35+ Best Girl Stop Apologizing Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame-Free Plan for Embracing and Achieving Your Goals is a self-help book by Rachel Hollis. It follows her 2018 best-seller Girl, Wash Your Face. It was both a Publishers Weekly and New York Times best-seller. Profoundly inspirational Girl Stop Apologizing quotes will fire up your brain and encourage you to look at life differently while making you laugh.

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Famous Girl Stop Apologizing Quotes

Embracing the idea that you can want things for yourself even if nobody else understands the whys behind them is the most freeing and powerful feeling in the world. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You aren’t going to find the time to pursue your goals; you’re going to make the time to pursue your goals. And the first thing you’re going to need to accept is that you’re in control of your schedule. — Girl Stop Apologizing

If I want to achieve any new thing in my life, the questions is never, Can I do it? The question is always, What am I willing to give up in order to get it? — Girl Stop Apologizing

I was living my entire life waiting for a moment to be special enough for me to look, feel, and act my best, and the truth is, you don’t need a special moment, or any reason at all, to do that. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Stop waiting for someday; someday is a myth. Don’t wait to have the time; start planning to make the time. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Failure means that you’re living. Failure means that you’re trying. — Girl Stop Apologizing

If you aim at what you can hit, you’ll likely get there ever time: never any higher, never any bigger, never any better. But if you aim far above your own head, even when you fail you’ll fly so much higher than you can imagine. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Lazy will always try and drag you back down to lazy. — Girl Stop Apologizing

I can achieve anything if I’m willing to work for it. Not because I’m especially gifted, but because I’m dedicated to improving along the way. — Girl Stop Apologizing

All you can do at any stage and season of life is try your best, and someone else’s opinion of how you’re doing or what you’re doing is… none of your business. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Nobody deserves verbal and mental abuse, and every time you allow it to happen to you, you’re giving that person permission to treat you that way. You’re not required to put up with it just because you always have. — Girl Stop Apologizing

There’s a big difference between gratitude for your life and blind acceptance of whatever comes your way. — Girl Stop Apologizing

This amazing thing happens when you start to grow in one area of your life: other areas improve with it. — Girl Stop Apologizing

The best advice I know of in this situation is, if you want to change someone else, change yourself. — Girl Stop Apologizing

If someone asks you to do something outside of your regularly scheduled programming and your immediate gut reaction isn’t Hell, yes! then you should absolutely say, No thank you. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Anything other than death is temporary. The problem is that you’re letting a short-term choice become your long-term decision. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You want to be more confident? Hang out with people who are. — Girl Stop Apologizing

It’s going to be a journey and you’re going to have to fight to get to where you want to go, but it’s also going to be worth it. — Girl Stop Apologizing

No outside factor is going to make you more productive, and if you need a certain atmosphere to be at your best, you’re not truly in control of yourself. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You cannot control the circumstances of your life; you can only control your reaction to them. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Talents and skills are like any other living thing—they can’t grow in the dark. — Girl Stop Apologizing

There is so much untapped potential inside people who are too afraid to give themselves a chance. — Girl Stop Apologizing

[T]he world needs your spark. The world needs your energy. The world needs you to show up for your life and take hold of your potential. — Girl Stop Apologizing

A goal is a dream with its work boots on. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Stop waiting for someday; someday is a myth. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Not having the knowledge makes you teachable, not stupid. Not being in shape makes you moldable, not lazy. Not having the experience just makes you eager, not ignorant. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You are enough. Today. As you are. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You guys, mommy guilt is bulls! — Girl Stop Apologizing

OPO, other people’s opinions. You down with it? Because if you are, you’re giving all your power away. — Girl Stop Apologizing

When everything is important, nothing is important. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Ambition is not a bad thing. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Girl, maybe you should get it tattooed on your body, but it’s this simple: go all in. — Girl Stop Apologizing

You cannot control the circumstances of your life; you can only control your reaction to them. — Girl Stop Apologizing

Who you are is defined by the next decision you make, not the last one. — Girl Stop Apologizing