Homemade Pop Tarts: Brown Sugar Flavor

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Welcome to another blog post and the start of my #samplesunday from my Instagram page @faithengenellis101. If you came from Instagram, you know that each Sunday will show a new recipe idea and instructions on how to make that recipe. Here is our first:
Brown Sugar Pop Tart
This is the finished product of my Homemade Brown Sugar Pop Tart. This little beauty was SUPPOSED to be a healthy alternative to my husband’s on-the-go breakfast, but it turned into a unhealthy addiction for the wife (me). I used puff pastry instead of pie crust, but you could do either. The puff pastry makes it more of a Toaster Strudel rather than a Pop Tart, but the flaky layers were simply addicting. Check out the recipe below, and read further to see my photos as I went!
First things first I gathered all my ingredients, preheated my oven, and laid them out so I could easily grab what I needed. I had flour, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla extract, milk, 1 egg, my puff pastry (or pie crust), and colorful sprinkles (just for fun!). From there I moved on to unrolling my pastry and flattening it out with the rolling pin a bit. My pastry set out for about 40 minutes before I began this, which I believe is also advised on the box. As I rolled the pastry it was still chilled and the flour that was already on it worked great to prevent sticking.
Next, I began cutting one sheet to lay out on the cookie sheet. I cut rectangles at the size I remembered Pop Tarts being, however I was off. My Pop Tarts were about twice the size!20170610_082241
 Once you have them laid out, you can continue by mixing up your egg wash (just egg and milk) and brushing the tops of the pastry dough on the cookie sheet. From there, mix your filling (brown sugar, cinnamon, and flour) and begin putting your filling on the dough on the pans. 20170610_082950
 Just remember to leave about 1/4″ all the way around the edges, this is where your crimps will be to seal the pockets.
Once you have topped the dough with filling, continue with your second sheet of puff pastry or pie crust. Roll it out, and cut out rectangles to match whatever you have on the pan. After that, brush the tops of the newly cut out rectangles with the egg wash. We will then place those rectangles, egg wash side down, over top of the filling and pop tarts on
the pan.
 Once the pop tarts are assembled, take a fork and dip it in a bit of flour, then press the fork around the edges of the pastry to crimp and seal the pockets. If your fork starts to stick to the dough, dip it in a bit more flour.
Our last step before baking is to poke some holes in order for the air to escape. Just poke enough (with a toothpick) across and down. I probably went overboard but they turned out perfectly in the end.  After that, you are going to bake and wait while the aroma of brown sugar and cinnamon fills the air and makes your mouth water!
Once the timer goes off ( I flipped mine about half way through and then flipped them back again at the end so the holes were facing up) take them out and let them cool. As you can see, mine were a nice brown all around! 20170610_085304
 Once they have cooled, we can make the icing and cover these babies! For the icing you need powdered sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and I added just a tad more brown sugar. You’ll mix all of that together and pour it over each pop tart with a spoon. As they set, the icing will solidify more like that on an actual Pop Tart.
 A delicious, flaky, finished product with a fresh brown sugar and cinnamon interior!
I hope you guys try this. I haven’t done so yet, but next time I plan to use my favorite jam as the filling. There are so many options with these! As promised, the full recipe is below. Are you going to do brown sugar or another type of filling?


2 Sheets of Pie Crust or Puff Pastry (I used Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry)
Milk (any kind)
Brown Sugar (dark or light)
1 Egg
Vanilla Extract
Powdered Sugar (confectioners sugar)


1/2 cup packed brown sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 tablespoon flour (I used all purpose)


3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon milk (more if needed to make thinner)
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon brown sugar (opt)

Egg Wash:

1 egg
2 teaspoons milk


1.) Check you pastry or pie crust and see if instructions recommend to set out before handling.
2.) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.
3.) Roll out your pastry/crust if you so desire and cut into rectangles of similar size. Place half of the rectangles on top of a lightly greased cookie sheet.
4.) In a very small bow, beat your 1 egg and 2 teaspoons of milk. Then, using a pastry brush or BBQ brush, brush some of the egg wash onto the rectangles that are on the cookie sheet.
5.) In a separate bowl, mix the brown sugar, cinnamon, and flour. Spoon this mixture onto the dough on the cookie sheet, leaving about 1/4″ around the edges.
6.) Take the remained of the dough (the pieces that aren’t on the sheet) and brush with your egg wash. Place these rectangles, egg wash side down, over top of the brown sugar mixture, and crimp the edges all the way around to seal the dough together. *If your fork starts sticking to the dough, dip it in flour*
7.) Once you have crimped the perimeter, take a tooth pick and pokes holes in the tops of each pastry, about 9 should do it.
8.) Place the pastries in the preheated over for 20-25 minutes. I flipped mine about halfway through because I noticed the bottoms were browning.
9.) Once the pastries are done, take them out and set them to cool.
10.) When your pastries are completely cool, mix together the powdered sugar, vanilla, milk, and brown sugar, and cinnamon and cover the tops of the pastries with the icing. Then, sprinkle as many sprinkles as you want! Enjoy!!

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