Where to Go when in Search of your True Self

Our world is brimming with remarkable destinations constantly drawing all globetrotters who yearn to discover new depths and meaning of their inner beings, while experiencing the most untamed corners of the planet.

It’s these places that lead to unexpected revelations and new awareness that will allow for the most significant life-changing events to happen. Based on the experiences of numerous travel enthusiasts and Zen-lovers, here’s a must-visit list for all those seeking an authentic self-exploration oasis.


With stunningly beautiful fjords, mineral lagoons and breathtaking scenery, this country tucked away at the very edge of the Arctic Circle has stolen the hearts of everyone who has ever laid eyes on its marvelous landscape.  A single dip in the mineral water surrounded by snow will be more than enough to help you leave the rest of the world behind.

As one of the most incredible lakes in Europe, Lake Myvatn is home to versatile bird species, volcanic craters and the famous waterfall of the Gods, a perfect spot for meditation that will inspire great admiration for our Mother Nature. No matter where you wander off, with its midnight sun and spectacular Northern Lights, Iceland surely doesn’t lack magical, misty corners that will dazzle you for life.  


Before the Mongols invaded the territory of Myanmar, Bagan’s kings built almost 5000 impressive Buddhist temples, about 2000 of which stand to this very day, either preserved in their original state, or restored by Unesco. Yet somehow, this spiritually unique location remains unblemished by tourism, despite the value of its scenery and cultural legacy.

With merely a handful of accommodation options and a limited access to an internet and mobile connection, Bagan is an ideal off-the-grid location for the bravest at heart who crave to explore the timeless Orient in a hot-air balloon, a challenging steep walk to the temples or hiking through its quiet landscape. Some of the must-see women-friendly temples include the famous Ananda Temple, the contrasting golden Shwedagon Pagoda and the grim Dhammayangyi temple.


Unlike the secluded Burmese ancient city of Bagan, this Indonesian island has a reputation of a well-visited tropical Eden, but its charm and serenity still attract those searching for a moment of quiet contemplation. A blend of traditional Balinese cuisine with their exquisite suckling pig and slow-cooked duck, and a shore filled with crystal clear beaches, you will be a cocktail away from absolute bliss. Don’t forget to add to your experience with the appropriate wardrobe, a memorable kaftan from the Dreaming Lotus collection is the perfect choice for this type of experience.

For a complete spiritual experience, visit the Uluwatu Temple, proudly atop the Indian Ocean cliff for its scenic sunsets, the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple on the lake of Beratan, or the Goa Gajah also known as the Elephant Cave, and its meditation cave and spiritual pools and fountains.


The culture that gave birth to yoga we love and cherish today is without a doubt a perfect destination to visit at least one in your lifetime. With natural attractions and versatile events to match, India is home to numerous festivals and retreats, such as the week-long annual International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh, that will soothe your spirit and awaken your senses as you immerse yourself into the various styles of yoga taught by some of the best masters in the world.

On the other hand, the city of Mysuru slowly grows in popularity for its yoga retreats, offering a wide range of temples and learning centers. However, the city also boasts magnificent royal architecture and historic monuments, giving you a perfect balance of rest and exploration.

Costa Rica

The name alone inspires your wanderlust to pack up and leave for at least a month-long visit to this tropical, dream-like destination. Ideal for fitness enthusiasts of all sorts, including versed yoga-lovers, Costa Rica is home to a unique eco-friendly Tree House resort, which is conveniently close to the most alluring beach called Punta Uva, as well as a whole slew of other irresistible locations in the region.

A mixture of surfing sessions, relaxing yoga asanas, jungle exploration and hours of meditation, Costa Rica is an untamed getaway of enchanting scenery, rich wildlife and a perfect spot to reconnect with yourself and nature alike. From banana plantations, the Arenal Volcano, the scenery of the Tortuguero National Park and all the way to relaxing hot springs, Costa Rica will appeal to your peace-seeking self as well as your inner adventurist.