30+ Best Dante’s Inferno Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Inferno is the first part of Italian writer Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It is followed by Purgatorio and Paradiso. The Inferno describes Dante’s journey through Hell, guided by the ancient Roman poet Virgil. Profoundly inspirational Dante’s Inferno quotes will brighten up your day and make you feel ready to take on anything.

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Famous Dante’s Inferno Quotes

When I had journeyed half our life’s way I found myself within a shadowed forest, for I had lost the path that does not stray. — Inferno

Through me you go into a city of weeping; through me you go into eternal pain; through me you go amongst the lost people. — Inferno

From there we came outside and saw the stars. — Inferno

As little flowers, which the chill of night has bent and huddled, when the white sun strikes, grow straight and open fully on their stems, so did I, too, with my exhausted force. — Inferno

I made the son and father enemies: … Because I severed those so joined, I carry— alas — my brain dissevered from its source, which is within my trunk. And thus, in me one sees the law of counter-penalty. — Inferno

Love, which quickly arrests the gentle heart, seized him with my beautiful form; that was taken from me, in a manner which still grieves me. Love, which pardons no beloved from loving, took me so strongly with delight in him; that, as you see, it still abandons me not… — Inferno

We came along from one bridge to another, talking of things my Comedy is not concerned to sing. — Inferno

The path to paradise begins in hell. — Inferno

The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality. — Inferno

Justice urged on my high artificer; my maker was divine authority, the highest wisdom, and the primal love. — Inferno

At grief so deep the tongue must wag in vain; the language of our sense and memory lacks the vocabulary of such pain. — Inferno

But the stars that marked our starting fall away. We must go deeper into greater pain, for it is not permitted that we stay. — Inferno

Ask of him whatever you believe I should request; I cannot, so much pity takes my heart. — Inferno

All hope abandon, ye who enter here. — Inferno

In the middle of the journey of our life I found myself within a dark woods where the straight way was lost. — Inferno

and he, the connoisseur of sin, can tell the depth in Hell appropriate to it; as many times as Minos wraps his tail around himself, that marks the sinner’s level. — Inferno

When you shall stand before the gentle splendor of one whose gracious eyes see everything, then you shall learn — from her — your lifetime’s journey. — Inferno

Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift. — Inferno

Soon you will be where your own eyes will see the source and cause and give you their own answer to the mystery. — Inferno

There is no greater sorrow than to recall our times of joy in wretchedness. — Inferno

It was the hour of morning, when the sun mounts with those stars that shone with it when God’s own love first set in motion those fair things. — Inferno

One ought to be afraid of nothing other than things possessed of power to do us harm, but things innocuous need not be feared. — Inferno

Hope not ever to see Heaven. I have come to lead you to the other shore; into eternal darkness; into fire and into ice. — Inferno

Because your question searches for deep meaning, I shall explain in simple words. — Inferno

Your art would follow nature, just as a pupil imitates his master; … your art is almost God’s grandchild. — Inferno

They yearn for what they fear for. — Inferno

I learned that those who undergo this torment are damned because they sinned within the flesh, subjecting reason to the rule of lust. — Inferno

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