69+ Best Fatherhood Quotes: Exclusive Selection

A father is the male parent of a child. Profoundly inspirational fatherhood quotes will challenge the way you think, and make your life worth living.

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Famous Fatherhood Quotes

There’s so much negative imagery of black fatherhood. I’ve got tons of friends that are doing the right thing by their kids, and doing the right thing as a father and how come that’s not as newsworthy? Will Smith

I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway let them be better people, let them believe more in themselves. C. JoyBell C.

I was shy talking about certain things, and I was shy with being honest because I didn’t want people to judge me talking about fatherhood and how somebody should have my child around me. Future

To be the father of growing daughters is to understand something of what Yeats evokes with his imperishable phrase terrible beauty. Nothing can make one so happily exhilarated or so frightened it’s a solid lesson in the limitations of self to realize that your heart is running around inside someone else’s body. It also makes me quite astonishingly calm at the thought of death I know whom I would die to protect and I also understand that nobody but a lugubrious serf can possibly wish for a father who never goes away. Christopher Hitchens

I was quite able at the insignificant work I did in MI6, but absolutely dysfunctional in my domestic life. I had no experience of fatherhood. I had no example of marital bliss or the family unit. John le Carre

Before I got married I had six theories about raising children; now, I have six children and no theories. John Wilmot

I’ve certainly had less practice at fatherhood than I have at acting, but in fatherhood, at least my failures are private! Rich Sommer

A father has to be a provider, a teacher, a role model, but most importantly, a distant authority figure who can never be pleased. Otherwise, how will children ever understand the concept of God? Stephen Colbert

Fatherhood, parenthood, is something that completely overwhelms you and absorbs you, and you just have to be the best dad that you can be. Douglas Henshall

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. Prevost Abbe

Fatherhood has changed me, I’ve become more patient. Sourav Ganguly

Prospero the Enchanter’s immediate reaction upon meeting his daughter is a simple declaration of Well, fuck. Erin Morgenstern

I had no expectations about fatherhood, really, but it’s definitely a journey I’m glad to be taking. Number one, it’s a great learning experience. When my mother told me it’s a 24/7 job, she wasn’t kidding. Christopher Meloni

Listen, there is no way any true man is going to let children live around him in his home and not discipline and teach, fight and mold them until they know all he knows. His goal is to make them better than he is. Being their friend is a distant second to this. Victor Devlin

Fatherhood has changed me and my perspective towards life. Atif Aslam

Son, there are times a man has to do things he doesn’t like to, in order to protect his family. Ralph Moody

We all grow up. Hopefully, we get wiser. Age brings wisdom, and fatherhood changes one’s life completely. Frank Abagnale

A boy needs a father to show him how to be in the world. He needs to be given swagger, taught how to read a map so that he can recognize the roads that lead to life and the paths that lead to death, how to know what love requires, and where to find steel in the heart when life makes demands on us that are greater than we think we can endure. Ian Morgan Cron

Fatherhood is the best thing that has happened to me. S. Sreesanth

His heart is too full, and no words to release it. Gabrielle Zevin

You have a kid and realize what’s really important. It actually takes pressure off everything. Nothing will come before fatherhood for me, ever in my life. Austin Rivers

I will wait by the gate until I see your face. I have waited a decade, haven’t I, in this limited life? Waiting in the endless one would be no sacrifice. And Inshallah one day, I know I will see you approaching. You will look just as you did at twenty, that year you first left us, and I will also be as I was in my youth. We will look like brothers on that day. We will walk together, as equals. Fatima Farheen Mirza

Fatherhood has changed me it has to change you. It makes you much more aware of the minutiae of life, it’s not about your needs any more, its about everyone else’s. Peter Kay

Some of us were brought into this troubled world primarily or only to increase our fathers chances of not being left by our mothers, or vice versa. Mokokoma Mokhonoana

