154+ Best Demi Lovato Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Demetria Devonne Lovato is an American singer, songwriter, actress and television personality. Profoundly inspirational Demi Lovato quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Demi Lovato Quotes

No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things. – Demi Lovato

Never be ashamed of what you feel. You have the right to feel any emotion that you want, and to do what makes you happy. That’s my life motto. – Demi Lovato

Stay strong, be brave, love hard and true, and you will have nothing to lose. – Demi Lovato

I’m not perfect and I don’t have to be. – Demi Lovato

When you do your best and live out your dreams, you inspire others to do the same. – Demi Lovato

I believe that I definitely wasn’t given this voice just to sing. I think it was given to me for a bigger purpose. – Demi Lovato

You don’t have to wait till the beginning of a new year to make resolutions for yourself. It’s all about loving and taking care of the only body you will ever have…cherish it, love it, embrace it…Because when you do…It begins to show. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes it’s dramatic, but mental health, as a whole, has to become mainstream. – Demi Lovato

If you don’t feel pretty, you’re wrong. If you’re dealing with a problem, don’t be afraid to talk. And… If you think you’re alone, listen to my music ’cause I’m here for you. – Demi Lovato

I never thought that I’d be a role model. Everyone kind of just made me a role model, and I hated that. – Demi Lovato

He’s not your prince charming if he doesn’t make sure you know that you’re his princess. – Demi Lovato

I don’t let anyone’s insecurities, emotions, or opinions bother me. I know that if I am happy, that’s all that matters to me. – Demi Lovato

Make a wish with all your heart and chase every dream you have. Only you can reach your goals. No one else can achieve them for you – Demi Lovato

We do the best we can in life, we take things one day at a time and sometimes we all just need a simple reminder of that. – Demi Lovato

You have the capability to change your life all with a simple shift in perspective – Demi Lovato

There are times in my life when I let myself get consumed with jealously for someone else’s life, their body, their wardrobe, their talent. They call it the green-eyed monster for a reason. It’s a self destructive and when it’s in the room, it consumes you. Be strong and don’t focus on what other people have. – Demi Lovato

If I help one person out with getting through the struggles that I’ve had, then I’ve done my job on this planet and this life. – Demi Lovato

You really need to be careful of who you hang out with and who you listen to. They can lead you down the wrong path. – Demi Lovato

People say sticks and stones may break your bones, but names can never hurt you, but that’s not true. Words can hurt. They hurt me. Things were said to me that I still haven’t forgotten. – Demi Lovato

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses, not lifestyle choices. – Demi Lovato

So, I’m putting my defenses up, cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that. I think I’d have a heart attack. – Demi Lovato

I don’t think I’m fixed. People think that you’re like a car in a body shop. You go in, they fix you, and you’re out. It takes constant fixing. – Demi Lovato

Don’t let anything or anyone define you. You are what you are because of what you make of tough situations in your life. – Demi Lovato

Embracing yourself is important and I wish that all women would realize how beautiful they are, inside and out. – Demi Lovato

Every life has a purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find their own. – Demi Lovato

Healthy living involves taking care of myself – both mentally and physically. It means surrounding myself with positive and supportive people, as well as exercising and maintaining a well-balanced diet. At this point, healthy living is just a way of life. – Demi Lovato

Do what makes you happy, and don’t care what others think. – Demi Lovato

I feel beautiful. I feel strong, and I feel confident in who I am. – Demi Lovato

Now I’m a warrior Now I’ve got thicker skin I’m a warrior I’m stronger than I’ve ever been And my amor Is made of steel you can’t get in I’m a warrior And you can never hurt me again – Demi Lovato

Focusing on food and exercise changed my life. – Demi Lovato

Always remember, actions speak louder than words. No one’s perfect, but we can all strive to be better people. – Demi Lovato

All that matters is that you keep going no matter what – Demi Lovato

Love yourself for who you are and just keep going. – Demi Lovato

It’s amazing what you can hide just by putting on a smile. – Demi Lovato

An impact is like a punch it may hurt put it passes. – Demi Lovato

If you’re living your life in fear, then you’re just not living. – Demi Lovato

Insecurity kills all that is beautiful. – Demi Lovato

If positivity is what you put out in the universe, positivity is what you get. – Demi Lovato

Don’t be afraid to speak up, because someone will be there for you. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes I smile so big, I get scared that my face is gonna explode. – Demi Lovato

There’s gonna be haters, but don’t let them affect you, don’t let them take away a part of you. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes being afraid can show more strength than being fearless. – Demi Lovato

