Finding the Other Heart


Why is it that there is such a lot of talk nowadays about the heart?

I don’t mean the physical heart. That’s a different subject matter altogether. I’m talking about the OTHER heart.  What heart is that you ask? The heart chakra? The Soul?  Something else entirely – but what?

Whatever you choose to think it is, the consensus out there is that there is another heart thing, however intangible that other heart thing happens to be. Perhaps it’s the seat of our emotions. Our personality. Our Self. That Self which is non-judgemental and  unconditionally loving. Also fragile and easily broken.

Our language is full of talk about heart stuff –

  • Where’s the heart in that
  • What a heartless thing to do
  • That was so heart-warming
  • Be heart-centred
  • Leaders should show some heart
  • They are all heart

The movie, music and story industries revolve around  heart stuff. Without it, they’d be broke. Romance. Broken hearts. Falling in and out of love. Unrequited love. Selfless love. Selfish love. Ruthless love. Even Fifty Shades of Grey in the end is about love. Yes, I have read it. I was intrigued enough to want to find out just what drove the behaviour of Christian Grey. And I had to read to the end of the third book to find out. Really! I was so over the repetitious nature of the story by then. Just saying …..

Regardless of what your personal beliefs may be, the celebration of Love has got to be a good thing. We do it on Valentine’s Day – that’s become almost as commercialised as Christmas and Easter. We do it at the birth of babies – whether they be human or not. We certainly do it at engagements. And as for weddings – if that’s not about love then what is! We do it for birthdays. We even do it at  funerals.

But for now, I want to focus on loving you. What are you doing to show yourself that you love You just for who you are, warts and all? How well are you looking after your Other Heart? It’s important to do that. And no, it is not selfish or vain. Quite the opposite. It all starts with you. From there it flows on naturally  to others.

One way of nurturing your Other Heart is through meditation. Want to know more about meditation – here’s my post on it: What’s so good about meditating .  It also explains how to combine essential oils with meditation to enhance, support and deepen it. Geranium is a good essential oil for the Other Heart. It’s beautiful warm fragrance softens and relaxes as it supports a deeper connection to the Other Heart.

Why not try a meditation now?


Find a quiet space where you won’t be disturbed.  A sacred space where you feel calm and peaceful. You may wish to light a candle. Perhaps use some incense.

(If you are using an essential oil to enhance and support this meditation, I would suggest you use it now. Drop one or two drops into the palm of your hand, activate the oil by rubbing your hands together in a circle clockwise three times, then hold your hands over your nose and breathe deeply three times. You might like to check the link above for more about meditating with essential oils.)

Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Spine straight, arms and legs uncrossed. Intent to breathe through the heart. Take a few deep breaths. In through the nose. Out through the mouth. Slowly deepen and lengthen your breath. Allow your body to soften and relax. Now, let your body breathe for you. It knows exactly what to do.

From your heart connect to that which for you is the Source of all Unconditional Love. Also from the heart ground yourself solidly to the core of the Earth with strong roots.

Imagine that you have shape shifted into a ‘mini me’. You are inside your own body, standing in front of your Other Heart. It’s located in the centre of the chest, close to where your physical heart lies.

You enter the Other Heart through a small door. It opens softly and easily. You step inside. Looking around, you notice that a softly glowing, pulsating pink light beckons you to go deeper within. Once there you find a comfortable, cosy chair that is waiting just for you to sit in it. Settling down you find yourself embraced in its soft, all-encompassing warmth. A deep sense of peace and calm settles over you. Cocooned in this space, you breathe deeply, allowing the sensations to flow into every cell of your Being – mind, body and soul.  Bathing yourself as if in a shower, flow the energies in and around  your Self until you are fully saturated and over-flowing. Do this for as long as you intuitively feel is right for you.

Next, ask your Self what colour/s your Heart most desires at this time in your life. You will receive the information in whatever way is right for you – as an inner knowing, seeing the colour, hearing the word/s…. Once you have received the information add the colour/s into your breath with intent that it become part of your breath for the next 24 hours and that it cleanses all negativity, transmuting it to Light. Thus the vibrational energy of your breath will support and nurture your wellbeing.

Open your Heart to breathe in the attributes and qualities that are a quintessential part of it. Do this slowly, with intent, breathing in each one until your Heart is filled. For each step give yourself as much time as you intuitively feel is right for you. Joy. Peace. Compassion. Serenity. Unconditional Love. Courage. Tranquillity. Allow these energies to settle and embed into your Heart.

Next expand your Heart so it embraces your physical heart. As before, take as long as you intuitively feel is right for each step of this process. Expand it slowly step by step until your Heart fully embraces your whole body. Expand it to embrace your Mind. Expand it to embrace your Soul.

In front of you is another mini me. Through your expanded Heart’s Soul Eyes gaze deeply into the eyes of the other mini me. Reach out and hold hands with Your Self. With your expanded Heart smile at the other mini me.  Greet yourself by name. With your expanded Heart open wide say “I love you!” to your Self. Add your name.  Say it again. And again. Keep on saying it until you know for certain that you really, truly believe it. Then invite the other mini me to merge with you  – until you become One.

Stay in this space for as long as you feel  is right. When you are ready to leave, give thanks for the time and experience. Know that you can return there any time you wish.

Slowly and gently bring your attention back to your physical body. Feel the surface on which you are resting. Feel the weight of your body. Your limbs. Hear the sounds of the space in which you rest. Return back to the here and now, opening your eyes and wriggling your fingers and toes. Welcome back!

Please make sure for your wellbeing and safety to only use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Personally I know I can trust  Young Living oils as they guarantee the quality through their transparent and stringent Seed to Seal process.    Buy some now

© Raili Tanska

Reblogged and reworked from my main blog Soul Gifts Dec 2015

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7 thoughts on “Finding the Other Heart”

  1. You are right that love of self is needed and not a bad thing. Self hatred causes so many problems that we would all do well to practice more self love. It should be kept in mind that self compassion also involves honesty, and ability to admit our mistakes and then learn from them. I used to think that self love meant hiding from my mistakes. Great post!

  2. This is exactly what I was looking for recently and I somehow found it here. Thank you for sharing this with us. I must admit, I would love to hear it, like an audio recording and I will keep my hopes high for that. Until then I will try it by myself and come with with the results. God bless you <3


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