I think fatherhood would change anybody when you have your first son. It’s been amazing. Russell Westbrook

I loved her, instantly. Of course, most parents love their children instantly. But I mention it here because I still find it a remarkable thing. Where was that love before? Where did you acquire it from? The way it is suddenly there, total and complete, as sudden as grief, but in reverse, is one of the wonders about being human. Matt Haig

Just think people decided one day that a day should be set aside for motherhood and fatherhood. What a great concept that is. Patti Davis

Many women to whom I have preached the doctrine of freedom have weakly replied, But who is to support the children? It seems to me that if the marriage ceremony is needed as a protection to insure the enforced support of children, then you are marrying a man who, you suspect, would under certain conditions, refuse to support his children, and it is a pretty low down proposition. For you are marrying a man whom you already suspect of being a villain. But I have not so poor an opinion of men that I believe the greater percentage of them to be such low specimens of humanity. Isadora Duncan

And in that time, I lost my dad and had kids of my own. It was like, ok, I get it now. I know what fatherhood is all about. And you look at your parents differently. Paul Reiser

It was the kind of promise a father makes easily and sincerely, knowing at the same time that it will be impossible to keep. The truth of some promises is not as important as whether or not you can believe in them, with all your heart. A game of baseball can’t really make a summer day last forever. A home run can’t really heal all the broken places in our world, or in a single human heart. And there was no way that Mr. Feld could keep his promise never to leave Ethan again. All parents leave their children one day. Michael Chabon

Fatherhood is the best thing that could happen to me, and I’m just glad I can share my voice. Dwyane Wade

Finally coming to terms with Fathers Day. I blow as a Dad. I get it. No, I’m not an evil, abusive Father, it’s just that while all my intentions and thoughts have been out of love for my kids, my actions and behaviour never measured up. Geoffrey Hill

I’m about to turn 48, and I think that the closer I get to 50, the more I might be interested in fatherhood. But honestly, I’m not grown up yet myself. John Benjamin Hickey

I know, from the three visits I made to him, the blended composite of love and fear that exists only in a boy’s notion of his father. Donald Miller

Fatherhood isn’t always a planned thing, but when it happens you just do it. It’s very natural and in that sense it’s not really difficult. Kelly Slater

Saturday mornings, I’ve learned, are a great opportunity for kids to sneak into your bed, fall back asleep, and kick you in the face. Dan Pearce

Fatherhood is a joy. I feel very lucky to have a family. It gives you a perspective on things. David Harewood

What, you people expect women to tear apart their bodies and then go to all the bother of raising the children? That takes years, you know, Serene remarked sternly. The women’s labour is brief and agonizing, and the man’s is long and arduous. This seems only just. What on earth are men contributing to their children’s lives in the human world? Why would any human woman agree to have a child? The more she talks the more sense it all makes, said Elliot. Has anyone else discovered that? Sarah Rees Brennan

The transparency men have enjoyed for generations, about their ability to frankly work while also reveling in fatherhood, is still complicated for women. Which is not to say that anyone can have everything. Mona Simpson

You never would get through to the end of being a father, no matter where you stored your mind or how many steps in the series you followed. Not even if you died. Alive or dead a thousand miles distant, you were always going to be on the hook for work that was neither a procedure nor a series of steps but, rather, something that demanded your full, constant attention without necessarily calling you to do, perform, or say anything at all. Michael Chabon

Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person. Naveen Jain

Had he not been the keeper of the flame, of anguish, trapped under the brilliance of what she had been to him? He had been a man of permanence, how could he have swayed to emotion like this? Noorilhuda

Real fatherhood means love and commitment and sacrifice and a willingness to share responsibility and not walking away from one’s children. William Bennett

I slid down in the seat and began to weep. I wept for her, for me, but mostly because the siren call of my first big story with a yellow border around it was more powerful than the call of fatherhood. Joe McNally

