150+ Best Erykah Badu Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Erica Abi Wright, known professionally as Erykah Badu, is an American rhythm-and-blues singer, songwriter, record producer and actress. Profoundly inspirational Erykah Badu quotes will challenge the way you think, and help guide you through any life experience.

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Famous Erykah Badu Quotes

I thought the Billie Holiday comparison was beautiful. I think, Wow, what a wonderful, creative, helpful spirit. She’s someone who wanted to help others by sharing her emotion. That’s what I do, too, so I think that’s a great comparison. – Erykah Badu

Be you. Make sure you’re saying something when you’re saying something. It’s important to sound like you, to feel like you, to be like you. Be you. – Erykah Badu

Peace and Blessings manifest with every lesson learned. If your knowledge were your wealth, then it would be well earned. – Erykah Badu

I view my hair and clothes as functional art. – Erykah Badu

Vegan food is soul food in its truest form. Soul food means to feed the soul. And, to me, your soul is your intent. If your intent is pure, you are pure. – Erykah Badu

I planned my success. I knew it was going to happen. – Erykah Badu

I just keep going. When the water’s too still, I start splashing around and things jump out of the water. – Erykah Badu

From then on, I realized this is what I want to do, what I’m supposed to do: Giving energy and receiving it back through applause. I love it. That’s my world. I love it. I enjoy it. I live for it. – Erykah Badu

My paternal grandmother gave me the courage to investigate things and not take things at face value or judge people by what I first imagine them to be. – Erykah Badu

I’m pretty mutable as a human being, period – if you put me on Pluto, I can figure it out. – Erykah Badu

My fifth mother is Mother Nature – the things I had to learn on my own, the understanding I had to come to and still have to come to as a young woman, as a responsible mother, a responsible granddaughter and child. She teaches me willpower, honesty, and the things we need to heal ourselves from moment to moment. – Erykah Badu

I don’t know why, it’s just what I feel inside, the thoughts that I sing about. It’s just my truth. Sometimes my emotions can be mistaken for messages. – Erykah Badu

Poor is the new black. – Erykah Badu

My eyes are green, Cause I eat a lot of vegetables, It don’t have nothing to do with your new friend – Erykah Badu

What singing means to me, I never did consider myself a singer, I just let people watch me feel music and how it comes through me. I’ve worked on it and practiced a lot. I mean, music, I dance to it, and singing is just one way of getting it out of me. – Erykah Badu

As Erykah Badu, it has nothing to do with me, the way I look, my hair wrap, my style, it’s about you and what you feel for my music. If I can make you feel like the way that people who influenced me made me feel, that’s completion. – Erykah Badu

I’m just being who I am and expressing myself as everyone else does. – Erykah Badu

I think [ fashion philosophy] it’s about your smile and your smell. – Erykah Badu

I got a call from a mutual friend of ours, Charles King, who’s also the executive producer. [Steven Caple Jr and I] had a conversation about it. I read it. We kind of finished each other’s sentences when it came to the nuances and personality flaws that the character had, and some stereotypes and things we were trying to stay away from. We agreed on that as well. He just kind of allowed me to run rampant with the ideas. As we paced ourselves through, we developed Turquoise. – Erykah Badu

I really can’t say what inspires me the most, because I’m inspired by just about everything. My feelings and relationships, my family, Scooby-Doo. Opinion of my work. Everything. Not just one thing. – Erykah Badu

Artists need some kind of stimulating experience a lot of times, which crystallizes when you sing about it or paint it or sculpt it. You literally mold the experience the way you want. It’s therapy. – Erykah Badu

I love watching Rihanna in fashion. I like to see her take chances and risks. I like seeing Naomi Campbell in the forefront. They’re both women who stand out and use their bodies as canvases to introduce this functional art to the world. They carry it in a way that is very inspiring. – Erykah Badu

Im a hip-hopper, and its something you live and do. It makes me angry that were misrepresented, that were being killed every day by one another, by the government, by the food we eat, the choices we make. It makes me angry because it doesnt have to be that way and it is. – Erykah Badu

