36+ Best Christmas Eve Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Christmas Eve is the evening or entire day before Christmas Day, the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus. It’s important to take full advantage of Christmas Eve as the most important service for engaging with members of your church and your family.

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Famous Christmas Eve Quotes

The culmination of the holiday season, enjoy the wonder of Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas eve and good morning! May this day bring you happiness, togetherness, and joy.

May the spirit of Christmas fill your heart as you enjoy family on Christmas Eve

Good morning and merry Christmas eve! What a fun and festive day of celebrating lies ahead of us.

Enjoy the magic of the coming season this Christmas Eve

Christmas eve makes it feel all too real

Dance in the snow and sing all the carols this Christmas Eve

Wake up and count your blessings. And happy Christmas eve

Merry Christmas Eve to you. May your heart be filled with the magic of the season.

Good morning. Have a splendid Christmas eve with friends and family. Merry Christmas in advance 

On Christmas Eve, your blessings shine a little brighter as you bask in the joy of the season

Wake up, everybody! It’s Christmas eve already 

On the night before Christmas, may you experience the delight of being together.

Good morning! It’s a beautiful day on Christmas eve. Can’t wait for Christmas!

Enjoy this moment. Get lost in the cheer, for Christmas is almost here

Good morning; it’s Christmas eve; snowy, beautiful, and full of joy.

May your Christmas Eve shine bright with peace, hope, and light

Good morning! Christmas eve is here, the favorite night of many.

The list has been checked twice. It’s time to wait for Santa to arrive on Christmas Eve

Get up, get dressed, and welcome Christmas eve. Had been waiting for Christmas, and now it’s almost here

On Christmas Eve, you need to close your eyes tight and sleep tonight. Santa is coming

Good morning and merry Christmas eve to everyone, friends, and folks.  

Watch the skies and get lost in the excitement. Christmas Eve is here

Merry Christmas eve; I hope you sleep through the excitement and wake up with all guns blazing.

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. Christmas is just one day away

Merry Christmas eve! The beautiful night is here, bringing us much joy and laughter. 

Get lost in your family and hug your friends, enjoy the simple magic that Santa is coming soon

Happy holidays. I hope your holidays are never spent alone, and you always have a welcoming place to go to for Christmas. 

May everyone enjoy the childlike wonder of waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve

I am very merry this Christmas eve! House is cleaned up, cookies are distributed around the neighborhood, and Christmas decor is set up!

Listen for sleigh bells and wait in excitement, for Santa’s sleigh is dancing through the night.

I pray this Christmas eve, you have a houseful with lots of laughter, dirty dishes, and endless meals

You’ve worked so hard to make this the best holiday season. It’s time to get lost in the magic of Christmas Eve

Have a fun Christmas eve; Christmas is here finally