How To Get A Guy To Like You: 12 Proven Ways

There is nothing impossible in this world that could happen. If you like a guy and want him to like you too, then it’s not always a challenging task to do. Given that you can’t force anyone to have feelings for you, you can at least do your best to give him a chance to develop feelings for you.

The fact that boys speak a different language than girls, and you might get intimidated. If you guys are best friend and you’ve developed feelings for him, and wants to make him develop for you as well, then this article is the right place to visit.

I’ll be listing down some realistic tactics and strategies to know how to get a boy to like you.

Best Ways On How To Get A Guy To Like You:

Be real

Nobody likes a person who tries to be fake for nothing. Always be real about the stuff you do and try not to portrait yourself as something extraordinary.

Work on positivity and try not to spill negativity out, especially in front of him.

Boys are usually more realistic than girls, and they want their girl to be as practical as he is. Work on true and real facts. Always do what you wish to, be real; you’re going to attract him the most.

Ask him for favors

This point might seem useless, but trust me, making your boy work for will probably make him fall for you.

As guys have dominant personalities, they always want to feel dominant and needed in a relationship. It makes them feel wanted and validated. Also, they’ll feel more trustworthy than anyone else because you chose him for your works. In this way, he’ll feel valued and better.

Be confident

Confidence is the best weapon one can have, and for girls, it is the best makeup she can wear. It would be best if you are confident about yourself and let the world know how secure you are.

Girls are usually shy, and they try to be even more in front of boys, but now the trends are changing, so you need to change with it. Work on your abilities and let him know how awesome and perfect you are.

Being confident doesn’t mean that you need to be loud, forward, or arrogant. It just means that you need to be optimistic about your abilities and capabilities; also, you need to be comfortable in your skin. It does not mean that you cannot behave sweetly or humbly; you can be both simultaneously; you need to know where and when to come out of your shell.

Boys always find attractive those girls who are confident and ambitious. Guys who like shy and under-confident are probably the ones who want to dominate for life and make you feel insecure about your being, but that’s not healthy for your mental and physical health. You found someone better for your mental peace.

Compliment him

Guys are usually hard, but deep down, they want to be complimented, especially from a girl. They would never ask you for the compliment, but you still need to give him because, in this way, they will feel more comfortable around you; also, it will make them feel better about themselves.

Possibly, you’ll feel shy doing so, but you need to work on it for the sake of a guy to like you back. For example, let him know that his new haircut suits him, or his outfit is looking cool. It can go a long way. For the next meeting, he’ll become more cautious about his dressing and looks; in this way, he’ll find himself being affected towards you.

Work on your looks

It is contrarily the other end of point 4; if you demand his looks to be fair, he also demands your looks to be attractive. Girls are always the epitome of beauty, and it’s necessarily essential for a girl to work on her looks more than a guy.

Looking good doesn’t mean that you need to be fake; it just means that you need to work little on yourself to look best around him. As initially, it’s always the looks that attract two persons. And, talking about guys, they are still the ones who are more cautious and concerned about girl’s looks.

It is also suitable for your mental health because when you look your best, you feel best about yourself, it readily makes your mood lift as it gives you the confidence to feel comfortable about yourself. Always wear what you are comfortable in, don’t go out of your style. Also, don’t paint your face; boys usually like girls with natural looks.

Talk about his interests

Giving space to someone to talk about his passions and interests would make him feel more comfortable around you than anyone else.

Talking about hobbies and interests are the topics which would light them up. It would give you a chance to long the conversation with a guy you like and make him attached to you more. It would make him feels good around you because it is a fact that if you spend hours with someone, then there are more chances to get attached easily.

So the better he would feel with you, the more he wants to spend time with you. It’s also a chance for you to know him even more about his likes and dislikes, which would ultimately help you shape yourself accordingly.

Talk with eyes

Most of the intimate relationships are initiated with attractive and convincing eye contact.

Try to talk with eyes when you’re talking to him; it means you need to establish eye contact while talking to him. It’s going to make him more confident and comfortable with you, as it’s awkward and harder to speak with someone who can’t look up into your eyes while talking.

Also, establishing eye contact would develop attractiveness between you two. Eyes are one the beautiful features of girls which attracts the guys most, so try to make him look into your eyes as much as you can.

Respect his interests

It’s crucial to show interest in the things he is interested in and respect his likes and dislikes.

This point is linked to point 6, as I’ve mentioned in that point, that you need to work according to his likes and dislikes. In this way, he would be convinced to think that you both have some real connection.

Talk to him about his passions and link your passions and interests with them. He would ultimately feel bonded to you intimately.

Build your sense of humor

The personalities who are humorous are the attractive ones, and it goes for both girls and boys. It’s an easy one if you need to get a boy like you. It makes everything better and fun if you have a good sense of humor.

Nobody likes a guy/girl to be a bore and serious all the time. Everyone wants someone who would lift the party. Try to be not so serious and quiet when your crush is around.  

Always ready for a joke to laugh. Express your humor in your style, be witty and sarcastic at the same time that would make him find you the most attractive as it’s effortless to like someone who makes you laugh.

Make your availability visible

Boys usually become reserved when they feel that you’re taken or committed with someone else. So, make him clear about your singleness and let him know that you’re willing to get mingle.

Ask him for the parties where only couples can go or go with him shopping, giving him a hint that nobody is there to drive you to the shopping mall.

Try not to be awkward while doing such stuff and be his best friend. In this way, he would spend more time with you and also it will help both of you to find more about each other. The more you spend time with him, the more he would feel attached to you.

Don’t pressure him

If you try to pressure him, he would get annoyed in no time and would find excuses and ways to avoid you. Try to respect his space and work.

Understand his issues and logic, give him his time and be casual with him like the friends are. Never pressure him or force him into the relationship, even if you expressed your feelings for him.

Try to behave as expected and comfortable as you can. It will provide him comfort, and he would feel less awkward around you.

Tell him that his mental peace is more important, his choices are on priority; give him freedom of choice. It’s his choice if he wants to be with you or not; you can’t force. This act will make him think about you more frequently, and he would choose to with you as he knows that you provide him the comfort he wants for life.

Show some text action

To win a guy’s attention, you can learn about how to flirt with a guy over text. To strengthen your bond, you can also send cute messages for him, good morning text for him and good night quotes for him.

These tips will help you know how to get a guy like you. If you’re struggling with these thoughts that how to get a boy like you, then consider these tips, these will help you get into a relationship with your crush.

how to get a guy to like you