46+ Best Country Boy Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Profoundly inspirational country boy quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

Famous Country Boy Quotes

A man needs his solitude and his hobbies. They help him focus when the world gets too tough

I’m a country boy at heart. I love it when you’ve got your boots on and you’re standing in three inches of cow muck. Alastair Cook

 A true craftsman always works alone

You have to understand, now, I’m a momma’s boy. I’m from the south. My way of being raised is totally different than the big city life. I truly was a country boy. Terry Bradshaw

 Being a country boy is simple you don’t have to think

I am a country boy and proud of it. Lionel Richie

Being a country boy is simple you don’t have to think

Being an old farm boy myself, chickens coming home to roost never did make me sad; they’ve always made me glad. Malcolm X

Country boys are just country boys we’re not gonna change that

In the beginning, I tried to be a more cosmopolitan writer, but I realized that I was a country boy, and I had to deal with things I knew about and where I came from. Ernest Gaines

Country boys don’t get too many chances to shine. Grab that chance with both hands.

Myself, I’m just a simple country boy who spent time on the streets and developed a style of writing and rapping and a cool sound that people seem to enjoy. Big Smo

Do what you love and the money will follow

I’m a country boy. I hate New York. But that’s where things happen, so I use it as a base for stories, I know enough about it. But I have to keep going back there. Mickey Spillane

 Don’t forget who you are and where you come from

I see myself as half country boy and half city boy, so I need both to balance me out. I couldn’t spend all of my time in either place. Johnny İuzzini

 Girls love a man who can play guitar and loves his mama

I was a typical farm boy. I liked the farm. I enjoyed the things that you do on a farm, go down to the drainage ditch and fish, and look at the crawfish and pick a little cotton. Sam Donaldson

 He’s a sweet boy, but he drinks and drives like a man

Bob liked to ride a donkey and, you know, go to the fields with Mary’s Grandfather and things like that; because, he’s a country boy, you know. Kevin Macdonald

Hunting makes me feel like a kid again

It was an improbable romance. He was a country boy. She was from the city. She had the world at her feet, while he didn’t have two dimes to rub together. Jeremy Leven

I am a country boy through and through

Gilbert Burton was a country boy who had just come to the big city to make a fortune. He was willing to start at the bottom, and that’s just what he did. Jake Roche

 I am a lady who will leave you wondering what you missed

I better have my lawyer take a look at these. I’m just a simple country boy. There’s all kinds of big words in here I can’t even pronounce. Hell, you might be takin’ me to the cleaners for all I know. Douglas J. Epoch

 I don’t care if it’s a black bear or a butterfly I just care that I get to watch it happen.

In town or country, however pleasant it may be to be running about and playing, it is necessary still to go to school; and whether in town or country, school furnishes some of the most strong and marked days of a lad’s life. William Howitt

I don’t need a girlfriend, I need a wife!

A clever country lad never wants employment. William Howitt

 I don’t need a million bucks to be happy. I just need a little cash in my pocket to get by.

Progress of a country boy in horsemanship by riding sticks, boughs, turnstiles, asses, cows, horses, etc. William Howitt

 I don’t need nobody to tell me what to do; I need somebody to watch my back

Country Boys contributes to the exciting scholarly field of masculinity studies and to studies of rural places. Carolyn Sachs

I don’t want to say goodbye, but I’ve gotta go.

 I hate love songs, but I love you

Between the colonial period and 1925, the average American boy was a farm boy. Priscilla Ferguson Clement

 I know you can be tough, but I also know you’re tender

To be a farm boy was to be a worker, first and foremost. Priscilla Ferguson Clement

 I love the way you smell. I want you to smell it

Beyond work, farm boys often achieved only a limited schooling and had to entertain themselves with the resources of the land surrounding them. Priscilla Ferguson Clement

 I never understood why you liked school so much until I went to one

I’m a country boy, so I really appreciate the country. I love fishing, so I fish between takes on set. During lunch, I go for a fish. Travis Fimmel

 I think about you every day.

I don’t like crying. I’m a country boy, and we’re the product of our upbringing. As a boy, I was told that men don’t cry. Andrea Bocelli