I come from a long line of matriarchal women, and my greatest teachers were my mothers. – Erykah Badu

My second mother is my maternal grandmother. Her name is Thelma. She also gave me a very powerful medicine; she made sure that I knew my role as a young lady and as someone with moral structures and principles. She taught me that if I was going to be involved with anything, whether it be spirituality, music, or some skill, that I have to practice. – Erykah Badu

Hip-hop is not something we do, it’s something we live. It’s the way we dress, the way we talk… everybody bobbing to the same beat. It’s a culture, and you have to find your own place in that culture. Top 10 or Top 40 can’t dictate that. They can only dictate what’s marketable. – Erykah Badu

Marvin Gaye is one of my favorite revolutionaries. He spoke from his heart, his mind. That’s what I want to do. – Erykah Badu

Now keep in mind that I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my sh*t – Erykah Badu

Personally, I don’t choose any particular religion or symbol or group of words or teachings to define me. That’s between me and the most high. You know, my higher self. The Creator. – Erykah Badu

I’m a complete human being. I’m very emotional and loving. I feel, I hurt, I give, I take, and also I think. I analyze. I’m a sociologist, anthropologist. – Erykah Badu

You don’t have to believe everything you think. – Erykah Badu

It just works better for me to discriminate between which thoughts are mine and which come from elsewhere, before I even talk about them or express them – it helps to keep me focused on my path. – Erykah Badu

The Man That Knowz Something Knowz That He Knowz Nothing At All. – Erykah Badu

And I figured out that the reason I couldn’t get through the day as well as I can now is because I had too many things on my mind, on my plate, you know, for one person to have. So I started to eliminate some of the things that were too heavy to carry and unnecessary. – Erykah Badu

I’m free. I just do what I want, say what I want, say how I feel, and I don’t try to hurt nobody. I just try to make sure that I don’t compromise my art in any kind of way, and I think people respect that. – Erykah Badu

I don’t require sex for happiness – I need companionship. I need a partner I can depend on, that I can love and grow with. – Erykah Badu

In the morning, instead of saying to yourself, ‘I got to wake up’ say ‘I get to wake up!’ – Erykah Badu

I have advice for people – period – who are in unhealthy relationships: Follow your heart. It will get you to where you need to be. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy, the places that your heart takes you. But continue to follow it. Where the train leads you – you’ll get there. – Erykah Badu

I encourage breaking free of self inflicted holding pens. I encourage the use of intelligence in every decision. I encourage creating. – Erykah Badu

I’m more like an oven than a microwave. – Erykah Badu

Honey isn’t really that good for you. – Erykah Badu

A lot of people have dementia, which is great, because then they don’t recognize me. – Erykah Badu

I’d rather see a person with a natural mind and processed mind than a processed mind and a natural head. – Erykah Badu

If we were made in his image then call us by our names. Most intellects do not believe in god but they fear us just the same – Erykah Badu

What does music mean to me? I don’t think I would really be much without it, without it coming through me. It’s my means of communication, my means of growth, my means of transportation from one point in my life to another. – Erykah Badu

I’m not satisfied with the explanations I get from tv or from school. – Erykah Badu

My work as a doula also extends all the way to the end of life. I sit at the bedsides of people who are passing on in hospices or nursing homes, for the people and families who want that kind of thing. – Erykah Badu

Well, if you look at all of the cultures in America, this is a great opportunity for us to really get acquainted with the rest of the world. America is the only place you can do that, but we don’t have sense enough to take advantage of that. – Erykah Badu

We lock ourselves into our own philosophies, our own religions, our own walks of life, and if we fail, we condemn ourselves and then we get sick. – Erykah Badu

The wise healer endures the pain. Cry. Tears bring joy. – Erykah Badu

The light always shows on the outside if you are striving to be good on the inside. – Erykah Badu

Following your heart also means eliminating the things that no longer evolve you. – Erykah Badu

I think people who vibrate at the same frequency, vibrate toward each other. They call it – in science – sympathetic vibrations. – Erykah Badu

I’m a recovering undercover over-lover. – Erykah Badu

I live in a queendom, ruled by a womb-iverse. – Erykah Badu

They play it safe, are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. – Erykah Badu

