18+ Best Chris Farley Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Christopher Crosby Farley was an American actor and comedian. Farley was known for his loud, energetic comedic style, and was a member of Chicago’s Second City Theatre and later a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live between 1990 and 1995. Profoundly inspirational Chris Farley quotes will get you through anything when the going gets tough and help you succeed in every aspect of life.

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Famous Chris Farley Quotes

Basically I only play one character; I just play him at different volumes.

That’s a baker’s dozen, Bob Chris Farley

I went and worked for my dad after school. I’d show up late and stuff like that.

The point is how do you guarantee a fairy isn’t a crazy glue sniffer. Chris Farley 

I can’t help it. I want to be a good Catholic, but I’m a hedonist.

We couldn’t register everybody. I’m thrilled just by the number of people here. The running community has really come together. Chris Farley

I remember one time in school when all the nuns in my Catholic school got around in a semicircle, me and my mom in the middle, and they said, ‘Mrs. Farley, the children at school are laughing at Christopher, not with him.’ I thought who cares as long as they’re laughing.

I can’t help it. I want to be a good Catholic, but I’m a hedonist. Chris Farley

People need a time to laugh. It’s up to us to bonk ourselves on the head and slip on a banana peel so the average guy can say, ‘I may be bad, honey, but I’m not as much of an idiot as that guy on the screen.

I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem. Chris Farley

Everybody laughs when fatty falls down.

I’m just dandy, I got a bowl of chocolate pudding in my underpants. Chris Farley

I was in the Pritikin Center in Santa Monica once, trying to lose 30 or 40 pounds in a month. I’d work on a treadmill and with the weights, but it was driving me nuts. So I escaped. Tom Arnold picked me up and we went to Le Dome and had tons of desserts.

Brothers don’t shake hands. Brothers gotta hug. Chris Farley

I signed on as the clown, and, by golly, I’ll keep up my end of the bargain.

Here’s the way I see it, Ted. Guy puts a fancy guarantee on a box ’cause he wants you to feel all warm and toasty inside. Chris Farley