How To Measure Friendship (& Reliability)

“I live my life a quarter mile at a time” – The Fast And The Furious

A quarter mile at a time is how you measure friendship.

What does that mean?

Simple. The more you travel with another person, the better the friendship.

Think about how much planning goes into any trip

First you have to decide a destination. Then where and when you meet up. The activities and mode of transportation. Etc, etc.

It’s an opportunity to collaborate and accomplish a task. And believe it or not, organizing all that stuff isn’t easy.

There’s so much anyone can disagree with during the planning stages. But after so many miles together, it’s become pretty routine.

A long distance trip eventually becomes a walk in the park.

By accomplishing a trip you’ve planned, you’re proving that you can function with that other person.

By being able to function together you’re able to develop trust and reliability.

If you think about it – all you really have to do is show up and go with the flow.

You got a girl? I bet you guys do some driving for dates.

You have friends you go out to the bars with right? There you go.

If you’re in Cali I bet your crew hits the beach every now and then.

You’re strengthening that friendship doing all of it.

Every single quarter mile matters. All of the short and long trips matter. Every mile you can stand together. And every song you bond over. Because familiarity and reliably build comfort and trust.

The more miles = the better the friendship


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