.’ And I thought, ‘Hold on – I was doing alright until you piped up.’ — Caroline Flack

Diets play with your mind rather than your body, so if I’m doing a diet, I think about food more than if I’m just eating normally. — Caroline Flack

The thing about Prince Harry is that he has no choice. He’s not some egotistical rock star who wants loads of attention. That is his life. He didn’t ask for it, but he just has to deal with it. — Caroline Flack

I still speak every day on my WhatsApp to the girls I was in ‘Strictly’ with. — Caroline Flack

We need to accept that we won’t always make the right decisions, that we’ll screw up royally sometimes – understanding that failure is not the opposite of success, it’s part of success. — Caroline Flack

I had three brilliant years on ‘The X Factor,’ and it was one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. ‘Strictly’ is completely different; it’s a whole different show – I’m dancing. It’s not presenting. But this is one of the best things I’ve done – ever. — Caroline Flack

I love Holly Willoughby on ‘This Morning.’ — Caroline Flack

I’m always starving in the morning, so I eat a lot for breakfast. It’s usually scrambled or poached eggs, bacon, avocado, mushrooms, or sometimes even steak. — Caroline Flack

I don’t normally try to stay trim over the festive period – a nice little shift dress and some tights always hides the Christmas bulge. — Caroline Flack

I know when I’m around someone I love, I turn into a complete… Oh my God, I’m going to say it… a melt! — Caroline Flack

I never really enjoyed cardio. — Caroline Flack

Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance. — Caroline Flack

Television is where I’m most at home. I’m not one of those TV presenters who secretly yearns to be a Hollywood actress. Live telly is what I thrive on. — Caroline Flack

The fame game’s fun, but it’s not forever. — Caroline Flack

I’d hate to not enjoy food. — Caroline Flack

A lot of the time, people think I have a high opinion of myself when I really don’t. — Caroline Flack

Ever since I was a presenter on CBBC and used to see the ‘Strictly’ judges walking around Television Centre, I have wanted to be on the show. — Caroline Flack

With all the things like Tinder and these different online sites that people use, ‘Love Island’ actually goes back to the traditional side of dating. — Caroline Flack

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