How to Get to Know a Girl: 22 Best Ways

It’s easy to talk to a girl. The real hack is; how to get to know a girl? To know her is the first step to make a close bond. Using right ways to get to know a girl is a great to learn about her in a fun and casual way.

Here I am going to share few strategies to get familiar with girls.

Ways to Get to Know a Girl

Don’t shy away, ask questions

The best way to get to know a girl is to ask questions.

Ask her story, her family background, her job, and her hobbies. These are the initial questions to get to know anybody.

The family background of a person tells a lot. Similarly, questions about job and study tell that how a girl spends most of her time. Try to build your bond from the basics.

Also, deep questions to ask your girlfriend will strengthen your relationship.

Listen to her carefully

This is the best strategy to get to know a girl.

When you listen to a girl carefully, it sends a signal that you are interested in her story.

You should be empathetic during a conversation.

Try to build questions from her answers. It is a good opportunity to understand her. Use her name in conversation. It will give her a sense of importance.

Also, it can make her miss you.

Remember what she says

When you get answers to various questions, try to remember them.

In the next conversation, you will have a lot of content to start with. It creates a good impression in her mind that you value what she says. It will help you to get to know her quickly.

Work on communication skills

It is an important step to build a rapport with her. Look into her eyes during conversation. Better eye contact makes the conversation interesting.

Have a light smile on your face. It will diffuse the tension and awkwardness of a situation. Give her proper space in a conversation. Don’t encroach on her personal space. These steps will give her a sense of comfort and relief.

Unwind yourself

Don’t be panic while talking to a girl. Try to remain calm and relax. When you are nervous, you might ask stupid questions.

Alleviate your anxiety. If you are feeling anxious while sitting, start walking to diffuse nervousness.

Read her body language. If she is nervous, make her relax. Try to make your first impression positive. These are the basics to get to know a girl.

Ask open-ended questions

Try to ask questions that demand thoughtful answers. Keep her busy in conversation.

The more she would feel fun in conversation, the more she would tell about herself. You can ask about climate, politics, or sports. This will help you to navigate your next questions.

Show some sense of humor

Listen to me guys, sense of humor don’t come by watching a lot of comedy shows. You have to remain natural and funny at the same time.

Girls like fun in conversation. Fun is the first step to turn a conversation towards flirt. But it is not only limited to flirt. You can also send flirting text messages for her.

Fun also makes a conversation cozy. Feel her comfortable. Fun is an important aspect to get to know a girl.

And, you can make a girl happy by this way.

Ask about her favorite places

This is much necessary to get to know a girl. Her favorite places would tell a lot about her choices. If those places are in your town or city, you can visit them in her company.

It is the real hack to know her better. It will allow you to spend quality time together. You might turn her favorite places into a dating spot. It will depend on your dexterity.

Study together

Life is not all about love and romance. To be responsible is also an important part of life.

You can study together. It will help you to know her better. Know how good she is in her studies.

You can give her small favors by helping her in her studies. But remember; don’t take the burden of her work on your shoulders.

Try to carve out opportunities to spend maximum time with her. It will automatically help you to know her better.

Dine with her

It is my favorite strategy to know a girl. Everyone loves to eat. This is the best time to know her more in a jolly way.

Eating is an important part of one’s lifestyle. To eat with a girl will tell you much about her.

If you are generous enough, you can pay the bill. But if she is comfortable in sharing the bill, give her freedom to do this.

Message her in your free time

Most guys know a little about their female counterparts. Their messages are just limited to hello and hey.

Don’t do that. Try to build a relationship with a girl. Message her in your free time.

Allow her to open up. If you don’t ask a girl, you can miss an opportunity to have a good friend. Come out of your comfort zone and try something new.

Get to know about her friends

Her friends could tell a lot about herself. When you try to know her friends, you can understand her better.

Friends are the reflection of one’s personality. By knowing her friends, you can know about her choices and interests.

Try to befriend her buddies. She will feel good if you value her friends.

Get to know about her past

Why does a girl behave as such in a particular situation? What is her perspective about the world? What is her mindset about guys?

You can get answers to these questions by knowing about her past. Don’t be so intrusive. Don’t be so judgmental.

Try to know about her past respectably. Past has a crucial role in the upbringing of a girl. To get to know a girl, look at her past.

Ask about her fears

It is a significant way to get to know a girl. Ask about her phobias and fears. What are her insecurities? When you ask such questions, you allow a girl to open up. It will help you to understand the not-so-much focused parts of her personality.

Girls like those boys who accept their fears and shortcomings.

Be mysterious

Girls like to spend time with guys who look mysterious. When they ask a lot of questions, they are also opening them up.

Don’t show easy availability. Look responsible.

These tactics will prompt a girl to excavate the hidden treasures of her personality. It is a good way to know her by telling her about you.

Share your secrets

When you share your secrets, you win her trust. She will feel special that you are telling her hidden aspects of yourself.

It automatically sparks interest. Don’t tell all your secrets once. Try to maintain a level of mystery in a relationship. When you will tell yours, she will tell hers.

Show your angry version

You should use this technique after knowing her much. It is crucial to see her reaction when you are angry. It will tell you about her emotional intelligence.

Don’t try to be rude. Don’t criticize her. Just behave naturally. There is nothing wrong to tell her when you feel frustrated. It will help you to know her response and potential as a good life partner.

Ask about her inspirations

Ask about her inspirations to know her better. What motivates her? What does she want to do in her life? What is her super-hero?

These questions will help you to get familiar with her. Your goals define you.

Try to ask about her inspirations and know her deeply. In the end, it will benefit you to find a common ground between you and her.

Ask about her family relations

The nature of family relations tells much about a person. Ask about her relations with family, whether they are smooth or turbulent.

Who is her closest buddy in the family? What are the values of her family?

Ask about things that she didn’t like in her family. It will give you a sneak peek into her mental development. If her relations are not smooth, you can provide her emotional support.

Ask about her favorite movies and books

It will tell you a great deal about her interests. Her favorite books will tell about her ideological predisposition.

Her favorite shows and movies will tell you about her cinematic preferences. If you ask about it, you will get to know her better.

Know her views about love

If you want to go into a relationship with her, know about her views on love.

Does she believe in soul-mate or not? Does she value spirituality or not? Does true love exist?

By asking such questions, you can mentally prepare yourself for your future decisions.

Concluding Remarks

I have solved your problem that how to get to know a girl. Use these wonderful strategies to win the heart of girls. Learn from your past, be generous, and don’t regret it.

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