47+ Best Harry Caray Quotes: Exclusive Selection

Harry Caray was an American sportscaster on radio and television. He was one of the most famous professional baseball announcers in the history of the sport. He covered five Major League Baseball teams, beginning with 25 years of calling the games of the St. Louis Cardinals with two of these years also spent calling games for the St. Louis Browns. Inspirational Harry Caray quotes will challenge the way you think, change the way you live and transform your whole life.

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Most Famous Harry Caray Quotes

It might be, it could be… it is! A home run! – Harry Caray

Hello again, everybody… It’s a bee-yoo-tiful day for baseball. – Harry Caray

Aw, how could he (Jorge Orta) lose the ball in the sun, he’s from Mexico. – Harry Caray

Booze, broads, and bullshit. If you got all that, what else do you need? – Harry Caray

‘Mota’ spelled backwards is ‘atom’…and that’s where he hit it, right at ‘im’! – Harry Caray

I was born and raised in St. Louis, and you can imagine the Cardinals were my favorite team from the day I could remember, and all of a sudden, the miracle of life, I’m broadcasting Cardinal games. – Harry Caray

Never missed a game, never missed a time at bat, never missed a half-inning that I was supposed to do. – Harry Caray

There’s a sense of integrity and honesty there in telling the people what you actually see and feel. – Harry Caray

And all this to-do about me singing ’Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ in the middle of the seventh inning—I always did that. It’s the only song I know the words to. – Harry Caray

Sure as God made green apples, someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series, and maybe sooner than we think. – Harry Caray

I don’t know what the big deal about Cracker Jack is. Did you ever go and buy a pack of Cracker Jack thinking you’d get a prize and you find no prize in the box? – Harry Caray

You see, progress doesn’t necessarily make things better. There was more friendship in those days. – Harry Caray

You never succeed in this business until you’ve had the experience of working with a terrible hangover. – Harry Caray

It’s impossible to not be excited doing Chicago Cubs baseball, especially at Wrigley Field. – Harry Caray

Holy cow! – Harry Caray

All right! Lemme hear ya! Ah-One! Ah-Two! Ah-Three! – Harry Caray

The good Lord wants the Cubs to win! – Harry Caray

Let’s get some runs! – Harry Caray

I figure I had no business being here this long anyway, so what do you care how old I am? I’ve been on borrowed time for years. You know my old saying: live it up, the meter’s running. I’ve always said that if you don’t have fun while you’re here, then it’s your fault. You only get to do this once. – Harry Caray

I know it is the fans that are responsible for me being here. I’ve always tried in each and every broadcast to serve the fans to the best of my ability. – Harry Caray

I’ll tell you what’s helped me my entire life. I look at baseball as a game. It’s something where people can go out, enjoy and have fun. Nothing more. – Harry Caray

I think it’s the greatest shot in the arm baseball could get. Once upon a time, all kids wanted to be baseball players, but nowadays a young kid dreams about playing basketball or football and making millions. I think it’s great to see a man (Michael Jordan) who has reached the pinnacle of his career, and now he wants to go back and do what he wanted to do as a kid – play baseball. – Harry Caray

I’ve only been doing this fifty-four years. With a little experience, I might get better. – Harry Caray

My whole philosophy is to broadcast the way a fan would broadcast. – Harry Caray

Oh, I get a little tired now and then, but knowing my lifestyle, that’s only natural. – Harry Caray

They (Expos fans) discovered ‘boo’ is pronounced the same in French as it is in English. – Harry Caray

This has been the remarkable thing about the fans in Chicago, they keep drawing an average of a million-three a year, and, when the season’s over and they’ve won their usual seventy-one games, you feel that those fans deserve a medal. – Harry Caray

You could tell he (President Ronald Reagan) was an old radio guy. He never once looked at the television monitor. – Harry Caray

What does a mama bear on the pill have in common with the World Series? No cubs. – Harry Caray

Everything good that has happened to me has happened as a direct result of something bad. – Harry Caray

When I die, I hope they don’t cremate me ‘cuz I’ll burn forever. – Harry Caray

Scott Bullett, as he takes left field, is getting congratulations from everybody. He and his daughter are parents of a new baby. – Harry Caray

Harry Caray Catchphrases

Someday the Chicago Cubs are going to be in the World Series – Harry Caray

You know Alou’s name spelled backwards is Uola? That sounds like a first name, Uola. – Harry Caray

Now, you tell me, if I have a day off during the baseball season, where do you think I’ll spend it? The ballpark. I still love it. Always have, always will. – Harry Caray

It’s the fans that need spring training. You gotta get them interested. Wake them up and let them know that their season is coming, the good times are gonna roll. – Harry Caray

I would always sing it (Take Me Out To The Ballgame) because I think it’s the only song I knew the words to. – Harry Caray

Not only do I like to go to bars because I like to drink, I do like to drink, but I go because who do you see there? Baseball fans. – Harry Caray

You know they’re not going to lose 162 consecutive games. – Harry Caray

I would lose my people ? cab drivers, bartenders and others, … who can’t afford cable TV. – Harry Caray

Now, he gives me a hug. I see his hands and arms with all these marks and tattoos. I’m thinking, ‘I’m hugging the anti-Christ.’ But then he said, ‘Sharon and I thank you. We had a great time.’ And he walked up to everyone in the TV booth, everyone on the crew and said, ‘Thank you, I really had a great time.’ I’d never seen anybody do that before. – Harry Caray

I knew the profanity used up and down my street would not go over the air, … So I trained myself to say ‘Holy Cow’ instead. – Harry Caray

Would you eat the moon if it were made of ribs? – Harry Caray

We all know the moon isn’t made out of blue cheese…but if it was made out of bbq spare ribs would you eat it? – Harry Caray

Chicago people are kind of fatalistic, but they continue to hope that somehow, some way the Cubs will shock even them and win it just one time. Their fatalism allows them to enjoy the team’s success, knowing that one horrible thing will happen down the line to rip the rug out from underneath them. – Harry Caray

He sang it four times, and he’s the only guy who got progressively worse. The first time he was late, just finished playing golf, and he had to run up the ramps with his bad knees. He ran through it in about 15 seconds. He’s gone operatic. Staccato. He’s tried scat. Let’s just say as a singer, he’s a great football coach. – Harry Caray

You’ve got all these brilliant, talented people, and the first thing they say afterward is, ‘God, am I glad that’s over!’ All of a sudden, 40,000 pairs of eyes turn and they’re looking at you. All of them say it’s the most incredible rush they’ve ever had professionally. – Harry Caray