I know that I want to concentrate more on my inside-pretty than my outside-pretty, because thats gonna go away. But if your inside is beautiful, it never wears away. The light always shows on the outside if you are striving to be good inside. – Erykah Badu

I create my own calm and I keep my balance, because I know that it’s not really me, by myself… The Creator always gives me the energy. – Erykah Badu

I strongly believe that the more positive my vibration is, the clearer my message will be. I keep my negative thoughts from infiltrating my pathway and my dreams. Other people’s thoughts are none of my business. – Erykah Badu

If you invite negativity in, you have to feed it and hang out with it. Best not to invite it in. – Erykah Badu

My hair is an aesthetic choice… At the same time, how you wear your hair is a political statement as well. – Erykah Badu

Better think while it’s still legal. – Erykah Badu

Time to eliminate things that no longer evolve me. – Erykah Badu

That’s the moment I learned that the more you believe in yourself, the stronger the vibration touches someone else, and things begin to happen the way you dreamed that they would. – Erykah Badu

Don’t let anybody infiltrate your dream – Erykah Badu

We as Black people have to tell our own stories. We have to document our history. When we allow someone else to document our history the history becomes twisted and we get written out. We get our noses blown off. – Erykah Badu

I was born to make mistakes, I ain’t scared to take the weight. – Erykah Badu

Art is the absence of fear. – Erykah Badu

So the most natural thing to me is to stay as pure to or real to or close to who I am as possible. – Erykah Badu

I think a lot of people have lost respect for the individual, you know, the individual, the person who doesn’t conform. – Erykah Badu

I grew up with all mothers, all women. I come from a long line of matriarchs, very strong women. – Erykah Badu

This pain to remain the same outweigh the pain to change… When you get tired enough is when you begin to want to sacrifice everything inside of you—the fear just leaves – Erykah Badu

I don’t feel like I need to preach to the world or nothing like that. I just feel like I share what I say, and if listeners get it, they get it. And I never underestimate the audience’s ability to feel me. – Erykah Badu

I try to be honest and I keep moving. – Erykah Badu

I’m not trying to win an award for being the best vegetarian, just want to be healthy. – Erykah Badu

I have a master plan as an artist. I’ve always said I’m not going to be punching nobody’s clock. I will work as an artist to survive in this world. – Erykah Badu

I have the ability to sing with emotion and feeling, but if you say I sound like Billie Holiday, that’s cool. Let’s look at who Billie was: she was this person, this singer, this beautiful diva who could move the audience with the slightest gesture of her hand. – Erykah Badu

What I work hard at doing is staying on a path of being kind and showing and proving that I’m a good person to society. That’s hard. The talent, that’s a gift. I just came here like that. – Erykah Badu

It’s almost like a lot of black people in America, a lot of young black men, are born with this cloud over their heads. It’s their penitentiary cloud, this philosophy we all have, that it’s harder for us. – Erykah Badu

Man, I don’t want to have nothing to do with computers. I don’t want the government in my business. – Erykah Badu

I consider my musical ability to be a gift from the Creator. It’s not that I try to work hard or nothing like that, it’s a gift, it was given to me, and I appreciate it. – Erykah Badu

Music and the music business are two different things. – Erykah Badu

I am not systematic at all when it comes to religion. I just love life. And I’m not judgmental. And I’m a vegetarian. – Erykah Badu

Being honest is my job. That’s what music is for me. – Erykah Badu

I’m a Pisces, so I’m a very closed-book kind of person. – Erykah Badu

I’m a woman who has gone through many heartaches, enough to dedicate my whole life to trying to figure them out. – Erykah Badu

I’ve had two children. I’ve had three boyfriends. I’ve had a lot of things happen that can change your opinions and values and philosophies. – Erykah Badu

Anything that had to do with art I been doing all my life. It was a gift. It’s nothing I work real hard at doing. – Erykah Badu

Hip-hop is the people. What the people are moving toward is what hip-hop is. I think people are moving toward a freer way of thinking. Openness. – Erykah Badu