I prefer to cry alone, Pride? No. I just want to avoid trial of people who don’t know the reason of my tears. – Demi Lovato

It’s harder to stay strong than it is to give up. Giving up doesn’t get you anywhere… Only makes you weak. – Demi Lovato

Music is my life. Music runs through my veins. Music inspires me. Music is a part of me. Music is all around us. Music soothes me. Music gives me hope when I lose faith. Music comforts me. Music is my refuge. – Demi Lovato

You don’t have to have a thigh gap to be beautiful. It is possible to love your body the way it is. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes I think, ‘Why couldn’t I have been normal? – Demi Lovato

Go ahead and believe that no one shines brighter than you. Become amazing and be happy. – Demi Lovato

I’m an American for marriage equality. I believe that love comes in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. So, whether you’re LGBT or straight, your love is valid, beautiful, and an incredible gift. – Demi Lovato

When you start to beat yourself up, remind yourself of how worthy you are of love. – Demi Lovato

No matter who you are, where you’ve come from, what you’ve been through… You can make a difference in this world. – Demi Lovato

Your imperfections make you beautiful, they make you who you are. – Demi Lovato

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks as long as you’re happy. – Demi Lovato

Everyday is a new opportunity to change your life and be who you want to be. – Demi Lovato

Be who you are and don’t allow anyone to affect the confidence you have in your individuality. – Demi Lovato

Tired of being unhappy? Fix it. – Demi Lovato

Nothing is more beautiful than a smile that has struggled through tears – Demi Lovato

It’s gonna be okay, no matter how hard your rock bottom is, you can rise above it and you can come back. – Demi Lovato

Whatever you dream of doing one day, don’t give up on that dream because you never know where it can take you. – Demi Lovato

Expectations are just disappointments waiting to happen. – Demi Lovato

I think scars are like battle wounds – beautiful, in a way. They show what you’ve been through and how strong you are for coming out of it. – Demi Lovato

Go on and try to tear me down I will be rising from the ground – Demi Lovato

Life is precious and it’s what you do with it that keeps you alive on the inside. It’s not enough just to live and take that gift for granted. Each one of us has fears, but the more we work to overcome them, the more we are able to enjoy our lives. – Demi Lovato

Don’t judge me. You know my name, but not my story. – Demi Lovato

Never be ashamed of your problems, your body, yourself. You are worth life. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes we’re gonna have our bad days, but we must continue to work to be great. Keep smiling. It looks beautiful on you!! – Demi Lovato

Be grateful for your journey because it is yours alone. – Demi Lovato

I allowed social media to define what I thought of my body. And now I realize that no matter how thin you are, someone will call you fat. No matter how beautiful you are, someone will call you ugly. But you can’t spend your time worrying about that. You’re just not going to please the world. – Demi Lovato

I can’t set my hopes too high, ‘Cause every hello ends with a goodbye. – Demi Lovato

If we could throw away the hate and make love last another day, don’t give up just for today, life would be so simple – Demi Lovato

You can’t love other people until you love yourself. – Demi Lovato

Be proud of who you are. – Demi Lovato

I try to keep it real. I don’t have time to worry about what I’m projecting to the world. I’m just busy being myself. – Demi Lovato

I get mad. I get sad. I have all those emotions. But I just like to keep them to myself. I don’t think my fans need to be bothered with if I’m mad or sad about something. I should just be concerned that they are keeping up with my music or I’m making them happy with my show. – Demi Lovato

Where I am today… I still have my ups and downs, but I take it one day at a time and I just hope that I can be the best that I can possibly be, not only for myself, but also young people that are out there today that need someone to look up to. – Demi Lovato

I think that women who know who they are beautiful. – Demi Lovato

I love having a boyfriend but need to be secure on my own first. – Demi Lovato

Sometimes you don’t know who you can and cannot trust. I still learn that over and over again. – Demi Lovato

I knew from the second I stepped onstage. I was like, yep, this is what I want to do. – Demi Lovato

I was just so sick. I thought that orange juice was going to make me fat. – Demi Lovato

After so long being thin, it was terrifying being heavier. But I am a naturally curvy Hispanic girl. I don’t deprive myself. – Demi Lovato

Recovery is something that you have to work on every single day and it’s something that it doesn’t get a day off. – Demi Lovato

Music is what I love to do; it’s in my veins. – Demi Lovato

I’ve come to realize your career is all about the choices you make. Every single one matters. – Demi Lovato

One of the reasons I was so unhappy for years was because I never embraced my emotions and I was trying to stay in control. – Demi Lovato

