16+ Best Hasmukh Amathalal Poems You Should Read

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Famous Hasmukh Amathalal Poems

Love And Welcome

Love and welcome
Monday,10th February 2020

My heart
So much loving and caring part
always believes in human art
It wants good beginning from the start

why should we feel shy?
and not try
to improve upon our behavior
and earn respect and honor

why not we have feelings?
as human beings
that we are here for some purpose
so choose right thing from now

I find joy around
nature too looks sound
birds chirp and add the melody
I hear in them the message of an almighty

life belongs to us
so have the trust
love and kindness must come
and we all should welcome

Hasmukh Mehta

At The End

At one day
Friday,7th February 2020

Nothing has changed
mot people and not even nature with an age
something else is noticed
people have evinced the interest in material happiness

not that it has developed all of sudden!
people are desperately driven
no time to spare for self even
the peace of mind is never given

has there any satisfaction?
no end is in sight even
still more for the future is expected
for work many more years are dated

at one day, it is confirmed
when nature has informed
“you are leaving this beautiful heaven”
no time is left to be given

“what shall be done for this wealth”?
I am unable to keep good health
the mind struggles with heart
I compromise ” it was human start and end”

Hasmukh Mehta

Earnest Endeavor

Earnest endeavor
Monday, February 3,2020
7: 10 AM

No, no sorry
and don’t worry
I failed to carry
the true impression really

You were the only one
who had really done
so much for me
and I enjoyed its fruits under tree

It was never a problem
we worked as team
you were always ready
to keep me cheery

you not only kept house in order
but offered
whole heart support
and made life as really beautiful art

take out anything that is felt bad
i am sorry for making you sad
you know how affectionately I call
and smash any wall that makes you fall

It will be my earnest endeavor
to grant you real honor
for making my life heavenly
I really thank an almighty

Hasmukh Mehta

Friends For

Friends for
Thursday,30th January 2020

Bring an end
the crunch for friend
and send
the beautiful message across the dead end

who can inspire?
who can admire?
only friends here
there and all over

ec ho

such a bond
that stands none to second
it is friendship
lovable and holy ship

let it carry us
sans worry with trust
hope to continue
and silently view

Hasmukh Mehta

In A Life

In a life
Thursday,30th January 2020

Do and die
but always try
for the betterment
and refinement

love plays
and stays
in life forever
sans fear

hard works has no option
in human relation
where you work for others
like family and members

what does it speak?
or does it make you weak?
nothing of that sort
but it falls short of

life makes you sweat
for the fruits sweet
to bring the smile on the face
and remain with the human race

this is what we have learned
and always leaned
for the better side
and take even dangerous road

Hasmukh Mehta

Only Outer Show

Only outer show
Tuesday,28th January 2020

As the tree bends down
with the plenty of fruits known
it grants honor
for being known as donor

there is so much in simplicity
to work for the humanity
and uphold the traditional values
and view it with broad vision

life can’t be measured with wealth
it can’t be appreciated with faith
if that is meant for only show
and it is aimed at growing the disparity

apart from having satisfaction
it is clear indication
that human relation is one of the best
and real the for the human beings also

let us unite in our effort
and report
for the better of our brethren
with an equal concern

Hasmukh Mehta

No Special Study

No special study
Wednesday,29th January 2020

Is there any special study?
that provides answer already!
or strengthens your ideology
about the love and an almighty

No one has an answer
we gather the impression from what we hear
follow own instinct
and induct into an act

love stands undefined
but felt in self designed way
one may take it as infatuation
another may take it as human relation

why do we believe in nature?
it is exact replica of divine mother
who gives everything in return
if you go for love with concern

you have belief
and that provides relief
if refuge is sought from an almighty
with the blessings and mercy

Hasmukh Mehta

Several Kinds

Several kinds
Wednesday,4th March 2020

Let us understand basic nature
we were called wild animals earlier
it had basic instinct of wind behavior
all the time we were feeling sore

Whether we feel right or wrong
no one can take it for easy song
the instinct wild behavior may never go
even it may find some chance to blow

let there be any amount of laws
that shall draw
no deterrence for human beings
as nature has failed to bring any result

basic education can bring some change
it can manage
some improvement in behavior
and grant some flavor

it has several kind
where we find the domestic violence
very much drawing the attention
and this proves blot on the human relation

