Does True Love Exist? How to Create & Make It Last

Yes, true love exists, but…

True love is more of giving than receiving. It is selfless, and it is not conditional.

True love is limitless, it flows from true affection. True love attaches no strings.

True love achieves true happiness through work and endurance.

True love has been likened to an immeasurable love of a mother to her helpless baby or the love of God to man.

To further prove the existence of true love, we will take a look at both true love and infatuation.

Infatuation takes a sloppy deflection from true love, such that if you are not careful you may confuse the two.

Infatuation wants self-satisfaction, but true love is selfless.

True love is devotion, sacrifice, selflessness, unconditional giving, forgiving, patience, openness and truth. It is unconnected with time and season, doesn’t revolve around money or material possessions.

True love in a relationship is a deep affection for someone with no attachments of benefits.

Ask yourself, what comes to your mind when you think of your partner or your crush?

If you want them because they are cute, you like the way they smile, you wish to go to bed with them, you want your friends to go wow, and so on, you might be infatuated.

But true love puts their partner’s needs first.

True love asks more selfless questions like, can I help? Do you think you need more time? Do you need anything else?

If you are very convinced that you feel something for someone, yet you are unsure of what you feel. Try to understand difference between loving someone and being in love.

Or maybe you want to know if your partner truly loves you as they claim. You want to understand the signs, then keep reading…

Is True Love Real: Characteristics of True Love

  1. True love gives in selflessly

True love is giving without expecting.

If truly what you have is true, then it should be selfless.

Partner seeking true love shouldn’t let their individual goals come first. They should go for the things that unite them, make the necessary sacrifices, and never hold on to their weakness.

Having true love means loving without reservations. Support your spouse the best way you can and hold on to the bond that you share.

Go through ups and downs patiently and together. Never talk down on your spouse.

It is selfish to judge your partner even before you hear from them or to share their secrets with your friends.

Your loved one has an opinion, and you should respect that at least. Respect also their boundaries and decisions. Your divergent opinion shouldn’t be subduing.

Sacrifice more and complain less, true love is selfless, and selfless lovers give happily.

Loving selflessly means you stand by them even when the going gets tough.

  1. Mutual respect

True love thrives in mutual respect.

Don’t just take serious decisions alone, get an opinion from your significant other.

Involving your spouse in decision making means they have a special place in your life.

Accept who or what they are. Don’t write them off publicly, keep calm instead.

And when you engage in any disagreement or argument, do not make a scene, do not show how inferior their opinions appear or try to belittle them in any way. You may not have to win every argument.

Ask questions when you have to, don’t be all-knowing or try to play God.

If there is a need to put them through with something, don’t show off or try to show that they should have known.

Be kind and humble to learn from your partner.

  1. True love is a commitment

You must commit to true love if you really want to witness it.

Get interested in knowing everything you can about your partner. Make out time for them. Play down on your anger. Share opinions. Go out together. Go to dinner together.

Occasionally buy your partner a surprise gift or their favorite dishes.

Eliminate the things that separate you and build more on the things that bring you together.

Make being with them part of you and fun. And don’t spend the time you have with them quarrelling or arguing. Let your partner’s happiness be a priority.

Never ignore their special days like birthdays even if you two are quarrelling. Buy them flowers.

Share in their sufferings, give words of encouragement.

Share opinions with them. Show them that you are grateful for having them. Let them know that you will never leave their side.

Send sweetest I love you messages to show your feelings. When you are apart, I miss you text and good morning paragraphs can make your love even stronger.

Pay attention when they share their pains, their thoughts, experience and so on, then encourage them accordingly.

Prepare their special dishes. Meet important people in their lives, let them meet yours.

Plan the future together. Get interested in their future.

Apologize when you are wrong. Be happy again once you get over your dispute.

Don’t let them second guess you. Be lively and active but be yourself.

Be accountable. Compromise at times. Learn from past mistakes. Create a passion for their hobbies.

Adapt to positive changes. Make them feel secured around you. Appreciate their little efforts.

Understand them. Learn the way they behave or react to issues, this way you would never be surprised by their attitude or approach.

Never get tired of having them around. Make out time for romance, for play, and communication.

Don’t be a workaholic, call them from work. Maybe to appreciate what they did earlier.

Maybe you see soulmate signs, but remember that, true love exists only when you are fully into doing the required work.

  1. True love loves without expectations

It is not true love if you sit around waiting for things to be done to you, true love believes in action.

True love is work.

Maybe the reason you have not found true love is because you are still waiting. You don’t believe that you can transform your current relationship into true love.

Sometimes true love is closer than we think. Maybe it is around you. Maybe you have it already but need to put in the needed work which may, in turn, rouse your loved one to reciprocate.

If your partner is taking so much time to apologize for the wrong they did to you, or they seem not to have noticed their mistakes, instead of waiting for them to realize their mistake and apologize, or instead of using signs to communicate to them, talk to them about it, that is what true love does.

Once you start talking you might realize that you are not as spotless as you thought. Or that your partner is unaware of their offence against you.

Again, remember that your partner is not your ex. Do not expect them to do what your ex would do. Your ex is your ex for a reason

If your ex had the best personality, perhaps you two would still be together.

But if there is something you really want your partner to improve on, talk to them about it.

Always remember to be what you would expect. True love matches expectations with actions.

  1. True love is patient

Patience is a true test of true love.

When your partner is trying and failing: maybe to adapt to a positive change, maybe a new way of life, maybe dropping a bad habit, maybe to keep a promise, be patient.

Patience is a virtue. Exercise is when they lose their source of livelihood, exercise it when you pay the bills alone. Exercise patience and encourage them. This is the time they need you the most, help them pull through. True love is for better, for worse. For richer and for poorer.

Patience would help build your love and relationship.

Also, you should learn 80/20 rule relationships.

  1. True love is letting go of grudges

True love is rooted in affection, not grudges.

If truly you want to experience true love, then let grudges go.

Your partner may have hurt you in the past but you still love them, yet the grudge is still living with you, it is time to let it go else your love won’t thrive.

Keeping both love and grudge for your spouse would hinder the free growth of true love.

You are not infallible, and so is your partner. You may also have wronged your partner in so many other ways that they have not revealed to you.

Mean it when you do forgive. Does it with your whole heart? Not after you admit forgiving you still turn your back to them on the bed. Or holding to yourself.

There is absolutely no need to still hold on to grudges or keep records of what they did or how many times they offended you. Don’t even reference it for any reason. Let bygone be bygone.

And if you find it difficult to understand why they did what they did, try to put yourself in their position.

Try to answer what could have been their reason for doing what they did?

Would you have done the same thing if you were in their shoes? Give a sincere answer.

Sometimes you need to understand what lead to what happened. Maybe they are being defensive, or acted out of concern, or overreacted, or were provoked.

After examining what lead to their actions, talk to them. Never starve your relationship with communication.

Talk to them to express your feelings and reach a compromise.

Try to prevent all avenues to future occurrences.

Then build back the trust you have lost. Also, both of you should know ways to build trust in a relationship.


Commit to true love and it will find you.

Put in the work. Put in the needed time, money, attention, and so on.

Respect your spouse, love them selflessly, be patient, forgive them, and in the end, expect nothing in return.

Don’t worry so much about the sacrifices, when you find true love, it is worth it. I love you and thanks for your time.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section. Did you learn something new? Do you like the article? What experiences have you had with love or true love?

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