Creativity is what helps me escape a lot of my inner demons. – Demi Lovato

It’s a big responsibility dating me. Because I come with a little bit of baggage, you know? – Demi Lovato

I want my music to do the explaining. – Demi Lovato

I believe in aliens. I think it would be way too selfish of us as mankind to believe we are the only lifeforms in the universe. – Demi Lovato

Rocker dudes don’t have a lot of swagger. – Demi Lovato

If I’m able to use my voice to do good in the world then I definitely want to do that. – Demi Lovato

I learned that you go through things, you deal with them and that’s what empowers you and ultimately makes you a happy person. – Demi Lovato

After hundreds of auditions and nothing, you’re sitting home and wondering, ‘What am I doing?’ – Demi Lovato

I know that I have a voice and can use it for good or bad. It’s a gift from God. – Demi Lovato

I was compulsively overeating when I was eight years old. – Demi Lovato

Now on Friday nights, if I want to go hang out with friends, I go hang out with friends. If I want to stay in and be in the hot tub and have people over to watch movies, I do that. – Demi Lovato

I feel like I’m held more accountable to stay healthy now because now I’m a role model to young girls to not have eating issues and to not say, ‘Hey, it’s OK to starve yourself’ or ‘It’s OK to throw up after your meals’ – that’s not OK. – Demi Lovato

My sisters and my mom, those people help me get through every single day. – Demi Lovato

I pray every night before I go to sleep and every morning when I wake up. – Demi Lovato

I don’t have many deal breakers. I’ve done so much in my life, it doesn’t feel right to judge other people. – Demi Lovato

I love life on the road. I’m in a different city every night and it never gets old. – Demi Lovato

In treatment, all of the negative things I did were stripped away and I had to start processing my feelings. – Demi Lovato

Being a celebrity can be dangerous. Nobody says ‘no.’ – Demi Lovato

I never found out until I went into treatment that I was bipolar. – Demi Lovato

I don’t think there’s going to be a day when I don’t think about food or my body, but I’m living with it, and I wish I could tell young girls to find their safe place and stay with it. – Demi Lovato

Everyone has the bully or the mean girl or the ex-boyfriend who tried to bring them down. – Demi Lovato

I’m honest about the journey I’ve been on, so I definitely don’t take dating lightly anymore. – Demi Lovato

I still had a normal childhood with my friends from school. – Demi Lovato

I think I’ve definitely had my rock bottom and I think that was probably right before I went into treatment where I said, ‘I definitely need help.’ – Demi Lovato

If it takes me 10 years to be the musician I want to be, great. – Demi Lovato

On TV, you have wardrobe fittings, you have four cameras on you at all times, and you’re worried about your angles and your lighting and your shots. – Demi Lovato

Some of my fans have said that because I’ve been able to speak about my issues, that they’re not afraid to speak about theirs, which is an amazing feeling. – Demi Lovato

My stepdad provided me with an amazing childhood. I played outside like a normal kid, I rode my bike, I walked to school, but the happiest times were when I was acting. – Demi Lovato

I don’t see myself doing television, but I do see myself directing. – Demi Lovato

I want to get to the point where one day I don’t have to have anything, but a rug and a microphone stand on stage and still be able to sell out places like Madison Square Garden, like Bruce Springsteen does. – Demi Lovato

As a kid I’d play with homemade recipes, like putting pineapple on my face to exfoliate my skin and doing facial steams with lavender or peppermint oils. I just loved doing stuff like that. It’s what motivated me to launch my skin care line. – Demi Lovato

Growing up in America, I never really appreciated my culture. I knew what being Hispanic was, but I thought that since I didn’t look Hispanic, I was white. – Demi Lovato

If you’re hurting, don’t be afraid to seek the help you need! Speak to someone – it may just change your life. – Demi Lovato

I’m very passionate about charity… Performing is my passion. But it’s not gonna change the world. That’s why I give back. – Demi Lovato

I tried to conform to what everyone thinks is beautiful. But my genetics gave me a curvy figure, and I’ve come to understand that in the Latina culture, that is beautiful. – Demi Lovato

The more active I am, the better I feel and the longer I can stay onstage without losing my breath. – Demi Lovato

If I could turn back time, I would tell myself that I’m beautiful every day, because we all are! And we need to start believing it! – Demi Lovato

I feel most confident when I’m taking care of my body and my skin. – Demi Lovato

We’re all human so of course there are days when I’m feeling insecure. When that happens, I take time to reflect on how far I’ve come and how far I will continue to go – it helps me feel empowered and self-assured. – Demi Lovato

