There seems to be a lot of polarization in our society today. A lot of different camps and different groups shouting across the aisle at each other. We are locked in this battle of who is superior morally, spiritually, intellectually, and physically. I often find myself with an urge to join one camp and proclaim my superiority. Then a feeling comes over me. I wouldn’t seem so superior if there wasn’t someone that I could compare myself to. By the same thinking, the people on the other side of the issue feel their position is superior in relation to my position on the same issue.

The result is…we’re both wrong and right.

Confusing, right? Not at all.

I’m thinking of the concept of Yin & Yang. The great balance. You can’t have one without the other. I was receiving an acupuncture treatment recently and the acupuncturist told me he was placing needles at points where Yin & Yang met. That sparked an idea in me, that where Yin & Yang, or negative & positive, meet is where you reside. In order for an electrical circuit to operate, there must be positive and negative charge applied. You cannot have a functioning circuit without one or the other charge. We cannot appreciate a positive aspect on life without the negative. We would not seek more understanding if there wasn’t any misunderstanding or ignorance.

The current president of my country, I feel, was elected for a reason. How he was elected doesn’t matter now. If we did not have him in that position we would not be fighting for the positive as much as we are. The inevitability of death places more value on life, and the absence of love creates a stronger urge for it. Take a step back and see that if we did not have the bad things we would not strive to have the good things. It seems the negative, the dark, the yin, is always pushing for more ground. Whatever you believe in, you will always fight for what you think is right. We only see what is right by experiencing what is wrong, and even those two terms are irrelevant. In my opinion, there isn’t a wrong and right. There is no triumph without defeat, there is no success without failure, there is no positivity without negativity.

We are seeing change because there was too much yin happening in the world. The fight isn’t to eradicate the evil once and for all but to bring balance to both. Some religions will say, love your enemy. That does not mean love them in hopes to change their minds by being kinder than they are. What it truly means is to appreciate that your enemy makes you see the hero within yourself. Find your inspiration by looking at your tribulations. Not just, “this happened to me and it sucked”, but “this happened to me and I have forged my meaning from that”. Andrew Solomon, a brilliant writer and speaker, gave a talk about how the worst moments in our lives make us who we are. We can only see the beauty in life by also looking at the ugliness in it. Use the ugly things that have happened to you to find the beauty in you. I know that one day, we can all come together and realize the beauty in all of us.


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  1. ADaughtersHero

    “What it truly means is to appreciate that your enemy makes you see the hero within yourself. Find your inspiration by looking at your tribulations.” Love this! I am a firm believer in balance and this post really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing!☯❤