All fatherhood is very important because single mothers shouldn’t have to raise sons or daughters; they need that help. Nas

Son, we are all products of operant conditioning. By daring to think outside the box, you’ll be judged. Stay the course. Heightened cognizance is meaningful only when freely sought out and discovered. Not when it is incrementally spoon fed to you throughout your lifetime. A.K. Kuykendall

If you were placing bets on which author would write the tenderest, most moving book about fatherhood, Philip Roth would probably come in at the bottom of the list. Ben Dolnick

What is less often noticed is that it is precisely the kind of moral instruction that parents are constantly trying to give their children concrete, imaginative, teaching general principles from particular instances, and seeking all the time to bring the children to appreciate and share the parent’s own attitudes and view of life. The all embracing principles of conduct. J.I. Packer

Older fatherhood isn’t all bad testosterone rates drop about 1% per year as men age, making them less reactive and more patient, and a professionally established middle aged man is likely to have more time and money to devote to his kids than a twenty-something who’s just getting started. Jeffrey Kluger

When kids made a decision for themselves they have a vested interest in showing they were right. Lee wanted to prove to me that he had made the right choice so he worked hard and did well. If we’d forced him to go to college somewhere else all the incentives would’ve been different. Then he would have had a motive to prove that we were wrong. Cokie Roberts Steve Roberts

At my age you don’t go into fatherhood lightly. Rod Stewart

I’m so grateful the love me and my daughter Chaya share is so powerful and so potent and so pure. What we give each other is unconditional and unrestrained love. We pour that love into each other, and we embrace that love from each other with thankful hearts. So much so, that parts of ourselves live within the other. Nothing and no one could separate us. Nothing and no one could jeapordize our love. That’s the magnitude of our daddy daughter love. That’s me and Chaya. Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.

I don’t want to look back and say, Yeah, I was really successful, but I failed at fatherhood because I wasn’t there. Zac Brown

Don’t pay for business success with your family. Don’t sacrifice your family to succeed in business  if you do, you’ll lose both. Hendrith Vanlon Smith Jr.

Fatherhood is a very natural thing; it’s not something that shakes up my life but rather it enriches it. Andrea Bocelli

If you want the experience of having complete responsibility for another human being, and to learn how to love and bond in the deepest way, then you should have children. Mitch Albom

Spanish children are too often ill cared for, but despite the abuses of ignorant motherhood and fatherhood, such vivid, vivacious, bewitching little people as they are! Katharine Lee Bates

Some boys grow up to be great men, some grow up to be great fathers, and while most grow up to be neither, none grow up to be both. Sean Norris

With marriage and fatherhood, I’ve finally found two fixed points in my life. They’ve taught me patience. They’ve also taught me that I don’t need to feel guilty about being happy. My emotional seasons are less extreme. Pete Wentz

Right now, with the defeated slack of his shoulders and the blank expression on his face, I realize, for all his faults, no one can loathe him more than he loathes himself. Hannah Grace

I got a very late start at fatherhood. I’m a late bloomer in general. It took me seven years to get through four years of college. I was five years away from 40 before I had a family, and I had never been around kids much at all. All of a sudden, I was around three boys all the time. Rick Yancey

The wind scatters my tears, laughs like a djinn in the fields when they bloom. K. Eltinaé

Fatherhood is great. Scottie Pippen

I’d discovered how proud and fragile men could be, the sense of self that courses through their veins. I knew that fathers and sons were capable of killing each other. Whether it was father’s killing their sons, or sons killing the fathers, men always emrged victorious, and all that was left for me to do was weep. Orhan Pamuk

Fatherhood is pretending the present you love most is soap on a rope. Bill Cosby

Her father is a burden she shouldn’t have to carry, but she does. He had made her feel unsafe in the world when his one job was to make her feel protected. Krystalle Bianca

Fatherhood will put a man through a lot, but it’s a tremendous job, the best in the world even better than playing basketball. Derek Fisher