Aside from eating healthy and taking care of my body, I’ve always been passionate about skincare. It’s an essential part of my daily regimen, which is why I decided to create my own skincare line, DEVONNE by Demi. When my skin is clean, I feel my best! – Demi Lovato

I’m also very passionate about charity because it helps people who don’t have as loud of a voice as I do. – Demi Lovato

Whenever you’re going through stuff, it definitely reflects in the way you wear your makeup and hair. Wearing less makeup is more comfortable for me. – Demi Lovato

I think every time you get your heart broken, there’s a little piece of it that chips away, and I don’t think you ever get that piece back. But I think you’re able to bandage it with time and with new people and other things that make you happy. – Demi Lovato

I can feel glamorous without makeup, especially on my lips. They’re naturally reddish, so I often let them go. – Demi Lovato

I met so many young girls and even older women who had literally been through so much that I couldn’t even imagine. I was maybe a little more closed-minded, and I learned from them never to judge anyone. – Demi Lovato

I’m not saying I’m perfect, or fixed, but I am learning to love and accept myself. My outlook is more positive, and I am happy. – Demi Lovato

My tattoos are reminders to hang in there when things get rough. – Demi Lovato

If the world runs out of chocolate today… It was not my fault. – Demi Lovato

To be someone’s inspiration is the biggest goal in my life. – Demi Lovato

I want girls to know that it’s okay when they grow up and their body changes. – Demi Lovato

And you said we wouldn’t make it But look how far we’ve come For so long my heart was breaking But now we’re standing strong The things you say They me fall harder each day You’re a trainwreck But I wouldn’t love you if you changed – Demi Lovato

The mirror can lie. It doesn’t show you what’s inside. – Demi Lovato

Tall, thin, curvy, short – whatever you are, you are beautiful. – Demi Lovato

The little things that you do from across the room I see you sendin’ me clues They’re in the way You make me move – Demi Lovato

Don’t torment yourself with jealousy. It’s a silly illusion that someone’s life is better than yours when the truth is that each one of us is on a different path. – Demi Lovato

Bipolar depression really got my life off track, but today I’m proud to say I am living proof that someone can live, love, and be well with bipolar disorder when they get the education, support and treatment they need. – Demi Lovato

People don’t realize how badly verbal harassment and cyber bullying affects you. I wish they had hit me in the face and gotten it over with, because what they said to me, sticks to me to this day. It affected me into the person that I am today. – Demi Lovato

Every single day is a battle to stay strong. – Demi Lovato

Somewhere we went wrong Our love is like a song But you won’t sing along Have you forgotten About us – Demi Lovato

Sometimes I’m not always doing amazing but it’s okay… because everyone struggles and it’s okay to be flawed because that’s what makes me… Me. – Demi Lovato

There were times I felt so anxious, almost like I was crawling out of my skin – that if I didn’t do something physical to match the way I felt inside, I would explode. I cut myself to take my mind off that. I just didn’t care what happened. I had no fear. – Demi Lovato

But you’re so hypnotizing You’ve got me laughing while I sing You’ve got me smiling in my sleep And I can see this unravelling Your love is where I’m falling but please don’t catch me – Demi Lovato

She was scared Unprepared Lost in the dark Falling apart I can’t survive Without you by my side We’re gonna be alright This is what happens when Two worlds collide. – Demi Lovato

All of my past challenges have helped me become who I am today. – Demi Lovato

I wanna get back To the old days When the phone would ring And I knew it was you I wanna talk back And get yelled at Fight for nothing Like we used to Oh kiss me Like you mean it Like you miss me Cuz I know you do I wanna get back, get back I wanna get back, get back I wanna get back, get back Get Back – Demi Lovato

Now I know who you are U got nothin’ on me, I see I should’ve known it from the start You can’t tell me lies Don’t even try cuz This is goodbye Goodbye – Demi Lovato

Maybe you’ll call me someday Hear the operator say the numbers no good And that She had a world of chances for you She had a world of chances for you She had a world of chances Chances you were burning through – Demi Lovato

We can’t stop the world, but there’s so much more that we could do You can’t stop this girl from falling more in love with you You said nobody has to know Give us time to grow, and take it slow but I’d stop the world if it finally let us be alone Let us be alone oooo ohhh oh – Demi Lovato

Just because you’re on the Disney Channel and you always have a smile on your face, they think you’re perfect, and it’s obvious that nobody’s life really is. – Demi Lovato

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