Hip-hop was created out of necessity. We needed to create some digitized things to help us understand what we were feeling. – Erykah Badu

I don’t have one song that sounds like another one in my entire catalog. – Erykah Badu

There are millions and billions of atoms of memory of all kinds of musical themes in me. – Erykah Badu

I love to leave the interpretation of my music up to the listener. It’s fun to see what they’ll say it is – Erykah Badu

When you’re in a relationship you want it to work. My parents did, I did. But we are not taught how to make it work. – Erykah Badu

I believed in myself, and I’ve always worked very, very hard as an artist, and I am an artist in every sense of the word. – Erykah Badu

I started performing at two or three on a tape recorder, one of those little flat recorders where you just push play and record. – Erykah Badu

I’m kind of a recluse when it comes to going outside. – Erykah Badu

Oh, yeah, I see the world differently now. Actually, when I first had the baby, I was breast-feeding him for two years straight. So we were together for two years of his life, every single day, all hours of the day. So I was two people, and I eventually morphed back into one – Erykah Badu

But now I realize that this record business really needs me. No one else is trying to take a chance or do something different. – Erykah Badu

Hopefully my music is medicine, some type of antidote for something or some kind of explanation or just to feel good. – Erykah Badu

I don’t read music or anything, so when I produce, I go basically by ear. – Erykah Badu

I love being an entertainer – not really fond of being a celebrity. – Erykah Badu

I love putting the music together. It’s like art – Erykah Badu

The kind of music or the kind of arrangements that I do, the kind of musicians I choose, is just what I like to hear. – Erykah Badu

I’ll dabble here and there in different forms of the art, but the label has me locked down like a slave so, of course, I’ll be doing albums during this time – Erykah Badu

What makes me furious, not just because we’re in an interview, but I don’t like when writers take your words and put them somewhere else, in the wrong context in their own article about you. – Erykah Badu

I knew it would happen. I knew I’d be No. 1. I’m a new artist; I don’t know the rules. Nobody told me it wouldn’t happen – Erykah Badu

I can be Erykah the human being more than the celebrity. – Erykah Badu

I’m a performance artist first; I’m a recording artist second. – Erykah Badu

I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 19. – Erykah Badu

I don’t have any particular thing I do ritualistically. I do the same thing every day. I get up. Drink a lot of water. Have a wheatgrass shot. Drink some green juice. Eat as healthy as I can. – Erykah Badu

I don’t sing melodically. Rhyme pattern is how I sing. I also write like a lyricist or an MC because that’s what I was before I was a singer. I just took those elements and put them into music. – Erykah Badu

The music business is motivated by money. Music is motivated by energy and feelings. – Erykah Badu

I think someone else told him, … He didn’t even know who I was. It made me feel a little proud. I had the opportunity to be brand new. I felt that someone appreciates me and wanted me for my work, not my reputation. – Erykah Badu

I was given a tremendous gift and a platform, and it is my responsibility to use my platform to do the work of the Most High. – Erykah Badu

We enjoy each other’s company. It was just a really tribal meeting. – Erykah Badu

It was a really good experience for all of us. We each used our platforms to make other statements besides entertainment. We’re artists who are often unheard. And Dave has chosen to define himself. I’m with that and I love him for that. – Erykah Badu

I lived in Brooklyn for a couple of years. The community is very close-knit already. I remember it was raining that day, so it was a weird kind of funk on the crowd. It was so endearing to feel everybody coming together. It was almost like a cleansing. It felt super-new, renewing. – Erykah Badu

He’s taking control of his own image. And he’s not put in a box in any way. He’s getting a chance to represent himself. – Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu projects don’t even sound like Erykah Badu projects. I don’t even have one album that sounds like another one of my albums. – Erykah Badu

When you’re performing, you’re creating a moment. – Erykah Badu

During childbirth and hospice I’ll sing gospel songs that my grandma taught me when I was younger, or something I’ve made up, or I’ll hum. I just play things that I think the audience will like. – Erykah Badu