Hasmukh Mehta

Stubborn And Good

Stubborn and good
Wednesday,4th March 2020

Never let your self down
or make it known
that you are tired
and misfired

life has unknown swing
but you try to bring
real surprise to others
by keeping stubborn approach sans fears

if you are at unease
seek internal peace
concentrate on others things
and see that you are doing fine

by going down with result
feel no insult
but gather the strength
and prepare to go any length

this is your secret weapon
for that you have remained well known
and left behind an impression
that you are not only stubborn but good human too

Hasmukh Mehta

With Sweet Face

With sweet feelings
Tuesday,3rd March 2020

Let us ride on wings
and try to bring
heavenly pleasure
and make sure

let it not evaporate
and state
inn wrong manner
we are here for pleasure

embrace me with honesty
and take oath to an almighty
that you shall forever be mine
for both of us to feel divine

it is no sin
if seen
in sinner ways
we are likely to stay here

let it guide us
with full of trust
that it shall never be the lost opportunity
with the blessings from an almighty

my heart beats fast
and lasts with sweet feelings
let it remain
sans any pain

Hasmukh Mehta

No Curse For

No curse for humans
Wednesday,4th March 2020

I won’t say it in open
even though, through me goes the path of heaven
you all stay happily driven
I might prefer to stay alone

Nothing goes normal
different ways are taken by all individuals
they remain not normal
and put very dismal show

i stand for tolerance
but take no chance
to hold pain
with the sadness within

i consider it as sacred duty
as designed by an almighty
it might be my destiny
to stand firm and sacrifice for the humanity

find any star that has brightness
and shines all the times
to fade away in oblivion
with no curse for the humans

Hasmukh Mehta

Sad Event

Sad Event
Wednesday,4th March 2020

Hold it
and always greet
with warmth
till the death

Love is not commodity
but gift from an almighty
never offend giver
else you shall look miser

if it severs the relation
express no concern
wait for her return
and expect good turn

if she comes back
you must have full stake
give full sympathy
and seek blessings from an almighty

the life needs love with belief
it shall certainly provide the relief
it may be temporary sad event
but never try to lament

Hasmukh Mehta

Name Stands For

Hasmukh Mehta


M… Mature…
H…Hard working

Hasmukh Mehta

Write From Heart

Write from heart
Thursday,5th March 2020

If you want to write
raise your level of fight
control your rage
and write on the page

not contemporary alone
but historically gone in the archive
if you want to live in lime light
you must write with delight

no one can write
if he or she has no slight idea
of human feelings
and come out with willingness

the heart must bleed
and pay the heed
to human sufferings
and feel as good human beings

writers are not directly descending from heaven
they have no spoon feed even
they should witness internal outburst
the ideas should be new to world and come out at the first

Hasmukh Mehta

Bring Eternal Peace

Bring eternal peace
Thursday,5th March 2020

I look at your face
and find love’s trace
it has become past
and has lasted forever

No use of going back
and staking the memory with jerks
whatever might be the reason!
it has gone into an oblivion

human life is precious
and if it becomes not joyous
let us view it with pious mind
and find the eternal joy

love is not for the dead
it must be read
with divine traces of belonging
and real longing

that lies within us
and tells
better make no noise
and promise not to speak in open

the soul shall rest
with sweet test
that had realized the closeness
and now may bring smile on the face

Hasmukh Mehta
Courtesy: Lalit Jain- Sachi art

Journey Of Divine Flow

Journey of divine flow
Thursday,5th March 2020

Look not back
and stake for the memory
you need to carry along
the water with melodious songs

from top mountain hills towards an ocean
the journey remains unknown
the stones, dirt and leaves accompany
much to the astonishment of many

it is human journey
much to our dismay
it flows away
with whatever falls on the way

no time to worry about past
the journey may last
at any time with meet
an ocean shall certainly greet

happy tears roll out
and speak about
the journey of divine flow
and allows the mankind to enjoy

nature is for us
and remains great sources
for the survival
and revival too

Hasmukh Mehta