Having a Long Distance Relationship that Fulfills You

There are many reasons for one to have a long distance relationship. Some of them include partners working or studying in different cities, countries or even continents. Another common reason is the internet. It’s now easier than ever to meet people online and start relationships that mostly exist in the virtual world.

However, virtual or not, the emotions are the same as with any other relationship. The only difference is that the long-distance relationships take some extra effort to make things work.

Here are some ways to overcome the most frequent problems that occur in these relationships.


Communication is the foundation of every healthy relationship, but in case of the long-distance ones, it can cause some issues, since it’s somewhat limited.

The limitations aren’t only based on the lack of physical contact, which is an issue on its own, but also on the lack of visual contact. If your partner cannot see your face, anything you type in a message can be interpreted in a number of ways.

A simple ‘OK’ can get a hundred different meanings when you start imagining the face of the person saying it. Even when you talk on the phone, you can mistake somebody’s tiredness for anger or resentment, which can leave you frustrated and confused.

So, try communicating more via Skype or any other messenger that will allow you to see each other.

Also, don’t hesitate to tell your partner exactly how you feel and what’s bothering you. You might simply be nervous about an exam, and leave your partner thinking you’re unhappy with the relationship if you’re not crystal clear when you communicate.


Again, communication is essential here. Find some time every day to talk to your partner, even when you don’t think that anything significant has happened that you need to share with them.

Talking about the little, everyday things can create a meaningful connection between you. The topics can range from where you went and what you did that day, to things like groceries you usually buy or the chores you do at home.

Pay attention to what your partner is telling you so that you know their preferences. That will give you more things to talk about in the future, but it can also be useful when you’re buying them a gift since gifts are another method of communicating your emotions.

Be honest and open with your partner, telling them the truth even when lying would be easier. Putting your relationship before your own needs is a way to build trust and commitment, which are crucial for a functioning long distance relationship.

Be supportive of your partner and make sure you’re available to them when they need you. If you let them deal with big and important things on their own, they’ll soon realize they don’t really need you.

Try doing same things at the same time, like watching a TV show, or make a video call so that you can have a meal together.

Another way to bond is to try new things at the same time, and tell each other how it felt when you talk later.

Physical intimacy

One aspect of every strong relationship is physical intimacy. And as important as sex is, it doesn’t stop there. A hug, a kiss or somebody’s hand in yours is all you need sometimes.

So, if your partner is away from you weeks or even months at a time, this lack of physical touch can lead to feelings of loneliness, insecurity, and depression.

Furthermore, not having your physical needs met can lead to serious frustration and uncertainty about the relationship. Dealing with this issue is important since loneliness and insecurity can lead to infidelity.

Talk about this problem with your partner and see how you can make your visits to each other more frequently and what you can add to your communication to avoid the negative emotions caused by the unfulfilled need for physical connection.

Although long distance relationships can seem like a challenge, there are ways to make it work. So, if you think it’s worth it, do whatever it takes to keep the relationship alive.