I Curse The Day We Met


God has created us wonderfully and yet so beautifully but many sadly have decided to recreate themselves to be cruel and heartless all in the name of wanting to acquire material things that are bound to leave just as fast as they came. It is just sad how we chase after riches, selling our soul to the devil in exchange of a mirage that seems to be there but really isn’t. And the truth is, nothing without God grows to stand the test of time and the only thing that grows without hard work are weeds. You can’t grow to become a millionaire overnight and expect to awake the reality of it in the morning without severe future consequences. Trust me, those that actually became true millionaires overnight must have put in countless hours of hard work over the days, weeks, months and even years and the good Lord decided to finally bless and crown their effort, making a testimony out of it.

You know, they didn’t just get their riches duping someone or from a wardrobe that spits out money like a rapper spitting out rhymes. And by the way, you should journey through the pages of our favorite music acts among many others and see how rough they must have had it making a penny from a craft they know so well and are dedicated to and then you’ll realize that making a dine isn’t ‘beans’ and yet some plant the seed, water it, have it harvested and even fry some plantain to go with it all overnight.  What is happening to the youth of our generation? Back in the days, our fathers could count the number of people getting their hands dirty and were so in a haste to make money but these days we can hardly single out a youth living right and not getting his hands dirty, all for the love of money, women and fame just to mention a selected few.

Lamentably, I turn to the pages of the dailies while surfing through my favorite blogs and all I can see are failed parents and I wonder how things got this bad.  Apparently, they’ve worked so hard to breed a bloodsucking generation and you can find on my pages for the first time, a scenario where hard work isn’t awarded for, because they obviously failed us regards. However, all blames shouldn’t be directed to them because I’m sure they put in work over the years and did their own honest bit to raise heavenly children but they refused to yield to their teachings. Moreover, there’s a popular Yoruba adage that says that one should rebirth oneself even after birth and guess what that is simply trying to say is that you should re-enroll yourself back in self-schooling even after graduating from the school of parenting and that I’ll like to call the school of life that totally gets you prepared, guaranteeing you to walk on the right path so you don’t fall off the wrong side.

In other words, there’s no excuse for failure, you’re the only one worth been blamed for your circumstances and I pray it isn’t too late before you start seeing all that you love and chase about so lustfully are just vanity upon vanity that the devils digs your grave with and he sure doesn’t need your permission as you already lost every right and bargaining power the day you crawled to him just like the snake that you are living among men.  And unfortunately and maybe fortunately for me, I seem to have a couple friends or better still, use to have a couple friends walking this lane as I recently just denounced the last one of them and if not for the God in me, it will be right to say I curse the day we met but then of course, who am I to blame?

The truth is that we all make mistakes and I’ve made mine and we can still make amends by deciding to retrace our steps and live right as long as we are still breathing. No doubt, money is good and we all want it but know without a doubt that there’s a problem the moment the hunger is more than a three square meal can quench and I admonish you run to God; the ultimate doctor to cleanse and heal your soul that very minute so you don’t lose it running after earthly pleasure that amounts to nothing but regrets and pain eventually. Deplorably, many have used their children, parent and other loved ones for rituals all to drive the latest wipes in town and many of which have ended up losing their lives changing gears doing a hundred and eighty on the third mainland, cruising in the same automobile that drove them to the devil in the first place but now living the reality of it. Ostensibly, you can’t eat your cake and have it, it’s either you choose life or death and while you’re at it, be sure to know that there’s an extension to that in the afterlife…Click Link To Continue Reading

Words by Solomon Kolawole Falaiye: Visit My Blog For More Articles

2 thoughts on “I Curse The Day We Met”

    • Yea exactly and that’s where most of us seem to get it wrong. Apparently, we can’t serve two masters but i pray the good Lord will continue to minister to us and help us not get ahead of ourselves because that only leads us on a path to destruction.

      Thanks for writing and God bless!

      Solomon Kolawole Falaiye


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