80+ Best Dan Pena Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Daniel Steven Peña Sr. is an American businessman. Profoundly inspirational Dan Pena quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Dan Pena Quotes

Great DNA encoding of people and values (not ideas) in young companies early on will create the truly great and lasting companies later.

The job of CEOs is not to be the smartest guy in the room but to attract other smart guys to work for him. The ‘group brain’ is far more powerful than individual brainpower.

The only things in life you regret are the risks you didn’t take.

You can’t have a dream come true unless you have a dream.

Everyone knows how to manage success. But no one ever asks, ‘How do we manage failure?’

No matter how tempting, never accept short-term solutions to long-term problems.

Choose your Battles: No one should sue over every wrong.

We have two bank accounts – the emotional bank account and the financial bank account. We empty one into the other.

The internet is a giant lab experiment for corporate America and those companies that recognize this and play well within the rules of ambiguity & fluidity will survive and win.

There’s no secret sauce to being a billionaire!

I don’t want anybody to love me. In fact, I don’t want anyone to even like me. I want them to respect me. Respect is fine.

If you want things to change, first you have to change.

Purveyors of conventional wisdom have told me for years I couldn’t do this or that. I’ve kept the list of the things they said I couldn’t do but did.

The big lie is that success is easy, it’s for everyone!

Always tell the truth, no matter what. The truth will set you free!

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Quantum Leap success means fishing with nets, not just with lines.

Don’t under any circumstances, ever, second guess yourself.

Great companies didn’t start with what they planned on doing, but they started out great by who they picked to do it with!

Build something that is worthy and stands for something to someone…

I can be rich… I know I didn’t do it by accident…there’s no doubt in my mind I can do it again!

If you change a billion lives, that’s the formula to become a billionaire and change the world.

Don’t waste time on things you can’t change!

My life was changed a number of years ago when I heard Ted Turner of Time Warner/Turner Communications fame say ‘set goals you cannot accomplish in your lifetime.’

Set goals you cannot achieve in your lifetime.

Always shoot for the moon. Even if you don’t hit the bulls-eye, you’ll at least get 80 percent.

It’s a changed world! Are you changing?

Inspirational Dan Pena Quotes

A deal is either hot — or it’s not.

The reason a lot of people don’t get more done is they do too many things and they do them all poorly – focus.

The best form of customer service is self-service.

The best CEOs of all time are hedgehogs!

I’ve never seen a ‘part-time’ super successful, high-performance person.

Turner, Iacocca, Ford, Dell, Edison, Gates, Jobs, Tom Watson, Perot, Fred Smith, Knight, Bezoes, and probably any superstar you know all subscribe to do what others felt was wrong.

Practice within when you’re without. Practice success.

Human talent is the currency of the new economy.

We must all remember life doesn’t have to be fair for us to succeed if we take change and become masters and creators of our own destiny!

It’s wrong to be taught you’re the pension fund of your parents!

Reading books is not taking action! Taking action is pulling the trigger!

Most success and business coaching today is nothing more than a big scam!

The road to success is always under construction …there are lots of potholes but no traffic jams!

9.Success starts with you being comfortable being uncomfortable!

Size is the enemy of speed! Speed to react matters more than size of company…

We’re all self-made but only successful people admit it. What’s keeping you from doing it – You!

Business deals start and end with people — the interaction of flesh and blood, bone and sinew, heart and mind, emotion and soul.

The difference between me and a lot of you here is that I have no fears. Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.

I have been dead in business five times. I know what it’s like to have a house repossessed …I’ve been there!

Tough times don’t last — tough people do!

Good leaders make sense of change in the world… then imparts that insight to the team.

Realists are brutally honest with themselves… yet they still have an unwavering belief that they will prevail…

Once you learn to make money it is not that hard….what’s hard is to stay excited about it.

CEO’s most important task…never stop becoming qualified for the job.

Don’t litigate frivolously – but don’t be afraid to protect what is right either.

Don’t set time limits for achieving goals. They should transcend time.

The difference between a failure and a high performance individual is how each deals with fear. We are all afraid. A high performance person uses his fear to galvanize his actions.

All our lives we are told by the pundits our goals are not realistic. Our dreams are too far-fetched. Our expectations are too high!

It is not important what we do, but whom we do it with!

Super-success is not for everyone, and you will endure weeks and months and years of hard work, obstacles, failures, victories, pain, and any manner of ‘negative’ experiences to reap the rewards of success, drink from the golden goblet, own the brass ring.

Never ever share your doubts.

You see, all super high performance people go against conventional wisdom.

Most people procrastinate because they’re not sure. So just do it.

Failure is not an option, even in the face of great adversity…just know what your adversity really is!

Our lives are a series of lowered expectations year after year. We got pounded by everything around us. Just like our parents and their parents. We are products of our social and economic milieu.

Popular consensus = recipe for failure. The aforementioned rhetoric is what we and every other human being have been told since Guthrie man.

People with low self-esteem protect themselves by not taking risks. High self-esteem gives you the power of confidence to take chances.

We are told you have to remember who you are and where you came from.

Progress often masquerades as trouble.

The Hedgehog Vs Fox… the fox is smart & cunning but gets caught up in lots of details, becoming misdirected and chasing his own tail… hedgehogs do only one thing and do it well and nothing else… eat.

Too many people waste time on personal development instead of execution. They confuse reading for action.

Political Correctness is a manifestation of a lack of self-esteem.

I can guarantee you, you will never achieve anything greater than your highest aspiration.

Find your passion and wrap your career around it. Live your life on purpose!

The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself!

Question: how do you know if your company is worthy of lasting??? Answer: does it stand for something great to someone?

Don’t just work longer hours, ‘staying busy’ as most other people do. ‘Work smart’ i.e. Stay productive and don’t get distracted.

You will definitely encounter lots of resistance on the road to super success but don’t let others stop you from reaching your goals.

High performance people don’t keep track: they’re macro thinkers, not micro thinkers. To be really successful you can’t be part-time. You have to be enthusiastic – have passion.

We are preached to that those ‘things’ are for the ‘other’ people; you certainly can’t expect that for yourself; whom are you kidding? You’ll only disappoint yourself.

Man plans — God laughs!

Well since I am about 2/3 through my most active years, I want to go on the record now, as7 opposed to waiting till I am 100!

Talent base – people… are the most important assets of new economy companies.