I have so much music that I do. Just like how a visual artist is always sketching something but they might not share it, I’m always writing songs or coming up with melodic lines on piano or guitar. It’s therapy. It’s always happening. – Erykah Badu

If you want to relate to a certain audience or generation, you have to speak their language. I truly believe that. – Erykah Badu

My style is a little masculine, and what I loved about Pyer Moss was how well he can make a blazer, the looseness of those pants, or color palette that he chooses from season to season. – Erykah Badu

They usually have a piano in every nursing home, and I always wanted to perform for whoever would listen when I learned something. I grew to understand very early that a lot of these people who are in nursing homes are elderly and don’t have a lot of things that give them joy from day to day. – Erykah Badu

If you make a decision, a pact with someone, your friend, you should say, ‘I’m gonna do this,’ and you should stick to it. – Erykah Badu

We’re all friends, inside the music and outside the music. I mean, we don’t sound anything alike, we don’t approach our music anything alike, but we come from the same genuine place. We want our music to be real and we don’t want to compromise our art. – Erykah Badu

I think what makes people think that is because of things people write. It really doesn’t have anything to do with the artist. – Erykah Badu

Some people come up and ask for an autograph and don’t even look at me. They’re like, ‘Here, do it.’ That don’t bother me, but it doesn’t open my heart. – Erykah Badu

He definitely does what a partner is supposed to do, that is, evolve you. – Erykah Badu

What opens my heart is when my son wakes me up in the morning, nudging me and saying, ‘Mommy, mommy!’ – Erykah Badu

I actually started writing it because I was inspired by my own personal growth. – Erykah Badu

Hip-Hop is bigger than the government. – Erykah Badu

I’m only in competition with my last level. It don’t have nothing to do with music or anything. And the last level is hard competition, the last place you were. – Erykah Badu

We literally just finished making this gown 20 minutes ago. I love it. It’s my favorite color. – Erykah Badu

I really enjoy being the child’s ‘welcoming committee’ and to help someone usher his or her spirit into the world in a very peaceful way is very effortless to me. – Erykah Badu

I’m a product of its [american] teaching, of its thinking, of its -isms, of its religion, of its education. I am conditioned, raised and developed by America; I am America. And as it changes, my thoughts also change. Because no matter what I believe, what the powers-that-be believe will affect me. – Erykah Badu

When people are going on to the next plateau of whatever this thing is called life, I also want them to breathe easily, even if it’s the last one they take here with us. I guess I’m the welcoming committee and ushering committee. – Erykah Badu

I imagine that when I am creating a song or a project or an album or putting some clothing together or cooking a meal, whatever it is, I don’t really have a recipe. The fun part is to throw that big piece of clay in the middle of the table as hard as I can, and whatever shape it takes, that’s what shape it takes, and then I start to carve away. – Erykah Badu

I don’t want to think too much about how I’m carving and what I’m carving – you are just carving away the excess clay and there’s a piece underneath there. And it’s kind of like getting out of the way. Maybe that’s what the commonality is: It’s getting out of the way so that the art can speak. – Erykah Badu

Even if the project requires you to have all the ducks in a line, I can’t do that. I don’t create way. – Erykah Badu

What draws me to a project is how sympathetic I am toward it, so that I can relax into it and give up myself. – Erykah Badu

Whenever I think about funk music, it has a look – and that’s how it sounds. – Erykah Badu

Breathing becomes really easy when you’re laughing. It kick starts that feeling of joy. – Erykah Badu

Whereas I want everything to be peaceful during a birth, I take the total opposite approach when I’m helping someone come to terms with leaving this place – I play Richard Pryor records. – Erykah Badu

I trust the political system to be what it is. It’s a structure to keep the country running, a boat to get us [citizens] from one side to the other, and it has the country’s best interests at heart. Not the people’s. – Erykah Badu

What a frequency What a voice. I love Bilal. I couldn’t imagine a music world without his voice. – Erykah Badu

All of my children are the same way I am. They’re little artists too, in their own ways. – Erykah Badu

My truth is relevant, and my songs are relevant, but I have to recalibrate myself and speed up my vibrations so that I can communicate with the voice of this generation. – Erykah Badu

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